College students call traditional marriage supporters “hideous,” “disgusting,” and flat-world morons

Last Wednesday morning, as America awaited the Supreme Court’s decision on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a group of “liberal” Leftwing college students showed just how “tolerant” and respectful of “diversity” they are.

Katherine Timpf reports for Campus Reform, June 26, 2013, that the pro-homosexual marriage students liberally spewed their intolerance and hatred for supporters of traditional marriage.

This female student (see below) calls us “hideous” and “disgusting” and says that she “feel[s] nothing for them at all. I don’t feel bad that they are upset.”

DOMA hideous

Another female student (below) calls supporters of traditional marriage “a meeting of the flat world society” who should get with the times because “It’s 2013.”

DOMA flat world society

Then there’s this self-satisfied student (below, in red t-shirt) who insists homosexual marriage is all about “love,” whereas supporters of traditional marriage are just mean nasty “haters.” I can’t figure out what gender it is. Whether it is a he or a she, he-she can lose some fat!

DOMA haters

College education is such a mind-broadening experience! [Snark]

If these college students are the future of America, we’re even more doomed than we already are.  🙁

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0 responses to “College students call traditional marriage supporters “hideous,” “disgusting,” and flat-world morons

  1. I don’t put my sexuality right out there, and I don’t think they should either. I don’t raise a flag or carry a sign to let anyone and everyone know what I am. Other than that, I don’t care who they boff as long as it doesn’t effect my life in any way. If it begins to effect my life, I’ll effect their life. Additionally, someone is paying for their college education. Perhaps they should take the time they use for flag carrying and pushing their intolerance, and put it into their studies. They should also do more research on how expensive it is to get a divorce. Can’t wait for them to enter that arena.

    • Gay no-fault divorce, alimony, custody battles, false accusations to get police involved… they didn’t hear about that part their left/liberal friends (who’re using them as useful idiots) have added in this day and age, did they?

  2. What’s really scary is – THESE PEOPLE VOTE!! I was just reading the writings of Noah Webster and he opined that people should not vote until they were 41-42, stated that the young simply were not mature enough to decide the fate of a nation. Amen! When we see Noah Webster’s name we connect it with his dictionary, but he was one of America’s outstanding patriots. BTW, back when common sense reigned, a person couldn’t vote unless s/he owned property and had a vested interest in the country. Makes sense to me!

    • Dear pnordman,

      Thomas Jefferson, too, believed that only those with property — specifically small farmers — should have suffrage. I’m planning to write a Jul 4th post on just this issue. 😀

  3. I think the fat kid in the red shirt is a boy.

    I did used to work at Wal-Mart and a fat cop came through my line and I couldn’t tell if it was male or female. Since generally it is masculine women and not feminine men who are cops, I guess it’s a safe bet the cop was female.

    So apparently you’re behind the times if you don’t support deviant filth. Maybe people who say you should only eat normal groceries and not dog crap are flat world people.

  4. Oh Dr. E, what a way to begin the day. Let us consider that Sodomy was only one of the sins that was made manifest in the total wickedness of the societal norms of the day in Sodom and Gomorrah or as My Great Friend Chesty [G.K. Chesterton] put it:
    “Men do not differ much about what things they will call evils; they differ enormously about what evils they will call excusable.” – ILN, 10/23/09.

    I think it was Rev. Billy Graham that was a little more direct on the matter: ‘If God does not judge America then he must apologize to Sodom-Gomorrah.

  5. Are not ‘Pride Parades’ an intentional thumb in the eye of God? What was Lucifer’s great gateway sin? Yup, his Pride Parade…

  6. So did the kid who made the ” flat earth” comment copy Obama’s use of the term recently, or did he plagiarize it from her? That entire term falls flat to this reader.

  7. Rush Limbaugh calls these kids, “young skulls full of mush.”

  8. Did it ever occur to these young intellectuals that if their parents held their same views , they wouldn’t even exist . More rantings from indoctrinated ” yutes ”
    As far as red shirt goes , that’s a guy with a bad case of man-tiots

  9. These responses are part and parcel of the whole educational public school “industry.” Government schools continue to produce minds of moronic mush. Their immoral responses are the norm as America marches on its own self-made road to destruction.

  10. with their comments I am wondering if they are giving much thought to the fact of why they are here in the first place????

  11. marriage=one man and one woman.

  12. People are graduating from universities today with the equivalent of a 5th grade education of about 100 years ago, and they think they’re educated. You probably don’t know anyone who knows how to write as most people today in their 30’s and 40’s still print like they did in the third grade. And they ARE the future of this country.

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  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this informative post, showing us the intolerance and viciousness of the demonic position of same sex marriage and active homosexual lifestyles.

  15. years of indoctrination instead of education has produced useless near brain dead zombies. repeat the crap you have been fed and not have an original thought of your own..

  16. America is already in the gutters and it would get worse, unless we go down on our knees and seek His face, and pray and repent from our wicked ways and seek revival of the church, people, nation and all the world. Repent America !

  17. “Real love”, “legitimate love”…oh NAMBLA can’t wait for that.

    • NAMBLA… scariest thing in the world to 12-year-old boys, forget Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers back then!

  18. This confirms my suspicions of why Obama Rex prefers to give speeches to “young people” – at colleges, or wherever he can find them. Their minds have been turned to Jello and their moral compass utterly destroyed.

    The whole of their philosophy seems to be “If I want it, I should get it. Now. And If I can’t find it, somebody has to give it to me. Now. Or I’ll stamp my feet and hold my breath until I turn blue.”

  19. One more crack at this – good thing their mommies overrode the temptation to abort these darlings or they wouldn’t be here screaming their idiocies to the world. I am so @#$%&%$#@ tired of these bimbos!


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