Colorado Day-Care Center Proposal: Dolls Must Represent At Least Three Different Races

Warning..Duct Tape recommended.        ~ Steve~

I Wonder if they mean Horse racing, Nascar racing, and Top Fuel Dragsters?  hmm

Was looking for a No PC image. Found this and hey , works for me.

I personally like to mix and match the colors, but this will do.

Story by Michael Roberts  Of Denver Westword blogs

By Michael RobertsFri., Jul. 8 2011 at 1:31 PM

Here’s an item with the potential for firing up enemies of political correctness:

New rules proposed by the Colorado Department of Human Services include a requirement that all day-care centers in the state make available dolls representing three different races.

The 98-page document, obtained by 7News, features a slew of rule changes. Among them: children over age two must not be served whole milk without a note from a doctor, kids over age one can’t drink more than six ounces of juice per day, TV and computer time will be capped at twenty minutes daily, and staffers must wear clothes that cover their lap and shoulders. But arguably the most unusual suggestion pops up on page 77: “Dolls shall represent three (3) races.”

To make you even crazier the rest of story is  HERE!!

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Dr. Eowyn

What. Only THREE races? [sarcasm alert]
To all the left-out “races,” time for a Title VIII class action lawsuit!

is “Human” one of the three races?

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

Do kids even play with dolls anymore? When my youngest was in a co-op preschool back in the Womens Lib days in the mid-1970s, the teacher was always trying to get the little boys to go play with the dolls in the “Home Corner” and the girls to go to the “Working Corner” to play with tools. It was all politically correct with dolls of every ethnicity. They were in pristine condition because none of them played with dolls! As I recall, both boys and girls were happiest crashing Tonka Trucks into towers of blocks. Destruction is very satisfying for… Read more »


Only one word comes to mind concerning this: SUB-MORONIC.


the de evolution of rational thought processes “”the island of the lost souls”

i want a doll that is part beast and part human.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Unbelievable! Unprecedented! There isn’t a word in the language for this nonsense. Grotesque! What makes it worse is people are putting up with this sh&@e!



LOL – You could have used mine.