Clever Cain Bumperstickers

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Arrived in my email box this am.  Whether or not you are supporting Cain, gotta admit these are pretty clever!

I know, the last one is not a Cain sticker but it’s my favorite 🙂

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0 responses to “Clever Cain Bumperstickers

  1. I loved Herman Cain’s cigarrette ad too! it spoke for freedom,it spoke for,just let him be who he is! Not another polished politician. Anyway I like the 2 in the middle,the best. lol.

  2. Good choice of the last one, too.

    • Ha, even though I don’t have a dog, I put that one on my car tonight. Figured my 2 cats have still created more shovel ready jobs than Skippy 🙂


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