CNN deception: Live aerial footage of police running into Sandy Hook was of another school

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Do you remember seeing this live on CNN the morning of the terrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012?

I took some screenshots from the CNN Live news video, showing the physical layout of the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES). Here’s the first screenshot I took, at the 0:04 mark in the CNN video (label: CNN #1), showing a bird’s eye view of the parking lot at the front of the SHES:

CNN's Sandy Hook school

CNN #1

Indeed, the screenshot above (CNN #1) looks like the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Google Maps’ aerial view. (Address of SHES is 12 Dickenson Drive, Sandy Hook, CT 06482.) Below are two screenshots I took of aerial views of SHES on Google Maps.
1. An expansive Google Maps aerial view of SHES view (Google #1):
Sandy Hook Google map

Google #1

2. A close-up view of the front of SHES which I had cropped from the expansive view (Google #2). Compare the area I circled in red to the CNN screenshot above (CNN #1):
Sandy Hook Google closeup

Google #2

Just to make sure, I’ve placed CNN #1 and Google #2 side-by-side, showing the two are consistent, i.e., CNN’s aerial view of what it claims to be Sandy Hook Elementary School at the 0:04 mark in the CNN live news video indeed is SHES.

CNN-Google SHESCNN (l); Google Maps (r)

Please take a good look at the above side-by-side images of SHES. Note that there are no grassy areas or any tree or shrub in front of the school. Instead, the ground in front of Sandy Hook Elementary School is all paved cement.
For that matter, it’s not just SHES’s front door that opens onto cement paved ground. Look at Google #2 again: The outside of the entire length of the front of the school building is paved cement — no grassy patch, no tree. The same with the ground surrounding the entire school complex, which you can see for yourself by scrolling up to Google #1.
Going back to the CNN Live news video on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, beginning at 0:05 mark, you see live footage taken by a CNN news helicopter, of police officers running from the parking lot into (presumably) Sandy Hook Elementary School. Here are two screenshots I took at the 0:07 mark (label: CNN #2) and at the 1:04 mark (CNN #3):

CNN #2

CNN #2

CNN #3

CNN #3

Notice the grassy patches, shrubs, trees, and rounded curb area in front of what’s supposed to be Sandy Hook Elementary School in CNN #2 and CNN #3.
How can this be? — since we’ve already determined that the ground in front of (and all around) Sandy Hook Elementary School is paved cement?
Now let’s look at Google Maps’ aerial views of a nearby school in Newtown, Connecticut, 1.4 miles west of Sandy Hook Elementary School — the St. Rose of Lima pre-School (SRLS) that’s attached to the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church. Its address is 40 Church Hill Rd, Newtown, CT 06470.
Here’s an expansive aerial view of SRLS (Google #4). Pay special attention to the area I’d circled in red:
St Rose Google #4

Here’s a closeup of the front of St. Rose of Lima School — of the area I’d circled in red (Google #5):

St Rose Google #6

Do you see the grassy areas and the curved curb — as in CNN’s footage of the running police officers (CNN #2, #3)?
In other words, the CNN footage was of police officers running (most likely) into St. Rose of Lima School, not Sandy Hook Elementary School. But CNN wants you to think the police officers were running into the Sandy Hook school. Why is that?
Beginning at around the 1:12 mark, the CNN Live news footage reverts back to Sandy Hook Elementary School (no more grassy areas!), as you can see in this screenshot I took at the 1:18 mark in the CNN news video (CNN #4). Do you see any police officers running? Instead, everything looks downright serene:

CNN#4 Sandy Hook

CNN #4

According to an article on Intelhub, the footage of police officers running in the parking lot (CNN #2 and #3) was actually taken at St. Rose of Lima School during a drill: “It is unconfirmed at this time if the footage is from a previously filmed drill or an actual realtime drill that was taking place simultaneously with the reported shooting” at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
I tried to verify that St. Rose of Lima School indeed had a school-shooting drill by going on the school’s website. On the “News” page is this message: “Newsletters Are Located on Classroom Webpages.” Alas, when I went on the “Classrooms” page, it’s empty!
What I can verify is that the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) conducts HSEEP drills/exercises across America. HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program) is a capabilities and performance-based exercise program which provides a standardized policy, methodology, and terminology for exercise design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. In the State of Connecticut, HSEEP is conducted by the state’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP).
On September 22, 2010, from 8 am to 5 pm, HSEEP conducted an emergency “training course” at the Sandy Hook Fire Department, 18 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook, CT.
That address (18 Riverside Road) is right next to — guess what? — the Sandy Hook Elementary School! Here’s a screenshot from Google Maps showing the Fire Department is right above to the right of SHES (Google #7).
Google #7
On the day of the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dec. 14, 2012, HSEEP conducted another “training course” drill in Connecticut.  “FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters,” at 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT, which is about 14 miles from SHES.
H/t Shepard Ambellas of Intelhub, Advent of Deception, and Before It’s News.

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0 responses to “CNN deception: Live aerial footage of police running into Sandy Hook was of another school

  1. Eowyn, awesome post. Leave no stone unturned. You rock. 😀

    • You are doubting the veracity of a clip shown on CNN of breaking news… Why not? I doubt the veracity of everything I see on CNN. Why wouldn’t they pop up a shot of police running into a school even though they had no cameras in the area, but they did have some leftover footage a quick search of the database revealed. Do this with any “breaking news” clip from CNN. They regularly have snow patches in Florida “breaking news”. Sorry, this is not breaking news, this is SOP for CNN.

  2. Dr. Eowyn, you’re amazing. I;m sharing your site with everyone who’ll listen.

  3. Well done on another great spot, Dr.
    The running police definitely appear to be at the other school. I think you have the red area in the ‘Google #4’ photo marked incorrectly though as the running police are undoubtedly heading towards the wider footpath (which is located just to right of the center of photo ‘Google #4’).
    This is a great find, though, and I wonder if the “debunkers'” response will be that, in the confusion, CNN just sent their helicopter over the wrong school and video’d the drill unwittingly. But such an argument would highlight, of course, that (like with 9/11 and 7/7) there was a drill going on nearby – which can only add to the suspicion and cast more doubt on the official story.

    • Yep, the circled area is not where your attention should be focused. The officers are running up the much longer sidewalk shown almost exactly at the center of the Google #4 image.

  4. This just isn’t getting any cleaner!

  5. This is excellent. I did google map search and came up with the same image. Please continure your investigation.
    So many are still buying this crap. I have given details to my conservative friends and they are hard pressed to buy the “line”, but the facts cannot be refuted. Thank you.

  6. On the website linked above re: “FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters.” I found this. Department of Homeland Security, National Response Framework
    When you click the link it says “Content Last Modified on 12/8/2011 11:37:26 AM”. Nothing is there, it has been deleted.
    Dr., you may want to look into this.
    i am not very good at positng links but would like feedback from others about this strange fema deletion.
    Thank you!

  7. Amazing eye and great research!

  8. The footage of the storming at St.Rose(CNN#2+#3) aired by CNN at 12/14 is NOT taken at the same time as at Sandy Hoook (9:30 am). According to shadow-direction and length it happened at afternoon (same day or probably earlier) about 3pm : Screenshots of 3d-simulation in GoogleEarth/SketchUP at
    The bomb thread at St.Rose of Lima CHURCH is another incident that happened at 12/16 2 days later!

  9. Just thought I would share this link as he’s much talked about – the blog of Professor James Tracey who also highlights inconsistencies with the official Sandy Hook story:

  10. Another site called DIGITAL JOURNAL also covered this aspect of the case, using video from former-CIA-Intern-turned-“Journalist” Anderson Cooper’s 360:
    1/21/13:  “CNN video of Police charge at Sandy Hook is not Sandy Hook”:

  11. There was a reader comment at the same IntelHub article that was very interesting:
    Erika says: January 20, 2013 at 6:31am:  “I don’t think it was a total fake, but some type of cover up. A friend of mine (also suspicious) called the High School in Newtown and talked to the front desk personnel. I don’t know exactly how the conversation went, but the person she spoke with indicated they (the school, the town, etc.) don’t believe that they are being told the real deal either.”
    So, even the locals are suspicious & don’t really know what’s going on either.

  12. Also worth noting from the same IntelHub article:
    A little more than two weeks before the Sandy Hook Shooting, Attorney General Eric Holder was in Connecticut meeting with Governor Dannel Malloy to discuss the launch of a new project aimed at what was described at the time as the, “sticky issue of gun violence.”
    The initiative was aptly named Project Longevity and boasted a variety of goals all supposedly aimed at curbing what Holder described as increasing gun violence in Connecticut and throughout the country.
    Another interesting observation shows Governor Malloy at a press conference. Governor Malloy states in the video, “The Lt. Governor and I HAVE BEEN SPOKEN TO in an attempt that WE MIGHT BE PREPARED for something like this PLAYING ITSELF OUT in OUR state.”
    End Quote. Caps added by me for emphasis.
    Now if that isn’t a perfect signal that some PLAYING was going to take place, I don’t know what is. “All the World’s a Stage.”
    It just goes to show they will throw together pieces of “fake drill” video clips  from anywhere to create the desired “Made For TV” story in order to drum up the desired outrage from John Q. Public.  

  13. One more tidbit: You may have already covered this elsewhere…
    Two days after Sandy Hook, a bomb threat at the same St. Rose of Lima RCC occurred during noon “Mass” on Sunday 12/16/12:
    12/16/12:  “Newtown, Connecticut Church Bomb Threat: St. Rose Of Lima Evacuated” – The Huffington Post:

  14. Hi, I linked to your page from my blog – excellent deduction re the CNN feed

  15. Meanwhile, back in the Senate, in the words of the Secretary of State: “Does it really matter?” Does it really matter if this was a black op or if someone was just walking by the school and decided to kill some American children? If that’s the case, then who is the victim.
    In the case of Benghazi the one playing the role of victim yesterday was Hillary Clinton. When there is a hearing on this shooting in Sandy Hook, who will be victimized?
    If Adam Lanza was dead before the shooting then he couldn’t be the aggreived party, so who then is the one that will take “responsibility” for this massacre? MMMM
    I know, it was THE GUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Er………or perhaps it was Janet Napaolitano? Who exactly is responsible for an attack on school children? Everything is still under wraps, just as the information is on the first 9/11 attack, Fast and Furious, the legal argument for killing people with drones that we are not at war with, and the legitimacy of participating in wars against Libya, Pakistan, and now Syria through “militants” who have been promoted from “terrorist status” to being called Militants. Unless of course they are still terrorists.
    We are responsible because the president and the congress who run the government are supposedly elected by us, and they seem to have deserted the idea that the USA is a Christian republic, and that God’s Word is the record of God’s Testament, both the Old Testament and the New Testament, God’s Will.
    I’s all about Jesus!!!!! It’s all about Jesus!!!!!!!!
    The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth if Jesus is the center of our lives, and we are meditating on his word night and day, and we are walking in his footsteps.
    Anything else is deception, and the ones who are being led astray and who are following false leads and leaders will not be able to justify their behavior when the light is shone upon them. Jesus is the way!!!!! We most certainly can rely upon Jesus to keep on revealing himself in this situation and his light will bring more details into view that will thoroughly discredit the media and the ones who are using this as a pretext to further undermine the US Constitution. Yesterday it became clear that weapons from Libya have been sent to Turkey to arm the Syrian uprising forces, and that the leaders of that militancy are the same as the leaders of the uprising in Libya and are related to the latest attack on the gas refinery in Algeria. It’s such a small world, this militant world, it reminds me of the actors that they have used to front for the Sandy Hook parents and their children. They don’t seem to have that many people to either betray US citizens here in the US or abroad. We should be encouraged and take the fight to the LOrd in prayer and he wil certainly be happy to help us in our fight against the powers and principalities in high places.

  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this meticulous and informative post. I am going to re-read it again, as I have had many things to do today, so that I can thoroughly grasp everything you have researched and disclosed. Nevertheless, the air shots and comparisons clearly reflect that the police were not running in front of Sandy Hook Elementary School! Given all of the other previous facts you have investigated and uncovered, the preponderance of the evidence reflects that we have not been told the truth, that there existed manipulation in this case casting doubt and skepticism of what has been disclosed to us by the media. Absolutely amazing! Terrific work Dr. Eowyn!

  17. I’m wondering if there is a link to the second video you site here? The one with the 0:07 and 1:04 screen shots? Is this on YouTube still? Can you post it?

    • It’s the same video as the one in the beginning of my post!

      • I did make that realization just after I posted. Not to get into to much rebutting but I think the ultimate take away on this element is that CNN definitely used deceptive footage to build the story. Which in itself is strange. Nice catch!

  18. Great work and what a good eye you have! Please tell CNN and president Nobama that we’re onto their lies and spreading the REAL news to everyone we can, that they need to get rid of this government and get some real news broadcasters in there! I will NEVER watch CNN again and will be sure to tell everyone I know to be aware of their lies! No wonder FOX wasn’t allowed to be there and was relayed the news from CNN (the network of lies!). The Con News Network…I think that’s what it really stands for!

    • Pip, please give us a link to FOX not being allowed to cover Sandy Hook “live” that day. I did not know that. Thank you.

      • If you watched closely to the footage, I saw Megyn Kelly announce, a few times, that the FOX network was not able to be at the scene, so their affiliates at “CNN” were reporting back the news to them…as it happened! They make this statement several times and I actually found it very strange at the time I heard it being said. They may have been able to have someone there later on…but while the innitial action took place, they were not represented! Also, have you noticed not one interview of these families seems to have been conducted by FOX? Can anyone find one? Google search:…1395.14124.0.15191.…1c.1.zb0sj4jM2Ko&pbx=1&fp=1&bpcl=40096503&biw=1440&bih=809&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&cad=b It seems like the news had to be in on this. If any of the news outlets are in on a hoax like this and lying to us…heaven help this country; we’re in some deep trouble!

  19. ? Did anyone see any of the dead children? Were the caskets open at the funeral? Can anyone check the bank account of parents of deceased
    to see if there is a BIG INCREASE? Not insurance money?
    Thinking old fogey

    • I heard all caskets were closed and one of the fathers refused to carry his daughters casket?? Would you carry a mock casket for your child? No way I would do that. They must have offered them some good money to play the part…or they are acting from the start. If you get a chance…watch this link; for anyone who didn’t see it. I also chatted with a guy on line who lives in Newtown and he said he thought something strange was going on as well.

      • Pip,
        I’d looked into this. Not all caskets of Sandy Hook child victims were closed.

        • Can you be more specific as to who’s caskets were open? Where did you get this information and when? Pretty sure the number of who was visible, in the casket, would be less than who was not. If this were staged, that either means the body viewed in the casket was not real, from a prior death and “used” for this viewing or the government killed people in the process of doing this. I would pray they would not kill anyone in this way. What a horrible thought and if was true…terrible for us all. But I’m not one to think it’s not possible.
          I do know, bodies can be stored for months in cold storage and once they’re embalmed, they can be stored as long as needed. I also feel there’s no option that this was not pre-planned in some way (please see the Sandy Hook Documentary parts one and two). You will see there had to be prior knowledge of this event. There’s too much evidence.

  20. PLEASE HELP! Has anyone seen this? It seems to be the vice principal of Sandy Hook is in China, just prior to the shooting?
    Also, the Newtown Bee has an article (below) that she retired in May 2011! Can someone please get a screen shot of this, before the Newtown Bee takes it down? Maybe post it on this site? My computer is not letting me take one right now.!i=1279745897&k=cb4gSgg
    The plot thickens! Anyone have anything to add onto this?

  21. Why do we hear nothing from the Vice Principal and not get her side of the story? She seems like she would be a key person and did she, Cathy Mazzariello, VP of Sandy Hook make a cameo appearance, just for the shooting…come out of retirement and all? Maybe she was still in China. Does anyone see her anywhere? Where is she? This is making me more and more angry and I want to know what to do. I’m ready…just tell me who to write to or where to go for protest. I will send out a video to the press of government leaders…if anyone thinks it will help. Where do we send it though…as to not waste out time with the efforts.

    • So where is miss unnamed and why haven’t we heard from her?
      The same place as the survivors of benghazi?

    • Elizabeth Chiappetta

      You seriously need to get out of your grandmothers basement and get a life.
      I have known Cathy Mazzariello for over 20 years.
      She retired from SHES a few years before this tradgedy, and went back to the school as an intrem VP after the school moved to Monroe, CT .
      Where she was a few days before the shooting is irelluvent, considering she was retired.

      • Perhaps you have not seen or heard that the Sandy Hook children are still alive and well. They sang, two months after the supposed attack, at the Super Bowl. Here they are…alive and well. What does your supposed “friend”, Cathy Mazzariello, have to say about this? I would love to know. I’m sure she was paid nicely…new home and cars? Somehow, I don’t think I’m the one living in a basement. Wake up and smell the evil.

  22. The US Govt has broken into the darkside. Please help by spreading the word now before its too late! Watch this video and if you dont pass it on you will lose your liberties. Your life will slowly crumble. Your family will be locked up. You will be targeted as a criminal.

  23. It has been obvious for some time that this CNN footage was filmed at St Rose of Lima. We don’t know when it was filmed and why. If it was taken during a previous drill at St Rose we don’y know when the drill was and why it was filmed. What’s more, we don’t know why CNN would have this footage to play on 12/14. Very sinister. As far as open caskets go, I have not heard or seen any proof of an open casket and would be foolish to believe any rumors of them. We have all seen the video of the Pozner “funeral” service where the casket was closed as the “mother” gave her monotone farewell getting a few laughs. Seach for the Jewish Forward website and read the article/interview with Mrs Pozner where she says she is moving this year to the Seattle area and that they will be “taking Noah’s body along”.

  24. I agree that the police officers aren’t running into Sandy Hook Elementary. But they are not running into that other school either. It is probably archival footage from some training drill. Either way it appears like someone is hiding or changing the facts, which makes me think this is a setup.

  25. i believe you circled the wrong part of the building at St.rose the adjacent layout of grass and cement looks more similar to what you see when the cops running through at “SHES” and look at the building in the same area you can they are exactly identical. notice the smaller block part on the roof in the pic of the cops then at st rose.

  26. These pics do nothing more but put holes in the story of the author! If you can see that the pictures have been altered as well as do not match in ways the author claims they do, then you are simply blind. Well done at nothing but spreading more lies…….

    • Really?
      I dare you to point to exactly how and where the pictures have been altered. I’ve meticulously described how I derived the pictures — (1) screenshots from the CNN “news” video; and (2) from Google Maps — which anyone can verify, including even you, Jay the Alinskyite.

    • Jay, welcome to the party. Umm where you been for the last 6 months?
      We’re about 7-8 cover-ups removed from here. So you play catch up if you like. Try “Fast and Furious” for a start.
      Oh just a hint if you want to challenge something in the future It would help to have some facts to back up your statements, or even an opinion on why you think something is wrong
      This just doesn’t cut it.
      “If you can see that the pictures have been altered”
      What does that mean. ? “If You Can See” Grammatically your sentence does nothing for your argument. Epic Fail!
      “as well as do not match in ways the author claims they do, then you are simply blind.” Again , I guess I’m blind in one ear and deaf in one eye, cause again epic fail on the communication.
      Hey have you heard about, Boston Marathon, Benghazi, PRISM. NSA,
      Reporters being tapped..etc…move along nothing to see here.

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  30. you may want to change your last sentence to reference December 14 as the day of the shooting & not September 14…

  31. CNN is nothing but the mouthpiece of the Central Intelligence Agency .It should be called CIN or Central intelligence Network .No agenda-driven network other than CNN would go to such length in scratching dirt in order to create a false ,presumptious and foreboding sense of journalistic skullduggery.

  32. This is definitely st.rosas school matches completely

  33. Sandy Hook children are alive and well and the elite are throwing their power in our faces. PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE (Sandy Hoax Surprise): We are more than them…by far. The children are alive! The case is closed. Now, what are we going to do about it? They used pictures of the children that were 3 years old and lied to us! This is a game they often play…since the Kathy Gifford shooting. Christina Green is really Jennifer Sexton….a family member of the elite. Her pictures, as a child, were used to deceive us. Look it up. It’s all part of the grand deception to gain control through fear.

  34. Awesome! Never saw this before and yet more evidence of the BS. Amusing the debunkers keep trying to hold onto that narrative. I am pretty sure you could go back in time and go into that school that morning and film nothing happening, come back to the present, show the video and the debunkers would still cling to this hoax being true.
    They’d just say whoever filmed the empty school doctored the video because there is just no way in their minds people could ever lie about having kids killed to push a political agenda. Nope, those people must be honest while the video person has to be shady.

  35. I contacted CNN about this then about a week later I started having a helicopter flying around our farm house where we have acreage. Perhaps it was a coincidence but it only lasted like two days and CNN never got back to me of course.


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