Colorado Gun Companies Keep Promise and Leave State

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I just love when people keep their promise

Colorado Gun Companies Keep Promise and Leave State
Posted on May 6, 2013 by Dave Jolly 
Last month I reported that two firearms related companies had made announcements that they were leaving the state of Colorado due to the anti-gun laws the state had passed. Three companies had vowed to leave the state: Magpul, Alfred Manufacturing and HiViz.
The companies were being courted by a number of states that are proud of their gun-friendly laws, but the Colorado companies were being rather secretive as to where they might be heading. That is until now.
HiViz Shooting Systems, formerly located in Fort Collins, manufactures various parts for a number of weapons, some of which are now outlawed under Colorado law. They have just announced that are moving their entire operations to Laramie, Wyoming. In their announcement, HiViz stated that their decision on Laramie was partially due to their gun friendly laws, but also due to certain tax advantages and it is an hour away from their Fort Collins location, allowing most of their employees to make the drive and continue to work for them. Ground breaking for their new facility is expected to take place this summer.
Magpul Industries manufactures high capacity magazines that hold 30 rounds. Their magazines are now illegal in Colorado and they said that they would not stay in a state that outlaws their product. According to recent reports, Magpul has already started production in another state, but that location is being kept under wraps until after the NRA Convention being held in Houston.
All I can say is that I’m glad these companies are following through on their threats, even though it has to cost them a pretty penny to move their operations. I just wish more firearms related firms would leave their states that have passed anti-Second Amendment legislation.        More HERE!!!
~Steve~           H/T Godfather Politics

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0 responses to “Colorado Gun Companies Keep Promise and Leave State

  1. GOOD! Colorado’s loss is Wyoming’s gain for industry and to wherever the other company moves. We here in Texas are going to have to work hard, and make sure that our democratic law makers don’t try any of this funny stuff.

  2. Did these lawmakers not understand there would be consequences? This is very typical of the uninformed ignorant people the Democrats keep electing.

    • The dem’s don’t care, they are only about ‘look what we did, passed laws that will not save any children’… To them the taxpayers are a source of endless theft, business moves out, just tax what’s left more.

  3. We all need to stand together now. Stand tall, Stand proud

  4. Trouble is that the lawmakers dont care one damn bit about the loss to the citizens jobs, They only pander to the loudest noise and now its the anti gun siren. Thier only concern is thier jobs, and re-electons… What the people need to do is remember and vote out the pandering assholes, Do you think they will?/

    • d….you are right, law makers only care about their jobs and the loudest noise, and Colorado is fairly liberal. Sooner or later though, even liberals scream whent hey can’t find a job. And think of all the taxes the state is now going to lose. They are just plain stupid.

    • They’ll start caring when they have to explain to voters that they have to raise their taxes to make up for the budget shortfall. Magpul alone adds about $85 million each year to Colorado and is the backbone of the states plastics manufacturing. Without Magpul, dozens of smaller firms will be forced to leave the state as well, taking jobs and money along with it.
      This exact same phenomena has been going on here in California for the past 15 years and Colorado is following suit. Hundreds of businesses leave California each day due to the insane environmental laws which make it impossible to manufacture anything, and when combined with the highest income and sales tax rates in the nation, massive illegal alien population, and communist legal system… it’s only a matter of time before this state can no longer use budget trickery to make it appear as if it’s not teetering on the brink of collapse.
      It’s amazing that low-information voters and even semi-aware ones here don’t seem to be able to understand simple concepts like “high taxes cause jobs to leave” or “strict gun laws cause high crime rates”. I guess things need to get bad enough that their own personal lives are drastically affected for them to open their eyes. But by then it will be too late.


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