Close Encounter of the Moose Kind

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Even moose hunters have a heart.
An amazing video!

H/t my friend Bob.

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0 responses to “Close Encounter of the Moose Kind

  1. yeah, sometimes you just can’t pull the trigger…
    so cool to see a moose and her baby walk up that close!

  2. That’s hilarious. He was ready for his close up Mr DeMille. and he only wanted a taste of the arrow.
    Here’s my Moose story., Actually have a half dozen, but this was my first close enounter. I opened my front door late one afternoon, and there was this huge body on my porch steps. A Moose! You have never seen anyone close as door as fast as I did. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the moose
    Seriously though, they are unpredicatable and can get quite nasty. Nice to observe frm a comfortable distance , but otherwise, uh uh!
    At the university of Alaska, where moose like to hang out and an occasional bear might come down out of the mountains and get nosy; a student was kicked to death by a moose.

  3. Drunk guy versus moose in Sweden…

  4. Once upon a time,I was hunting in Idaho. We had no luck that day so we wnt back to camp. I decided to go for a walk,{and get rid of lunch} I went by a beautiful meadow. All of a sudden I heard this blowing,snorting sound. I thought what the heck? I stopped turned around and there was a STRANGE dog following me. I thought where did you come from? The snorting got louder. All of the sudden this mama moose came charging out of the meadow. She was after that dog. She had a baby. Boy,you never seen a girl run so fast in her life. I sent that dog back to the camp he came from. We got away,but alot of people don’t,I know I was lucky!!!!:)

    • Wow, what a story, Tina!
      I was wondering if the hunter in this video soiled his pants from his close encounter with the moose. LOL


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