Attention Secret Service: CNN host Anthony Bourdain says he would give Trump poison if given the chance

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Bourdain dining with Obama

From NY Post: Anthony Bourdain, host of “Parts Unknown” on CNN, said last week that he would poison Donald Trump if the celebrity chef was asked to cater a peace summit between the President and Kim Jong Un.“Hemlock,” Bourdain simply replied when asked by TMZ what he would serve Trump and the North Korean dictator.
Hemlock is a poisonous plant that has been used as a method of execution. The video was published by TMZ last week, but is just now gaining attention.
When reached by Fox News, Bourdain, apparently joking, said that he meant to say “kale” instead of hemlock (riiiiiiight).
CNN recently fired Kathy Griffin for posing with a bloody head made to look like Trump. The liberal network also cut ties with “Believer” host Reza Aslan after his anti-Trump rhetoric on Twitter was widely criticized. It’s unclear if Bourdain would suffer any consequences for his rhetoric, but it’s worth noting that “Parts Unknown” is significantly more popular than programs hosted by Griffin and Aslan.
This isn’t the first time the “Parts Unknown” host has spoken negatively about Trump. Bourdain, who famously dined with Barack Obama on an episode of “Parts Unknown,” told TheWrap last year that he wouldn’t eat with then-candidate Trump if given the chance.
“Absolutely f—ing not,” Bourdain said. “I’ve been a New Yorker most of my life … I would give the same answer that I would have given 10 years ago, when he was just as loathsome.”
Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” is a CNN original series in which the celebrity chef travels the world to showcase food and culture. He also told TMZ that he wouldn’t be interested in filming an episode in North Korea because “most of the population are starving.”
As for Bourdain’s thoughts on Kim Jong Un, the CNN star called him a “chubby, evil little f–k.”
CNN did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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14 responses to “Attention Secret Service: CNN host Anthony Bourdain says he would give Trump poison if given the chance

  1. Secret Service phone no.: 1-(202)-406-5708

  2. Once more, from a progressive media libtard…

  3. Boudain is host of “Parts Unknown”. Sounds like he should do a piece about Mike Obama’s “unknown parts”!!

    • Perhaps, “Parts Unknown” is a reference to cannibalism. 😵. I think we were all quite shocked when we found out last year just how sick and twisted the rich and famous truly are.
      I have never watched this program, and never will, but I have heard that Bourdain is just an old burnt out heroin addict.

  4. I wonder if this guy would have dined with Trump in the 80’s when he was running for president as a democrat….

  5. I actually liked Bourdain. But after he took a job with CNN he became increasingly more full of himself. I honestly can’t stand him anymore, and I might be representative of a large portion of his, now former, supporters.

  6. The Liberals just don’t GET IT. With all the investigating going on for making death threats to the President,it NEVER even occurs to ’em to KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT. Yeah–they ARE that stupid….

  7. That guy has a huge skull. Is there yet another race of creatures I am unaware of?
    Just wondering.

  8. Unbelievable that this man is a celebrity, back in 86 I remember him as a scrawny misfit alcoholic hanging around the rock clubs on Bleeker Street bumming cigarettes!

  9. Another candidate for a secret service colonoscopy!

  10. Anthony got what was coming to him, Obama will soon do the same. Traitors not tolerated! WWG1WGA, COME ALIVE PEOPLE!

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