Colo apartment manager threatens to raise rents on Obama voters

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Casa Adobe
Election has consequences.
The manager of Casa Adobe Apartments (photo above) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, told residents that due to the Obama regime’s punishing treatment of small businesses (“You didn’t build that!”), the apartment complex will experience layoffs, work-time reductions, decreased pay for workers, as well as likely rent increases.

ABC affiliate in Colorado Springs KRDO-TV reports that apartment manager John Obringer recently sent out the following letter to tenants:
“Due to the stupidity of the U.S. electorate, the Obama-administration’s continued assault on small business is resulting in increased taxes, regulations and mandates that are forcing the management company (B&J Enterprises, Inc.) for Casa Adobe Apartments to modify its operation to survive. This has resulted in layoffs, work-time reductions and decreased pay for workers. Consequently, the business hours are now Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Please plan accordingly … We are working hard to maintain the field, cleaning and maintenance personnel in place without raising rents, but that too is inevitable due to the upcoming inflation and market forces.
If you have any questions, comments or criticisms, please call me. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and Happy Holidays to you and yours.”
Then Obringer added, “BTW: If you voted ‘Democrat’ on Nov. 6, please notify me ASAP so I can raise your rent first to help pay for what you asked for.”
One tenant who wished to remain anonymous told KRDO, “I think it’s wrong. That’s your constitutional right to vote for who you want.” She also claimed Obringer had previously threatened to oust her from the complex for voting for Obama.
Another tenant came to the manager’s defense, saying, “It’s just John. He’s kind of a quirky landlord.”
Residents say nothing has changed thus far, and Obringer has refused requests to be interviewed.
Joe Kovacs reports for WND that a Colorado political website points out that if Obringer were to raise the rent on tenants who had voted for Obama, it would be discriminatory and therefore illegal. Obringer likely was only venting because his threat “implies that he would know who they are – not the easiest thing to do with a secret ballot.”
While I understand Obringer’s frustration, his rant was not just unprofessional, it was stupid. If he wants to vent, do it in his private time, but not on the job.
I think Obringer will soon find himself in the unemployed ranks.
H/t FOTM’s Tina.

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0 responses to “Colo apartment manager threatens to raise rents on Obama voters

  1. He only feels the way that other people do that could see Obama for what he is and couldn’t get the Obama sheep to see any thing but the green. I hope they get every thing they expected . The problem is we will have to take the blows too. .

  2. Totally support this guy!! He’s only saying what the rest of us feel. Although sadly, because he’s only the building manager and likely doesn’t own or have a controlling interest in it, you may be right Dr. Eowyn.
    I have personally fired employees over bumper stickers (thank God for at-will states).


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