Colorado Inferno

Please pray for rain and cooler temps!!!

Fanned by 100+ temps and gusting winds, the Colorado wildfires are raging out of control for a 5th day, having already consumed hundreds of homes. As of today, Thursday, June 28, six huge wildfires engulf the state. The Waldo Canyon fire is now at the edge of Colorado Springs, the state’s 2nd most populous city, forcing at least 35,000 people from their homes and nipping at the edges of the U.S. Air Force Academy.
Here’s the evacuation zone for Waldo Canyon (to enlarge, click pics):

Most of these pics were taken by readers of Buzzfeed.

H/t our beloved GrouchyFogie for the next 2 pics.
The first pic below was taken by Patrick Sandusky, the chief communications and public affairs officer at the U.S. Olympic Committee. That’s Falcon Stadium in the foreground. You can see how the fire on the mountains behind absolutely dwarfs the stadium, which seats just under 47,000.

Just remember that the Air Force’s  C-130s are used to fight the terrible inferno, but Obama’s defense budget cuts 65 C-130s from the fleet over the next four years — at the same time as he gives millions of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars to “green” failures like Solyndra.
Update: While the Red Cross was the first on the scene with relief efforts, Catholic charities all across Colorado are mobilizing against the terrible fires, called by some to be “apocalyptic.”

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0 responses to “Colorado Inferno

  1. Nothing I could imagine would be more horrifying than these photos. God help them.

  2. FAST & PRAY.
    George Washington called this newly freed Nation
    to national Prayer in reparation & atonement
    for the crimes of the war.
    Who will sound this clarion call now?
    we are not that Nation anymore.
    we have abandoned the Almighty @ a Time when
    only God saves us now.
    Only a Nation on its knees will call the Almighty back.
    attention prayer warriors
    brother to sister, mother to child…. spread the word.
    FAST & PRAY.

  3. Good coverage by the Daily Mirror…firefighters must often fight
    bureaucracy as much as the elements and it’s ALL expensive.
    Just a little inside aviation chatter from Texas about what happens
    when it’s the citizens versus the technocrats :

  4. My nephew left for the Air Force Academy yesterday. They are to be processed at a different location as I understand it. What a way to start his new life that he has looked forward to for so long. Praying for all others as well.

  5. I believe this country is under major judgement by God now.

  6. sparrow, I am heart sickened for everyone in the fire’s way, and even morre sickened that the Air Force Academy is at risk. Yesterday a colleague of my husband’s sent some photos she took in front of the Commissary at the Spring on the Academy. It looked awful. Sorry about this awful rough start to your nephew’s freshman year at the Academy.

  7. As a long time wild land firefighter and logger it grieves me to no end to not be able to fight fires anymore.. Praying is ongoing and almost non-stop for those on the lines, in the air and supporting those who are trying to stem the tide of flames sweeping through the west.
    I will die with smoke and cinders in my mind and heart!

  8. rain rain what is that word we haven’t had a drop in quite a while anyway great photos i really like the top photo with the blue sky then the big gray cloud as someone is driving on the road toward the inferno . and boy what a great job the obama administration is doing handling this disaster.. (sarcasm to the nth degree) remember how the media jumped all over bush about katrina ( the hurricane) and now they sleep while colorado burns

  9. How devastating…prayers!

  10. lowtechgrannie

    Here’s a 6/25/2012 press release from the federal government:
    Waldo Fire News Release
    Release Date: Jun 25, 2012
    Contact: Barb Timock, Public Affairs Officer 719-553-1415
    COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. June 24, 2012…The Waldo Canyon Fire on the Pike National Forest is a complex incident, and fire managers are working diligently to actively contain and suppress this fire with top consideration to protection of life, property, and natural resources. The overarching objective is to maintain the safety of the public and the firefighters who are battling this wildfire.
    The U.S. Forest Service is providing people, equipment, and resources in support of this cooperative effort to contain the Waldo Canyon Fire.
    Resources currently allocated: 450 firefighters, (3) heavy air tankers, (4) Single Engine Air Tankers (SEAT), (1) lead plane, (1) Type-1 helicopter, (1) Type-3 helicopter. A Type 1 National Team and more resources will be onsite tomorrow. Type 1 teams come with the capability to handle the most complex incidents.
    Federal, state, and local fire managers are strategizing fire suppression tactics while monitoring fire behavior, the terrain, and weather forecasts. All firefighting strategies will prioritize the safety of the firefighters and the public.


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