CNN's Hatchet Job On Army Surgeon Lakin

Dr./Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

Last night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed Bronze Star recipient Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, the brave army surgeon who will be court martialed for challenging the Punk’s authority as Commander-in-Chief due to his dubious birth eligibility.
I did not watch the “interview” live but I did watch it on YouTube (see below).
This is not an interview. This is an attack by a completely closed-minded so-called journalist who is not at all interested in finding out the truth or even in being courteous to his guests. Cooper badgered his guests and would not let either Lakin or his attorney speak a whole sentence without interrupting. Cooper is despicable.
Here’s the interview hatchet job on Youtube (h/t my BFF Steve!):
Birthday girl May found us this link to let Anderson Cooper know what you think of his shameful behavior. CLICK HERE.
This is the e-mail I sent:

Mr. Cooper,
I just saw your interview of Lt. Col. Lakin on YouTube.
You are a poor exemplar of the journalistic profession. Your so-called interview of Dr. Lakin was embarrassing. You monopolized the “conversation” by repeatedly interrupting Dr. Lakin and his attorney, never allowing either to even finish a whole sentence. You were badgering and rude. It is clear you had already made up your very closed mind even before the interview began. Is this what “journalism” has become?
It also leads me to wonder why you conducted yourself in that shameful manner. A person who is secure and confident that he knows the truth has neither need nor cause to be rude and badgering. A good person is kind and gracious, especially to his invited guests. You are neither confident, secure, nor good. Your behavior is actually a sign of weakness and fear.
I’ve never watched you or CNN, and I certainly will make sure I’ll continue to abstain from both!
[My name], Ph.D.
Professor Emerita of Political Science


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I have a friend who watches Anderson Cooper. Last week I explained to her that AC is the one who came up with the term “teabaggers.” She didn’t know what that meant, so I explained it to her. Hopefully she won’t watch him any more. He’s a jerk. Best wishes to LTC. Larkin.
Libertas inaestimabilis res est – Liberty is a thing beyond all price

Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

My husband and I both watched the interview last night, if that is what you want to call it. Actually, it was more of a ranting of Andersen Cooper at Lakin and his attorney. Cooper was VERY unprofessional and completely monopolized the time slot. Neither the attorney or Lakin could get a word in edgewise with Cooper’s yelling at them. It was a useless piece. My husband, who is actually an excellent judge of character, stated that he believed Lakin to be a physician of utmost integrity. This piece only reinforced why we never choose to watch CNN.


Well I thought his appearance on CNN would not go well, but my goodness. This is absolutely maddening…in what other profession would someone be allowed to act this way? Only in the SRM…well at least not alot of people watch this crap station call Clearly Not News…


I just challenged Mr. Cooper to uncover the real birth certificate to prove himself right. He thinks he is so righteous and wonderful, hey, why not become the ‘investigative reporter’ he thinks he is and shove it to us ‘teabaggers’?
I dare him…

Canadian Chick
Canadian Chick

Anderson Cooper needs to find another line of work. Yet another reason to turn off CNN.


Cooper is nothing but a DNC hack.
He just plain sucks, as does his once mighty network.
I can draw more flies at one of my BBQs than CNN does viewers.