Classic John Wayne "Republic, I like the sound of that word"

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0 responses to “Classic John Wayne "Republic, I like the sound of that word"

  1. Hey Steve…..
    He is in our DVD player right now! Hahaha…. 🙂
    Heath and the kiddos are watching “The Cowboys”. (it is my least favorite John Wayne movie….the boy w/glasses dies and I cry 🙁 . My favorite is “Maclintock”)

    • Me too Grouchy! The kids have not gotten off of him ALL day! 🙂
      thank you for your prayers! We are having a John Wayne day I guess cause we are now watching “The Quiet Man”. And they just finished “Big Jake”!

  2. Thanks LTG! John Wayne is my hero~~Oh how I miss him. Looking for a John Wayne President,I’d sure enjoy watching him run the enemy muslim out of our whitehouse.:)

  3. BritCapitalist

    As our Nominee I think he would waste little time debating the phoney muslim Pilgrim while Romney takes care of his horse.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    And that’s why box office is down. People pay money to see heroes, not anti-heroes.

  5. I love John Wayne and I love The Alamo! I rewatch it often; especially when I want to remember the days when life was less complicated, when political correctness just meant putting on a tie, when men were men and women were glad. We miss ya Duke!


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