Citizen's Video of LtCol Lakin's Court Martial

Though amateurish, this video is heartfelt. The videographer’s remarks about Day One of the trial are interesting. Sure looks like the jury members had their minds made up even before the trial.
This is an American tragedy.
H/t beloved fellow May.

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I follow this blog daily along with several others including dr. kates. It gives me great hope to know that there are many others who feel the same way as I do. Most of my life I was a happy and carefree chap, taking for granted my country and its liberties. But now as I grow older, I read much more than before. We need to teach our children what was barely touched on in my youth, the importance of understanding the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. We must also teach them the greatness of our Founding Fathers and… Read more »


Ditto to the above well-written statement by Charles Mountain, and Hello! to you. Your heart is clearly in the right place, and the present is always the right time! I strongly recommend that to understand the true nature of the Conservative tradition, especially as it applies to the US of A and Canada, you read Dr Richard Weaver’s “Ideas Have Consequences”, a truly brilliant, insightful short book that can be read in one day, but will have you quoting from for the rest of your life. In spite of the many good ideas the progressive movement brought onto the political… Read more »