Cocky Obama says it doesn't matter who the GOP nominee is

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Last night, on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” The Narcissist defiantly proclaimed “it doesn’t really matter” who the Republicans nominate against him.
The Narcissist told interviewer Steve Kroft he’s ready to take on either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney and asked voters to contrast his vision with that offered by the GOP nominee.
The Narcissist predicted a clear choice for the voters: “The core philosophy that they’re expressing is the same. And the contrast in visions between where I want to take the country and… where they say they want to take the country is going to be stark.”
[Source: National Journal]

For the first time, I agree with The Narcissist.
If there’ll even be an election next year, it will be a clear choice for the voters. It’s either four more years for The Narcissist to complete his total destruction of America, or voters can choose to turn this country away from the road of ruinage.
I have a message for liberals and Democrats:

More than two years ago, Obama said he wants “a new legal basis” for the preventive indefinite detention of Americans. And the ever-obliging Senate has done exactly that on December 1, by passing S. 1867. Is this what you want for yourself and your children?

Watching the six GOP candidates in last Saturday’s Iowa debate (Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann), I was impressed with the humanity of them all — what decent people they are, and how much they clearly love America.

All, excepting Newt, who impressed me as articulate but arrogant and someone who can turn nasty very quickly. That worries me because, if he becomes the GOP nominee, he will lose as American voters generally pick, for President, the “nicer” guy who has a better smile. It also doesn’t help that Newt is pudgy and paunchy. What can I say? — American voters are shallow.
Citing research by UCLA Professor Albert Mehrabian indicating that non-verbal communication — including a speaker’s smile — can be even more important than what is actually said, communications consultant Jon Kraushar maintains that the history of U.S. presidential elections shows that the winners are those whose smiles convey a positive message that inspires rather than irritates voters. Think Ronald Reagan’s “aw shucks” sunny disposition….
Having said that about Newt, my conclusion about last Saturday’s Iowa debate is that, hands down, any one of the six is light years better than the narcissistic squatter in the White House.

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10 responses to “Cocky Obama says it doesn't matter who the GOP nominee is

  1. It might just be personal…but I don’t trust skinny critters. 🙂
    Don’t underestimate the acumen that let Newt rise to the top of the political heap … he’s a political opportunist. Like Soros, Newt is perfectly content to sit back and pull the strings.

  2. “All, excepting Newt, who impressed me as articulate but arrogant and someone who can turn nasty very quickly.”
    The more I look into it, the more convinced I am that Gingrich has Bipolar Disorder aka Manic Depressive. He’s got the classic signs and there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence. I wonder if he’s ever been examined by a mental health professional? Note: It’s hereditary and his mother was treated for Manic Depression.

  3. The Dear Ruler might just be right.
    After all, he’s sitting on a $1 billion campaign war chest, and the Marxist State Media is in his hip pocket.
    The fact that the two repub front runners are little more than jackasses in elephant suits is a huge plus for him, as well.

    • The combination of his war chest, RINO candidates, and the SRM behind Skippy 100% bodes very well for him…sigh.
      As for sex appeal, Romney probably leads in that department. I’m almost leaning toward Santorum at this point. I like Bachmann yet know she can’t beat Skippy.

  4. Thanks, just got home to watch…great start so far!

  5. Well, I for one find Ron Paul very sexy. When he talks about abolishing the five cabinet level departments implementing Agenda 21, I’m positively giddy!

  6. it wouldn’t be this obummer already knows he will win the election exactly like harry reid did in nevada. the unions were the maintenance service for the electronic voting machines. every vote for the lady was turned into a reid vote. voters commented and complained at the time and the police and press said and did nothing. reid barely campaigned at home and his approval rating was in the dumps at the time. but he was re-elected to another 6 year term any way?


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