Climate justice now! UK kids go on school strike to demand action on climate change

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Take any cause, add the word “justice” after it and – voila – you’re a social justice warrior now!

The kids want a world powered by the wind and the sun, not dirty and dangerous coal and gas. Tell me how that’s going to work for heating your home and transportation, kids.

From NY Post: Thousands of British children marched out of lessons on Friday to demand action on climate change, earning a mild rebuke from the prime minister’s office for disrupting classes, but praise from the energy minister and activists.

Youngsters marched on Parliament Square in London and gathered in other cities carrying banners marked with “Climate change is worse than homework”, “Act now for our future” and other slogans.

“My teacher told me kids shouldn’t be going out, but we went because it’s important,” 11-year-old Rio told Reuters.

A spokeswoman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said that while the government welcomed the students’ engagement, the disruption to schools and lessons would be difficult for teachers.

Her energy minister Claire Perry, however, said she was “incredibly proud” of the young people while opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn expressed his support for the “school kids of today whose futures are most on the line.”

Earlier this week, 224 academics from Oxford, Cambridge and other universities declared their support for the students in an open letter published in The Guardian. “(Those taking part in the strike) have every right to be angry about the future that we shall bequeath to them, if proportionate and urgent action is not taken,” they wrote.

The British protests were part of a global ‘School Strike 4 Climate’ movement, which began in August 2018 when 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg began protesting outside her parliament on school days.


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12 responses to “Climate justice now! UK kids go on school strike to demand action on climate change

  1. Stop immigration, and deport all the Kalergi Plan Refugees and that would lower the UK’s Globull Warming evil Green House Gases, as well as pollution, while also protecting the UK’s wildlife,culture,society,quality of life and nation

  2. As DCG often says, the UK is toast.
    The U.S. is not far behind. Our youth are just as brainwashed.

  3. They are poisoning the minds of children with this AGW crap. The NY Times opined today that “alarmism and catastrophic thinking” are helpful in this regard. Alarmism about global climate that is, all things considered, very stable.

    • Even a young mind can already be worm-eaten with liberal clichés, oblivious to who authored its innermost thoughts, and without Western Civilization’s hard-won conceptual tools enabling it to distinguish truth from these propagandistic lies.

      These children’s parents’ sense of self-worth is commensurate with their part in this political theater. As Voltaire observed, when men no longer believe in the Christian faith, their fear of political irrelevance takes the place of eternal damnation. Chesterton supposedly wrote that when men no longer believe in God, they’ll believe in anything, which accounts for the idiot parents of these idiot children being raised in the 70s in fear of the coming ice age while today their children will give up their freedom for AGW, or even none of the above with the all-purpose climate change label.

      When you come right down to it, it’s just another play in the same ‘Bolshevik’ supremacist playbook, with kosher apparatchiks eventually living high on the hog while the proles starve at their feet. The actual “science” of AGW and climate change is not climatology or meteorology, by the way, but the Jewish science of psychology and propaganda. Dr. E. Michael Jones (culturewars) has a new short book on “Jewish science,” although I haven’t read it yet.

    • And we thought this was just satire:

  4. “OK, everybody hold their breath for ten minutes. That should do it.”

  5. When Eco-Bolsheviks speak of ” justice” ,they do not speak of putting things right. They really mean revenge for what they perceive as some great injustice.They are unreasoning beasts!

  6. This (and Ocasio-Cortez) is for what left/libtards took over education a generation ago… Britain is just further along going down the drain.

  7. I worked at a facility that was overloaded with idiots like that. Every year I was called out usually by some snot nosed female that was going to save the earth because there was a smoke stack for the boilers. They would observe the steam coming off the deaerator tanks and scream at me for destroying the environment. I would just walk away because if I said something it would hurt their widdle feewings….

  8. The term coined by Rush Limbaugh is perfect:

    “Young skulls full of mush.”


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