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Defaming Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

The Michigan Education Association (MEA) pulled down a photo on their Facebook page of Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder that had demonic symbols superimposed on Snyder’s forehead, referred to him as “Satan” and had Nazi swastikas and blood spills on the GOP elephant symbol.
The Mackinac Center for Public Policy alerted the MEA Tuesday morning of the photo on their page and it was shortly thereafter taken down. MEA spokesman Doug Pratt said they investigated the post and found it was an MEA Facebook “fan” who had no affiliation with the teachers’ union.
“We do monitor our page — unfortunately, we missed this one (items move down the Facebook feed pretty quickly, so if we miss it, it can get buried fast),” Pratt said in an email. “We’ve deleted the item. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.”
So much for civility from the tolerant liberals. Wonder if the culprit attended Michigan’s Bullying Prevention Conference.

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0 responses to “Civility

  1. And they let people like this “educate” children.
    No wonder people like Obama get elected.

  2. The funniest part about this is: The Left don’t even believe in Satan – or God.

  3. And you only need to read your own posts to see you are what you claim to despise

    • Well if you read our posts you’ll see we don’t like commies, socialists, PC baloney, and ignorant trolls. They drop in with nothing but grandiose ideas that contribute nothing to the debate.


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