CNN Comes Out of the NWO Closet

The forces engineering and agitating for a New World Order are no longer coy. They are now in-your-face blatant.
CNN — Commie News Network — titles its news panel on Obama’s War in Libya “The New World Order.”
H/t beloved fellow Sagebrush.

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As the old English adage puts it, “Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t!” And beside that, it creates a far better target!


Actually, there are two New World Orders on the horizon.
The first will be man’s, which will last seven years to the day, then God will end man’s rule, as after 6,000 years of recorded history, we pretty much have proven we suck at self-rule.
The next World Order will be God’s, which will last 1000 years on this rock, and then there will be a new rock.
And the best part is, the Commie News Network crowd, as well as the rest of their wretched ilk, will not be around after man’s rule has ended.