Clueless Wisconsin Preteens Skip Class to Protest 'Illegal' Union Reform Vote

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Hey you kids from Madison… don’t look now, but your public education is showing.

“People are really upset that the Republican senators passed this bill illegally — they did not give 24 hours notice,” Fiksel said. “We feel like it’s a slap in the face.”

Those are the wise words of Jacob Fiksel, a senior from West Madison High. Because a teenager from a preppy high school in Wisconsin totally knows the pain of being slapped in the face by political overlords. One time the barista at Starbucks even got his latte order wrong.

But our friend Fiksel is not the only underage genius out there showing what a bargain public education is these days. He is now joined by concerned citizens from middle school as well:

District spokesman Ken Syke confirmed some students walked out at Hamilton Middle School. He said the reported numbers were small and that classes continued as usual otherwise.


Hamilton eighth-grader Jack Becker spoke to a crowd of hundreds of protesters outside the Capitol.

“I want to be part of stopping this,” he said, adding that the students at the rally were excused from class by their parents.

When I was in the eighth grade, my biggest concern was buying a new poster of Kurt Cobain to hang in my locker. Who knew my time would have been better spent being a useful idiot for power hungry unions?
ETA: When Mr. Fiksel returns home after a hard days’ protesting only to see the media lying about him having shouted the N word, then he can talk about a slap in the face.

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0 responses to “Clueless Wisconsin Preteens Skip Class to Protest 'Illegal' Union Reform Vote

  1. In lieu of civics class, full credit will be given for participation in a political demonstration.

  2. I am not a fan of unions. Well, at least not what they’ve become here in the last half century, anyway.
    But I think we should bear in mind that it hasn’t always been so and the core concept of collective bargaining works well within the free market mechanism when it is allowed to spin with the machine, and not against it.
    The problem arises when unions become governments unto themselves. This is what has crippled America’s auto industry in the rust belt and also, why it still works in ‘right to work’ states where the unions are prohibited from coming in and running amok.
    In the case of Wisconsin, I think there has probably been a little over-the-top from both sides. It could have been handled a lot better from the unions and the state house. But this went from being an effort to save the state economy to a full blown political war and of course, when this happens, nothing really good comes from it.
    I would not be surprised at anything that rolls out of the cheese-head state in the near future…


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