Coexist Gone Wrong

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  1. I’m careful about this – but not because of the general fear most people have of speaking openly about Islamic violence. I try to bear in mind that the Anglo-NWO is the moving force behind a lot of these people – especially with Al-CIA-da running through Libya and Syria, next stop Iran, all with CIA and NATO backing. As violent as some of these people are, they’re pawns in a larger game.

  2. I always hated this bumpersticker!…

  3. The problem with this is the fundamental differences of belief within each core belief system related to the symbols. Whoever made the original symbol has no true understanding of the beliefs bidden to ‘coexist’. I find it interesting that the three symbols in the fore, middle and end of it all are the three least likely to ‘coexist’, are all separated from each other by symbols of lesser (by way of population and rigidity of beliefs) religions. Each of these three religions is adamant that it is the only ‘true’ way (and as a Christian, I am certainly no exception in that!), and as such, cannot simply ‘coexist’ with the others. Among all the symbols, the ‘Star in Crescent’ is famous for its ‘join or die’ mentality and is responsible for a vast majority of the ‘in-the-name-of-religion’ atrocities perpetrated within the last decade or so, (when speaking of number dead/affected). Yes, there are always exceptions to every rule and anecdotal evidence that could be cited- but when speaking of general ‘rules of thumb’; said rules are accepted because they are true more often than not, which makes these tongue-in-cheek cartoons rather apt, in my opinion.

  4. Don’t you fools realize that the only reason Islam is being demonized is because they don’t believe in usury or even charging any interest on loaning money. The Catholic Church had the same rules until the Knights Templar changed all that. Phillip the Fair of France had them all rounded up and executed supposedly to grab their treasures which the didn’t have. Their money was fiat money just like ours, according to one source.

    • The first time you hurled a gratuitous insult here was at DCG, calling her “stupid.”
      Now you’re calling us “fools.” You have exhausted your welcome here at FOTM. Nothing in the Constitution says we must tolerate your verbal abuse.

    • Come on Bob,
      Surely islamic practices in lending couldn’t be the ONLY reason we’re upset.
      Do you think that, just maybe, 1300+ years of genocide and hideous cruelty might enter the list of motivations?
      If you need more convincing, ask a friend of Armenian heritage if they’re upset with the Turks because they charge no interest. Really, I dare you.

      • Trail Dust – Mr. Grape is, himself, a practicing Mason, or so he told us. I doubt his level is very high, else he wouldn’t feel so free to blather on so. No matter, 1st degree, or 33rd degree – it is the religion of secrets, Mystery Babylon. It encompasses all cults, the occult, and all Christian cults. Hence the COEXIST. It is the serpent in paradise.

    • Your grapes are most sour and bitter Bob, and you are a blithering idiot to boot. Your islamo-pandering comments leads me to conclude that you have a boot-licking, ass-kissing, sycophantic nature. In other words, you are a bought and paid for tool who has a lot of nerve calling us fools.
      Really, the usury thing is the furthest thing from most people’s minds when they think of islam’s bloody 1,400 years of conquest, plunder, slavery, genocide and all-around evil buffoonery. Only a clueless, vain, narcissist would say what you said above.

  5. I call “Bravo Sierra” on BobtheGrape’s comment. Islam is demonized not because they dont’ believe in usury or interest. They are demonized for their immoral treatment of women, children, animals, and those of other religions or ideologies.

    • Thru their cruelty they have become easy prey for the devil.

    • Many argue the same for the Bible: women are men’s property, children need to get hit, animals throats are slit for the sole sake of worship. And, as we all know, Christianity has be used to justify all types of violence, cruelty, and oppression – today, and throughout history.
      But we all find what we are looking for, especially religious extremists. And, when religion becomes state-mandated, you can get an echo chamber of Crazy.
      Please don’t confuse radical Islamic governments with Islam. It demonstrates a tremendous lack of understanding.

      • Islam is islam, it is all evil. I have spent much time in the Middle East in three Arab countries, and have had many conversations with many an Arab. In addition, I have Pakistani cousins, one married to a Morrocan. I am not the least bit naive about islam and it’s 1,400 year agenda of bringing about dar al-islam globally. Since the 7th Century, islam’s spread by the sword is responsible for roughly 270,000,000 deaths. 80,000,000 in India alone. I would highly suggest to anybody and everybody to get smart on islam, and do it from islam’s own source materials, namely the qu’ran, the sira, and the hadiths…especially the hadiths of al-muslim and al-bukhari. learn all you can concerning sharia law as well. When one gains a good grounding in these sources, one will see the dualism (muslim umma vs non-muslim kuffar, us.) that is at the heart of islam, as well as the moral depravity of islam’s founder/inventor, Muhammad.
        I’m not saying every single muslim is rank evil, or a terrorist, but many are, and in far greater numbers than all other religion combined. It is not just Christians and Jews that have troubles with islam, but Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists as well (Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myannmar).
        Everybody it seems, has trouble with islam, because islam is supremacist in nature.

  6. Ahh.. I have been saying for a couple years that Muslims are being used as a pawn. (eyes wide open)

    • Maybe, but the muslims don’t need anybody to help them be evil. Why would the “illuminati” waste any of their money on them, when they want to kill innocent people anyway?

    • Whether that is true or not, let us suppose it’s true. Islam is vicious to the point that it will dominate it’s alleged handlers (leftists).

  7. We are admonished to war against powers and principalities in high places, we are up against demonic spiritual forces, the kingdom of darkness versus the kingdom of light. God said “Let there be light” so we can be sure that it is good. His words are a lamp unto our feet. We personalize our fight against the kingdom of darkness but dviding people into types, divide and conquer is the principle used to get us all at each others throats. Let’s focus on lifting up the name of Jesus and having him to draw all men unto hhimself. Just as we see the Democarats pitted against the GOP and very little being taken care of except the too big to fail banks and the defence contractors who are businy arming Al Quaeda to fight agianst whoever we are fighting except that the Administration can’t say we are because they are meant to consult with Congress before they go to war, or whoever else, Blackwarer, Xe or El Nusra or whomever else can be lured into violent warfare so that “the” can have their bogey man to have us to point at and say “it’s all their fault”. Jesus had a problem with the Pharisees and the Saducees, because they were so busy tooting their trumpets on the corner when they made their offerings etc that they couldn’t accept him as the Messiah. Let’s concentrate on Jesus and let Islam go on it’s merry way. Mohamet didn’t die on the cross so that we could be redeemed, and these johadists are just being brainwashing into a radical form of Islam that has roots in many places including fascism I think. Of ourse I could be wrong, but there are sects of Islam that are not radical jihadists just as there are people worshipping Buddha or whatever other “strange” god people are worshipping instead of Jesus. Something else is afoot………………….. Al Quada is just fine if they are part of the drug trade, but if a branch of Al Quada isn’t into drug dealing then it’s “the enemy”. Really it isn’t that simple but the North African drug route is now being opened up for business in a big way because it appears that the drug market in the US is saturated and the drug cartels are looking for business elsewhere and they need drug runners or people that are open to using drug money. So, back to my initial thought, we are not fighting flesh and blood but powers and principalities……………………………………. Jesus took the sword from Peter and put the man’s ear back on again.
    God is love. Only believe.

  8. Every time I see one of these b.s. stickers on the back of their vehicle I just want to pull a Dale Sr. and say those immortal words ” I DIDN’T MEAN TO WRECK ‘EM “……………………………..

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