Colorado School District to Arm Its Security Patrol With Semi-Automatic Rifles

And liberals’ heads explode.
From GMA/Yahoo: A school district in central Colorado announced on Monday that it has upped the firepower for its armed security patrol division, reigniting a debate about what some see as the over-militarization of school security personnel.
The Douglas County School District spent $12,300 on 10 semi-automatic Bushmaster rifles and equipment back in January, but several school board members were only notified of the purchase recently, according to the school district’s public information officer Paula Hans.
The rifles will be assigned to the district’s eight armed security patrol, Hans told ABC News yesterday. She explained that the officers, who already have handguns, still need to go undergo rifle training with the local sheriff’s department before they are qualified to use the weapons.
“The decision to buy these guns were part of a proactive approach to figure out how to best protect students and staff in our district that sprawls across approximately 900 square miles,” Hans said. “Richard Payne, the district’s director of safety and security, wanted to make sure his officers have all the tools necessary if we have to respond to an incident to keep our students, staff safe.”
While the school’s armed security officers are on the duty, the rifles will be “stored in locking mechanisms” in school district vehicles and stored “in a safe during off-duty hours in the security office off school property,” Hans said.
School board member Wendy Vogel told ABC affiliate KMGH that she wished the school board was given the opportunity to discuss the purchase of the guns before they were made. Vogel said she only learned on Monday that the rifles were purchased.
“We’ve got to keep our kids safe, and we’ve got to keep our staff and community safe, but in my opinion, that’s the role of law enforcement,” Vogel told KMGH. “It’s not the role of a public school district.” Vogel did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for additional comment.
Another school board member, Meghann Silverthorn, told ABC News today that the conversation about the rifles began in July 2015 and that some board members were elected later on in November, so they might have been left out of the loop. “Also, purchases only of $75,000 or more typically go before the board,” she said. “This was way below that.”
Silverthorn said she thinks “the reason people found out about it is that someone was looking at our financial transparency website and got alarmed like, ‘Whoa, what’s that?'”
She added that “the district makes hundreds of expenditures every day, and some wires may have crossed” but she’s happy to talk to anyone who believes more discussion is necessary.

Kenneth Trump

Kenneth Trump

The miscommunication in the district about the purchase is “troubling,” according to school safety and security expert Kenneth Trump, who is president of National School Safety and Security Services, a private consulting firm based in Cleveland. Trump added that he hadn’t heard of school security officers equipped with such firepower and that he thinks the school will need to have “important, necessary conversations about implementation. “The devil is often in the details of implementation, and this is what concerns me,” Trump said. “They will need to think about where the officers store it and how they will access it in the case of an emergency.”

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wow, in the NAZI liberal state of colorado?

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

Government agencies and security personnel being over-armed should concern the true citizens as much as the governments agenda to disarm the true citizenry.


Oh no! Everybody’s going to die! Quick, lets hide under the bed!


Don’t get your panties all bunched up….MAYBE they NEED “Buschmasters on Patrol” in the COLORADO “HIGH” state….if you get my drift. Sometimes I WISH we had them in CA….where the kids just bring guns and knives to school instead of weed……but alas…we have NONE….and don’t even have a policy where the principal or AP will even KEEP them in the office if we send them up there ARMED. They unarm them, and send them back to class to laugh in our faces……


Whether this is an overreaction or not, remains to be seen. Schools have such a responsibility to protect, but they are damned if they do and damned it they don’t. To err on the side of caution might fit. Better than being so liberal, everyone feels okay to go on campus to commit these crimes.
If having so many heavy guns being carried out in the open gives pause to anyone considering something horrendous, then job well done.


Well, now they won’t have to ship in firearms for the fake shootings, the teachers themselves can plant them. Besides aren’t these semi-autos the same ones implicated in the sandy hook hoax by the psy-op pullers? Curious thing, that. Having armed teachers further pushes the notion that the schools are actually prisons for indoctrination, now with armed guards, not for the students security, but to terrorize the citizenry in general… a pretty obvious terrorist tactic, not only are they ramming filth into the kids minds via the “sex ed” classes (read:state-sanctioned corruption of minors) but now they have the capability… Read more »