Classic Movies, Redone

The Treasure of Sierra Madre

The Wizard of Oz

Gone With the Wind

Bonnie & Clyde

The Godfather

The Wizard of Oz, again

It’s a Wonderful Life

Alas, this is not the movies but Reality

More Reality

Still more Reality

And the Finale

Nope, One More!

The OBAMA motto:
We’ve got what it takes, to take what you’ve got!
H/t my friend, the writer Robert K. Wilcox!

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That list of achievements should be used by the next repub candidate.


As Steve & I seem to be in perfect agreement about everything, maybe I’ll let him do the writing for both of us…. OK, seriously, NOT!! This is a superb send-up and deserves very wide posting, so I’ll start right now. You too, come on, just a dozen or so folks who need a laugh.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

As he (Obama) is coming here to visit us next month, the security guys were already checking the place. I wonder is his name really O’Bama a good Oirish name. Can’t wait to see the movie; “Darby O’Bama and the Little People”.


This is great! I love the Three Stooges and Gone With the Wind. He doesn’t give a damn as to the limitations upon him by our Constitution, nor does he give a damn about perpetrating his socialist agenda upon this country.

happy entertainer
happy entertainer

Well–THEY all are the holy truth about the whole deal!!