Colorado newspaper asks if Obama is a Manchurian candidate for Russia

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0 responses to “Colorado newspaper asks if Obama is a Manchurian candidate for Russia

  1. traildustfotm

    Do we have to ask?

  2. The first two sentences of Beaton’s article were a turn off, re Obummer not being born in Kenya, but I guess that’s not the main gist of his “opinion” piece. Is the Big O a Manchurian? I don’t think so. You don’t have to be a Manchurian to be a Commie. 😉

    What REALLY irked me was going to the Aspen Times site via your embedded link & seeing that they block out the text of the article (& all articles) UNLESS you answer some stupid nosey questions first — OR — unless you Tweet the article first! That is a new one on me, never seen such a thing online. Talk about hijacking journalism for a greedy buck from FB or Twitter advertisers (or NSA data-profilers). Tackiest thing I ever saw. Swift Communications, who bought up the Aspen Times in 1999, & about a dozen other newspapers out West (& proceeded to ruin them), must be hurting for money:

    Thankfully the entire article was posted at your other embedded link at the CODA blog. So naa naa to you Aspen Times! You “ain’t” what you used to be when Bil Dunaway owned the paper from 1956-1992, & who was my former boss for a few short years when I worked there in the late 1970’s. He was a GREAT boss! Sadly he died about three years ago at age 87. Even his OBIT cannot be read unless you answer the “new” Aspen Times’ stupid questions first, or grab the cached version from google w/o all the photos. Hideous tactic! Bil (he purposely spelled it with one L) would roll over in his grave at the thought of it. Glad I grabbed a bunch of articles & photos of him a few years ago from their site, before they instituted this new form of journalistic blackmail, grrrr:

  3. Not any longer, because Russia kicked all the Marxists out, Whoever was grooming him since he was a little child in British East Africa Protectorate, obviously has a Plan “B”. Now the people who ripped off Russia are busy taking care of Ukraine, you see which side Mister O has taken. Let’s just hope he and Kerry don’t succeed in pushing Russia into a real war, because we have nothing too gain, and one hell-of-a-lot to lose.

  4. Who cares? We were sold “down river” by Obama on our own “homefront’ long before this. What is going on on our domestric front is far more injurious to Americans….


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