Climate Pollution Deniers to Blame?

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Photo courtesy of Reuters

Storm Kills Over 250 Americans In States Represented by Climate Pollution Deniers

This past week storms and tornadoes devastated the south killing at least 297 people.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.  Those over at “Think Progress” have a theory:
“Given that global warming is unequivocal,” climate scientist Kevin Trenberth cautioned the American Meteorological Society in January of this year, “the null hypothesis should be that all weather events are affected by global warming rather than the inane statements along the lines of ‘of course we cannot attribute any particular weather event to global warming.’”
The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject the science that polluting the climate is dangerous. They are deliberately ignoring the warnings from scientists.
Wow, really?  Since I don’t believe in “global warming” or “climate change” (I call it seasons), does that mean I’m responsible for the 41 straight days of no sunshine in Seattle and the record cold and wet weather that has resulted in a massive snow pack at Mt. Hood?

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0 responses to “Climate Pollution Deniers to Blame?

  1. DCG- I call it seasons too! you remember the stories your great grampas and great great grampas told. You would know without a doubt,the weather runs in cycles. These scientists are full of hot air! lol

  2. Liberal evil and ignorance know no bounds I see.

  3. unequivocal? heck,no one has even proven Darwin’s theory to date, much less global warming. Whenever something like this happens, they all run screaming in great hysterics. So will they blame global warming on the terrible year of 1925 tornadoes?

  4. Candance Moore

    Apparently global warming believers are in denial about el nina cooling the Pacific ocean. No matter how much carbon we remove from the air, it won’t do anything to stop the recurring behaviors of the jetstreams.


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