Come play in our world-famous Caption Contest!

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This is our 19th Caption Contest!  😀

Here’s the pic: (h/t our beloved LTG)

You know the drill:

  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a fancy Award Certificate and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. 🙁

The winner and runner-up will be announced next Saturday, May 19, 2012.
To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

Skippy: “Ooooh. Those Navy SEALS are getting me all wee-wee’d up!”

For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here!

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0 responses to “Come play in our world-famous Caption Contest!

  1. Those Seals had better do it right, like “I” told them, or my re-election will be in the crapper. Semper Fi.

  2. “Its just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you.”

  3. I’m sitting on my pottie, and am very focused.

  4. Air Force General: Ladys and Gentelmen as soon as I send this message the North Korean Rocket will be shot down before it enters the atmosphere; just watch the screen.
    Obama: This better go as smooth as the SEAL Team 6 mission. If not Hilliary you will take the blame.
    Hillary: OMG, I hope this does not come back on us, I have know idea how to explain it.

  5. “You’ve been served.”…well a guy can dream 🙂

  6. Barry, turn back around and face the corner and put your dunce cap back on until I say your time out is over.

  7. “I think Wiley the coyote is actually going to catch him this time”

  8. “my bad, it’s “gotomeeting” not “go to MEAT ing” dot com. But no worries, Barrack, I bookmarked it for you”

  9. Oh crap! We saw “Avatar” twice last week. You’re an idiot Biden!

  10. lowtechgrannie

    I was amazed the White House released this very unpresidential-looking photo where Skippy, huddled down in a corner, is literally the most insignificant person in the room.

  11. Whispered at the table: “You know, I liked the original Star Wars movie alot more than this version!”
    “Shhh! Pass the popcorn.”

  12. Hillary say’s:” Wait till I see Bill, he told me he destroyed that tape.”

  13. Hillary is thinking, “My God, how many more gay marriage ceremonies do we have to watch, to make him happy…”

  14. We know we are going to lose the election in November so we have to practice our looks of shock.

  15. Biden: I wonder what teams are playing football tonight.
    Obama: I hope they don’t screw this up…
    Hillary: OMG these real dead people!….

  16. “Whew!! Good thing we got ahold of these Breitbart tapes before anyone saw them! This could have been fatal…er…I mean…to the re-election bid…”

  17. I can’t believe I skipped golf today for this. Unless…what if, I can actually take credit for this in the very near future!

  18. How about this one:
    “The results were just announced that obama had lost the 2012 election in one of the most lopsided losses in U.S. history.”
    Here is another one:
    “I wonder if dog meat is on the menu today?”

  19. Everyone was aghast and speechless when Reggie Love jumped up on the conference table, ripped the velcro exercise pants from his body to reveal a leopard skin thong as he gyrated to the Village People’s “YMCA” all the while coaxing Barry to do the same.

  20. And just then, at the crucial moment, Julia burst through the back door announcing that she had lost her job as a graphic designer, she needed more grant money to get her PhD in Web Design, and since her same sex partner had left her she needed to renew her prescription for taxpayer funded free birth control. To show her appreciation to the President she used her graphic skills to create a new and much more believable birth certificate.

  21. We interrupt this broadcast of the Osama Attack with a word from our sponsor…. China.

  22. Hillary: Funny that naked guy with the Bin Laden mask, bent shmeckle and the two hookers looks vaguely………. Oh my God it’s Bill!

  23. They all look very unprofessional. Wannabes

  24. What a bunch of losers.

    • Of course! Surely there were no FOTM writers or commentators in the caption contest photo. Thanks for asking though, I guess you were just making sure that no rude remarks were being “cleverly” disguised as a caption contest caption. LuvUALL.

  25. Obama: Plugs, please face forward so I can see the screen through your ears.

  26. Skippy : “If this goes down wrong…… will be Bush’s fault !!! “

  27. Skippy to the General: Every time I say SEALS, replace it with “I”. And make sure to spread “my” accomplishments to the SRM. Dismissed.

  28. Watcher see is watcher get.
    Any better?

  29. Kicks rocks… got beat to all the Clinton jokes…

  30. The General:
    Mr. President, as you can see I was able to edit the photo of you and Reggie Love kissing. I simply replaced Mr. Love with an image of the First Lady from a previous photo. However, the second task has proven to be far more difficult, Sir. I have yet to fix the problem of your umm…hmm… trousers around your ankles.

  31. The trousers around his ankles will help him seem hetero…..well its worth a try anyway!

  32. Barry to self: “Will this just get ooooover I have a tee time at Andrews in 15 minutes” …..”mmmmm lets see the pro said to keep head down, feet apart, grip not to tight…just like my days in Chicago……focus …. focus I have to look serious….. “

  33. O : Damn! He does look pretty big! He looks like someone I bumped into back at the Chicago bath house.
    Hillary: I don’t know how she can take all that!
    Everyone else: WOW!

  34. Oh Joe, Now is when I need you to tell how big of deal this is!

  35. OMG!! Are these REAL internal poll numbers?

  36. Biden, “I told you there was an alien autopsy performed at area 51.”

  37. Air Force General: I can’ t believe we’re finally going to take this murderous asshole out!
    Hillary: I can’t believe someone just farted! God it stinks in here! I can almost feel it!
    Obama: I can’t believe I just farted!
    Biden: I can’t believe there were hardly any chocolate chips in that cookie! And what’s that oily mist in the air?

  38. Gosh! These “Deep Throat ” replays never disapoint.

  39. Oh, My God It’s not one of our boys being killed!!

  40. Eww, so this is what a “Gay Marriage” looks like.

  41. This could become a new cartoon/comic strip.

  42. Ok Mr. President, this is the last time you call us to delete vacation photos off of the first lady’s Facebook. If she does it again, we’ll have to shut down her account~

  43. Those people who used Photoshop to insert ME into the picture really screwed up. They sized me way too small.

  44. Why are we watching this “My Three Sons” rerun? Osama bin Laden died in December, 2001. (Look this up, folks)

  45. The last picture of President Obama, right after he was struck with the incredible shrinking beam. The poor General only said, “oops”…

  46. At least the Child seems partly potty trained.


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