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During a concert performance by violist Lukáš Kmit in Presov, Slovakia, a cell phone rings….
This is how Kmit handled the rude interruption (0:43 mark):

That’s class!
H/t Daily Mail.

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  1. In this day of cell phone usage, I find it to be a love/hate relationship. They have their positive side, Obviously… But sometimes, like when sitting in traffic on the way home from work, you glance over and every other person is on theirs, (and no, I do not use mine, I have enough to worry about, this is where multi-tasking and I part company LOL)…I find myself missing the old days when it all had to wait till you got home. You paid more attention to the road, and maybe even enjoyed some scenery along the way…sigh

    • Ditto and “Amen!” to everything you wrote! Here in BC it is now a VERY expensive fine [maybe $300?] to be caught using a cellphone while driving. What’s allowed is a voice-actuated, hands-free type only, so if one spends another $75 they can carry on. And you’re right: music soothes us from the savage road rager….

  2. Now that’s a good guy! LOL! I wouldn’t think I’d be so forgiving. And he made a point humorously!


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