CNN’s Don Lemon mocks right-wing media for claiming crime is on the rise in democrat-run cities

Good little DNC puppets. Zucker must be so proud.


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Dr. Eowyn
1 month ago

Violent Crime Is Surging Dramatically In Major Cities All Over America

1 month ago

Don Lemon mocks himself every time he opens his mouth.

Steven Broiles
1 month ago

They’re all in a race to the bottom! Absolute scum!

Captain America
Captain America
1 month ago

Every time don lemon opens his mouth, chris cuomo cums out.

Last edited 1 month ago by Captain America
30 days ago

How about some recent stats about viewership of the liberal news v Fox which shows, to me, that people are skeptical of the lame-stream media: between Carlson and Hannity, viewership was 8.5 million; The 5 was 3.8 million; Bret Baier and Ingram both 3.6 million. Total Prime Time Fox viewing was 3.6 million overall at any given time/average, opposed to CNN, 1.8 million, “other” 500,000 (R U kidding me) and MSNBC 300,000 (who is paying to keep them on air? This is ONLY the total of my little expanded Inland CA area & we are considered the BOONIES!!!). Methinks people… Read more »

29 days ago
Reply to  Calgirl

I think many if not most people seek out “news” that reinforces their own pre-conceived views. If they hate Trump, whites, conservatives, boomers, men, Republicans, Christians, etc., they’re NOT gonna watch fox news even if you pay them to. Likewise, you couldn’t pay me to watch MSNBC… whenever I do get to see snippets from it, I literally get nauseated and have to get away from it — physically leave the room if I’m at mom’s house and she has it on 24/7 (although I’m working to change her habits). I think mom (and her mom) helping push the original… Read more »

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