College abandons traditional applications, transcripts and test scores are ‘all about privilege and wealth’

white privilege
Campus Reform: A liberal arts college in Maryland is forgoing the traditional application process as it is “all about privilege and wealth.”
According to José A. Bowen, president of Goucher College, college acceptance is no longer based on merit or academic success in high school. Beginning next year, Goucher will become the first college in the nation to offer students the opportunity to simply submit a two-minute video as the main part of the application process, which will still require the same monetary fee as the traditional application.
“Access to higher education should be about potential and not just previous achievement,” Bowen said in a press release.
In their admissions videos, students will explain in two minutes how they will thrive and fit in at Goucher. Students will submit videos through the newly created Goucher Video App (GVA) and will still be required to sign a statement of academic integrity, submit two works (one of which must be a graded assignment) from high school, and pay a $55 application fee.
“There is an inherent risk admitting students without seeing prior high school course history,” Christopher Wild, an admissions counselor at Goucher told Campus Reform. “However, the GVA does include a graded writing sample…and additional work from the high school.”
Wild also said that as Goucher classes are different from high school classes—Goucher classes apparently require students to “analyze” whereas high school simply tests how well students can “regurgitate content”—the graded writing sample will be enough to determine a student’s preparedness for the school.
“With the graded writing sample, we will be able to determine a student’s preparedness for a Goucher classroom,” Wild said.
The Common Application process, which allows students submit high school transcripts and letters of recommendation from advisors and teachers, is still an option. That application fee is also $55.
However, Bowen says that sometimes the Common Application process can be too confusing or discouraging.
“For most Americans, applying to college is a giant mystery,” Bowen told The Washington Post. “The whole system is broken. Nobody thinks this is a good thing. It’s very high-stress. It’s all about privilege and wealth. I’m convinced we are leaving talent on the table in this country because the process is so complicated and stressful. I want to level the playing field.”
According to the college, Goucher has been “test-optional” since 2007, meaning applying students were not required to submit either SAT or ACT scores.
Students applying to Goucher via video are still eligible for need-based financial aid. Students who wish to be considered for merit scholarships will still need to submit a high school transcript with the option of submitting SAT or ACT test scores.
Video applications will be judged on the “thoughtfulness of the student’s response,” the press release states. Wild confirmed to Campus Reform that the new application will not affect staffing, but will be a “new process” for Goucher staff to learn.
Goucher College, located north of Baltimore, was also the first college to require undergraduate students to study abroad.
Last year, Goucher was home to around 1,450 undergraduate students. It admitted 72 percent of its undergraduate applicants.
Video essay? Hey, that worked for Elle Woods (despite her white privilege)!

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Goucher: your collegiate bizarro New World Disorder!


This is bull shit. How does this prepare a person for the working world? How does it make them ready for a leadership job, compared to someone that actually knows what the state capitol of Washington is? Having been in a position of hiring people for upper management and middle management, the interview sessions have to demonstrate the person can not only speak to a broad range of people, but MUST have superior knowledge in everything. And when I say “everything” that is exactly what is needed. What this school is claiming it’s fame on, is simply a person that… Read more »


Well if it’s all about “white privilege” and we no longer need entry tests for college perhaps in keeping with the spirit of things these liberal professors would agree to work for a lower salary, one that didn’t reflect THEIR white privilege. The liberals at these schools just keep getting weirder.


Hey, who needs merit and actually knowing anything when admission, passing and, later, getting hired and promoted depend entirely on how politically-correct one is? (It’s that “fundamental transformation” left/liberals want, you know… worked so well in the Soviet system.)

“….sometimes the Common Application process can be too confusing or discouraging.” But…. ermmmmmmmm…. isn’t the college application process really Step #1 in the process of weeding out those who can’t cut it? Do these buffoons really think that some hapless schmuck who can’t even get through the simple process of applying to college is ready for the smallest dollop of advanced education, let alone prepared to accept any position of responsibility in real life? Oh wait, the poor schmuck has been under their control and indoctrination for years, they can’t admit now that he’s too successfully dumbed down to make… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

Chinese tried this under Chairman Mao, who once extolled and held as a role model a young man who turned in a blank sheet of paper as his exam, presumably to protest the despicable bourgeois-ness of tests and exams.
After the Never-Setting-Red-Sun-in-Our-Hearts Mao Zedong died and joined Karl Marx in hell, the Chinese Communist Party promptly abandoned all that lunacy and brought back education that actually teaches knowledge, and exams that actually tests/measures learning and achievement.
Alas, the American Left, in the throes of mental lunacy and spiritual perversity, never learn from history.


“I’m convinced we are leaving talent on the table in this country because the process is so complicated and stressful. I want to level the playing field.”
Seems to me that how a student figures out the system and makes his/her way through the process to be admitted says more about the student than the “potential”,which is easy to claim they see but impossible to predict the future value of;some with exceptional “potential”,for no apparent reason,fail to apply themselves,and thus waste all that “potential”.


BTW-the explanation of this idiocy is explained in the first sentence;”A LIBERAL arts college in Maryland….”


Do you ever get the feeling that the world has gone totally bonkers??