CNN caught faking the news again

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Crisis actor?

Something like that.

When the real world doesn’t suit your narrative, just move over into the not-so-real world, and present some fiction.

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9 responses to “CNN caught faking the news again

  1. Clearly Not News…

  2. Great video showing CNN using an actor and a known leftist, Jeremy Montanez, to play the part of a “disgruntled former Trump supporter”.

    It should be illegal for news media like CNN to engage in outright fraud.

  3. Many may remember when the Obongo administration secured a ruling that basically says the “news” purveyors do not have to tell the truth. Further, it is now “legal” to propagandize the American people.

    My guess is that they had a reason for doing that. This may be it.

  4. I could be mistaken here but… that woman dressed in black on the far left of the lower row, haven’t we seen her before? I may be confusing her with someone else, but she looks an awful lot like a crisis actor who has shown up multiple times in the past. (She is seen most prominently at the 17:39 mark and begins speaking shortly thereafter.)

    To me, she looks very similar to a crisis actor from… Sandy Hook(?), and/or a train derailing accident(?), and/or the neighbor across the street from where a shooting or assault of some kind took place(?)

    I can’t be sure, but the moment my eyes focused on her I had that ‘I Know You From Somewhere Else’ feeling.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  5. Shocking!!!…..But I wonder if anyone actually watched it? HGTV/Ha ha!


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