Come See Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco!

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A new 8-part documentary-reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” premiered last night at 9 p.m. on TLC Cable TV, with impressive scenes of black bears and salmon fishing.
Fellowship of the Minds is an enthusiastic supporter of bipartisanship. So, in the spirit of bipartisanship and the Fairness Doctrine, we give you….[drum roll]…

Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco!

All the photos and videos in this show were taken in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco congressional district, originally posted on zombietimeand re-published on PajamasMedia.

Warning: Not for the faint-hearted, especially if you’ve just eaten!

Proceed with caution!


Remember, we did warn you!


You are about to see pictures of great evil — of mental illness, hatred, and terrible depravity.


Say a prayer and ask for God’s protection. I’m serious.


They really do hate us.


What are the chances this dude is among the 47% of Americans who don't pay federal income taxes?


So much for the Left's malicious lie of Conservatives being dumb and uneducated!

Old hippies never die. They just morph into the new "Progressives"

American Sodom

Funny. I thought the Left don't believe in sin.

Why are communists always so grim and ugly?

Why are commie women so grim and just plain ugly?

Self-portraits of Godless lost souls.

One of Rev. Wright's flock

If heterosexuality had been outlawed, you wouldn't be alive.

If so, perhaps we can begin with you?

Such self-hatred

May God have mercy on their souls....

Why do they stay if they hate America so?

One of those caring, warm, bleeding-heart liberals!

Then why don't you leave?

Corrupting the young and future generations of Americans

I’m sorry you had to see “Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco.” There are even worse pics in Part II of Nancy’s Pelosi’s San Francisco, “American Sodom.”
Know thy enemy. Ugly though these pics are, we need to see the true face of the Left to know just who and what we are battling. These are the dark forces that are corrupting young minds and despoiling our beloved country.
May the Light of Christ comfort you and may the holy Archangel Michael give you strength and fortitude!
H/t beloved fellow Anon.

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0 responses to “Come See Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco!

  1. We love San Francisco as a city, but vowed several years ago NEVER to return and give them our dollars. The entire state is off-limits to us!!

  2. I’d be willing to sacrifice that San Francisco district to relieve some pressure on the San Andreas Fault, if you get my drift.

  3. I need a palate cleanser.

  4. these pictures make my heart and my stomach sick-Eowyn and Anon,you are right we do need to see the real truth here,as easy as it is to avoid.

  5. GAG…these people are truly demented!

  6. Those wastes of life revived Jerry Brown and reelected Barbara Boxer.
    They definitely don’t have brains or pay taxes.

    • YeaYeYes, that idiot Moonbeamer continues to screw us over as well…by the way, be sure to remember the ex Mayor of Frisco Gavin Newsom; he’s Moonbeam’s political bed buddy who loves to conduct gay marriages in Frisco.

  7. Demo-rats’ core constituency.

  8. Heard Dennis Miller say something about Nancy Pelosi being so BATTY that she must surely sleep hanging upside down ! And I suspect the same goes for these hateful sick people shown in these photos who reside within her district !

  9. Breaks my heart to see these innocent young children being used and abused by their so-called parents ….who are so full of hate !

  10. I believe that the Lord is targeting San Francisco for destruction.
    “Wendy Alec’s Vision of the Destruction of San Francisco”

  11. Fuck You Self Satan !


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