Civil War – What Will You Do?

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Those of us who follow the news and carefully watch what Democrats/Progressives/liberals the Left are saying and doing, know that they are intent on provoking nothing less than a class and race war in America.
In other words, a second Civil War.
If you think I’m being hyperbolic, please read these two posts first:

  1. Itching For a Class War in America
  2. The Left are Pushing for a Civil War

J. B. Williams, the author of the second essay, asks: “Are Americans ready to defend their way of life at all cost?”
Here are two polls to gauge what readers of Fellowship of the Minds think.

Thank you.

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0 responses to “Civil War – What Will You Do?

  1. This is NOT about my future, I’m going to die anyway. It’s just a matter of time.
    This is about our children, and their children’s future.
    I’ve said it before ‘Bring it”.
    The last hope for America, Dr. Ron Paul 2012.

  2. Which “gun free zone” do they think we’ll meet them in?

  3. Shoot back and be sure not to miss.

  4. There is absolutely NO WAY I will be backed into a corner any longer. I cannot and will not see the country that our founding father’s built upon the christian values,,,(allbeit, not all who were involved in it’s independence were proclaimed christian), never the less, as a ‘whole of one’ they came together and still respected the values attributed to God Almighty, and the basic ideals of morality, freedom from the iron fist of a government run nation. That is designated to each state. Either way, I am for what our foundational core values, and our soldiers have fought and died for; and that is NOT socialism.

  5. If I can give you guys a hand I will anything to kick the Left back into the gutter where they belong. God bless Free America.

  6. Y’all are a bunch of IDIOTS.
    Eowyn, quit inciting violence.

    • sheik doug:
      You must be delusional. Putting up a poll is “inciting violence”? You are an IDIOT.
      Quit demonizing and scapegoating. For those inciting violence, just look in a mirror — at yourself and those mirror images of you on the Left: Jimmy Hoffa Jr., the Black Caucus, the New Black Panthers, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Obama himself.

    • WE are inciting violence? What about the union thugs in Longview yesterday that held hostages? What about the SEIU thugs that pounded a TEA partier? What about the liberals planning their “Day of Rage”?
      Best look to the real instigaters of voilence. Have a nice Friday you IDIOT.

  7. crazy right wing war nuts, best thing to happen is u all get on a boat and effin drown

  8. Some folk may be planning ahead… 14,000 rds of ammo missing overnight mid-week at Ft Bragg. Back the truck up. Poof. Gone.


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