College offers young people money to have sex on camera

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Haven’t kids had enough sex education by college to know the benefits of using a condom?
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Via NY Post: A school in England is making some people hot under the collar — by offering to pay young couples to have sex on camera.
Coventry University is searching for volunteers ages 18 to 25 who are willing to be filmed making whoopee in “natural settings,” including inside a car, and be paid the equivalent of $488 to do so, according to UK media.
Filmmakers for the government-funded project called “Chance2Change” said it will promote the message that using a condom “does not kill the mood,” the Daily Mail reported.
Margaret Morrissey, chairman of a group called Parents Outloud, said students who sign up to appear in the videos may be “jeopardizing” their future. “They are offending the intelligence of their students by thinking they need educational videos such as this,” Morrissey told The Telegraph.
“With the nature of the internet, these videos could stay in circulation for years. Any students taking part in them could jeopardize future employment prospects,” she said.
Project leader Dr. Katie Newby insisted the film will feature real couples in “loving, consensual relationships and be tastefully shot.”
More from Daily Mail:
Dr. Newby said: ‘The videos, which will be tastefully shot and feature genuine couples, are designed to be available to over-18s at the point at which they are requesting free STI self-testing kits from a website.
‘Other aspects of the intervention include allowing users to test out a range of different condoms to identify their preferred one, a condom ordering service, providing a free product for carrying condoms in, and other videos featuring young people talking about condom use.
‘We believe that someone who is seeking STI testing is likely to be particularly receptive to the messages around condom use, and we hope to convince them that condoms needn’t be awkward, embarrassing or an obstacle to enjoyable sex.’
Dr. Newby said that, despite the well-known risks of unprotected sex, the NHS still spends £620million per year treating sexually-transmitted illnesses. 

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0 responses to “College offers young people money to have sex on camera

  1. “Filmmakers for the government-funded project”
    To top it off, UK taxpayers are paying for this!

  2. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of! From a college? From so called educated people? Talk about perversion!!!!

  3. Let me see now . . . both the government of the US and UK have some complicity in the ever expanding “free love with no restriction’s.” After all don’t we subsidize single women who have illegitimate children by giving them Welfare and housing, etc; we (meaning both countries) subsidize abortion, because after all the stuff that is in a woman’s womb is only a glob of some unorganized cells. Then the taxpayers get to pay for STD screening, and the treatment of those who are so (stupid) lax as to be bangin’ this person and that person, willy nilly without a concern in the world. So now we (again, both countries) are left with hoards of people who cannot be responsible to as to conduct themselves in a manner that is safe, both for themselves, and for their communities–so the taxpayers I suppose that the taxpayers are expected to provide condoms and other birth control agents for free to anyone who wants them–or, they are provided abortions which are in part, or entirely paid for by the taxpayers.
    ANY COUPLE who would appear in the suggested filming of their “bangin” are imbecilic individuals to begin with . . . far to dense to understand that these films will live on into the next century. Appearing in such films will in many instances have an effect on their employability, because it shows them to be people of very little common sense. $488.00 dollars in the hand is hardly worth the drastic effect it may have on their future. If the couple breaks up and they go on to other romantic relationships, it is one thing to know that they have had other “loves.” It is entirely another thing to see them “in action’ with a previous love.
    Knowing how degenerate some of today’s youths are . . . I suppose they will have plenty of takers!

  4. This is aiding and abetting prostitution, plain and simple. In moral battles, we must remember that “good intentions” mean utterly nothing unless the good end obtained exceeds the intention, for we cannot seek the evil for the sake of the evil (as Nietzsche had hoped for when he said, “Evil, be Thou my good.”); We can only seek the evil for the sake of the good. (This is what sin is). This is not to imply that expedience is morally good or excusable: The good sought must be good, in and of itself, and it is never excusable to knowingly do evil to obtain a good result (other than that of the Double Effect, as explained by St. Thomas Aquinas).
    And yet I see something of Nietzsche’s apprehension of the process of nihilism here. Nietzsche speaks of the “image before the deed” and the “image after the deed.” I think he was onto something, even if he was insane. The Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s did not appear from out of nowhere: It was planted, primed and pumped for at least two generations prior. So in the 1960’s, we saw a young generation openly debauched. Now that young generation has grandchildren, and, in their intellectually perverted thinking, seek to do the members of their grandchildren’s generation “the favor” of sparing them the “evil” of “unplanned pregnancy.” They fail to see what they are doing in this act in the same way they fail to see what the new life is. They perceive the new life as an EVIL; They fail to perceive the act of fornication as EVIL. (Now I understand why many members of my parents generation WERE reactionaries: They had PLENTY to react against!)
    In the 1940’s, there was a song, “Doing What Comes Naturally.” People DO NOT need to be taught how to copulate or make (genuine) love. We are not stupid. Therefore, people DO NOT need to be taught how to use contraception: The horniest of teenagers will know how to use them; The only question is how to obtain them. (Thanks to Planned Parenthood, AKA MURDER, INC., this is no longer an issue!) Nor do people need to see or use pornography: Again, our passions—even legally expressed—need no exterior stimulation to our imaginations.
    But to the “practical” matter at hand, the avoidance of pregnancy. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A 100% EFFECTIVE CONTRACEPTION: Condoms, made of latex, have microscopic holes of 5 to 8 microns throughout. These naturally occurring microscopic holes can usually stop the transmission of sperm, but not all the time. More to the point, these microscopic holes are LARGE ENOUGH to allow the HIV virus to pass through: CONDOMS DO NOT PREVENT THE TRANSMISSION OF HIV, PERIOD. But back to the point: There is NO SUCH THING as a foolproof contraceptive: Science HAS NOT been able to attain the end so many see as desirable—and I doubt that it will ever be able to do so. But more to the point, the CORPORATE PROFIT MOTIVE will SEE TO IT that it DOES NOT: To do so would be to eliminate its market and stop the profit spigot!
    So the grandparent, as the grandchild, sees the contraceptive as the means to the end of avoiding the “unwanted pregnancy,” the Gift of Live Itself from Almighty God. The young adult sees nothing but passion, and the grandparent wishes to prevent the perceived evil for his grandchild, and both are unawares that their MATERIAL COOPERATION IN EVIL is upon them.
    And more to the point: While individuals seek the expression of their passions, there are other entities, Corporate and Satanic in their nature or allegiance, that seek to impose contraception—and abortion itself—as EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS in their Satanic and anti-human and eugenic (and anti-God) agenda. Neither Nature nor God Shall be Mocked: Not only are we, as individuals and as a Civilization under Judgment, but the demographics of almost the entire world are undergoing radical change. And it ends in a MORAL APOCALYPSE.

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  6. This insanity targets the least financially secure students. The payment is a bribe, to engage in a natural act, in the most unnatural circumstances imaginable. The adults responsible for devising this ungodly scheme should be forced to cast themselves in the performance, after which, they should be dismissed.


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