Cities where Obama is dumping thousands & thousands of illegals

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This is a re-blog of Michael’s post, “Map: These Are The Cities Where The Federal Government Is Relocating Illegal Immigrants,” at The Most Important News, July 3, 2014:
The Obama administration is illegally relocating illegal immigrants all over the United States.  They are released into these cities, given a slip of paper ordering them to appear in court at some future date, and of course the vast majority of them never show up.  Essentially, the Obama administration is seeding illegal immigrants in communities all over America knowing full well that the system is going to end up losing track of almost all of them.  The following map shows the cities where the federal government has been relocating illegal immigrants.

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map of dumping of illegals
H/t Miss May

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0 responses to “Cities where Obama is dumping thousands & thousands of illegals

  1. The whole purpose of this endeavor by Barry is to turn Texas from red to blue . Making it damn near impossible for the Republicans to win the presidency

    • If you actually speak to many of them, they vote Republican (true story, having spoken to a good many of them).

  2. He is doing this for SEVERAL reasons….
    1. To help fundamentally change America.
    2. To spread disease to help kill Americans.
    3. To add these undocumented immigrants to “his” military that will be loyal
    to him and fire on Americans when ordered to.
    4. Because of his 2008 promise of amnesty.
    5. To ensure liberal votes after he calls martial law to impede the voting
    process making sure he is forever in office as dictator. Not necessarily
    in that order!

  3. Oh….and to make it harder to find Muslim terrorists.

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  5. We were at Ft. Sill last night for a concert. We noticed new signs at the front of post that have been put in place after the illegals arrived. #1: A new sign warning that military working dogs are on site. #2: A new big banner that says, “No Emergency Room”. #2 sign is very odd…
    Even one of our congressmen was turned away from the site where they are housing the illegals. NO excuse for that.

    • We have heard that Border Patrol are to turn back Congressmen who turn up to view the “Illegal Importation Sites.” I keep prayng that my Congressman turns up (in Murrieta CA) and that someone gets a cellphone photo of US Bornder Patrol with guns drawn, pointing at our US Congressmen. Would we say “Impeachment” THEN? Or would the “stand the Congressmen Down Order” be “lost” like Lois Lerner’s emails???” It’s sort of like Middle School…isn’t it?…no one ever DOES anything wrong, it all happened by some mysterious means, and NO ONE knows how or why or who did it….It must have been a divine event! My friends…this is the core of Obamanism….Middle School moves, tactics, thoughts, actions AND ….OUTCOMES!

  6. I am horrified to say this, but it appears to me that America is finished, for this reason: I do not see any organized resistance to this Government’s actions. I don’t even see protest marches. Apparently, the American people have an apathy level so high they will tolerate anything this Government and President dish out.

  7. traildustfotm

    We were at the beach today, very near one of Obama’s illegal immigrant dumping grounds. What has always been an acceptable place to ride waves and soak up sunshine, looked a little different today. People weren’t nastier, but things were different. For the first time in my 60+ years, there were teenagers speaking an Arabic language. We came home, and found things crawling on us that I would expect out of the Amazon.
    Things are not right in America. Not at all. Social agreements that have protected an American peace for hundreds of years are now broken. I urge everyone who remembers the America we grew up in, to keep your peace, keep your head, and keep your powder dry. Count the cost, and be ready to pay the price of freedom.

    • Best to stand up to the b*****ds and go out fighting than to be hauled off to a camp.
      2 Corinthians 5:8King James Version (KJV)
      8 We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and
      to be present with the Lord.

    • traildust—we were at a COSTCO (near Murietta CA—where protestors have turned back the buses) & a huge mob of illegals came inside—overwhelming the door “checkers.” Of course, not understanding English, they kept surging into the store until ONE person with a card came up waving it and said “they are with me..” They were ragtag & dirty, with miss-matched clothing… all male. We don’t think they are part of this bused-in thing….they were all grown men…we think it is Mexican illegals taking advantage of the border patrol being too busy elsewhere…that there are others coming in droves up over the border during an “easy time,” and making way to the “safe houses” that others are already occupying. For sure…if I were going to jump the border in the San Diego area (which is usually harder to do than other places b/c of the fence) I’d do it right NOW…This is just our thinking. I’m sure we’ll NEVER hear about anything like this if it IS the case, b/c everyone is overwhelmed elsewhere. Remember the Alinsky rule: you can’t gain any kind of control by hurting corporations—-you must hurt PEOPLE, individuals, and make them suffer. Seems like this is ready-made for the mid-term elections: overwhelmed people, people arguing over humanitarian issues, one side haranging the other about the rule of law…the other side blaming the law-abiders for being evil heartless and inhuman & “letting people suffer.”….you know, Obama has set himself up to look like a Messiah with this latest Alinsky move….and Unfortunately, he will “win” with it. Human “issues” always trump law on the big scale things (unless, of course….the “humanitarian” issue in the least touches a hard-working, middle class American taxpayer….NO HUMANITY FOR YOU! We don’t care about YOUR stinking issues…….)…..
      PS…the mayor of Murietta said this AM that he hasn’t heard WORD ONE from our great Governor Moonbeam Brown…….geez, I “wonder” why?

  8. I wonder if it’s possible that these illegal alien children are orphans from South American countries. That would explain why there are so many and why no “parent” would just leave their child behind because they were already left behind. It wouldn’t surprise me if obama’s administration planned this whole thing with those governments from South America so he could push through amnesty. I’m certain the South American governments would be more than happy to be rid of children who are sucking up their resources. Also, I think orphaned children explains why the majority arrived here filthy, disease-ridden, and sick…because they were under government care from their homeland and now under government care from America.

    • They’re not orphans. Obama’s DHS is actually transporting the children and hand-delivering them to their (also illegal) parents already in the U.S. All using taxpayer $. Altogether, the tidal wave of illegals number not just in thousands, but HUNDREDS of thousands — 290,000.
      I found this too depressing to post today. Will post tomorrow. 🙁

      • OK,
        thanks for the clarification…shame they know where the families are and have yet to deport them. I say obama and his minions should be deported.

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  11. Obviously many on the left read Camp of the Saints.
    If you haven’t read it, don’t, as it is depressing beyond words – even more so than Atlas Shrugged.

  12. Murrieta, CA is the place to watch right now. Our people are putting up a hell of a fight to keep the illegals from being dumped here by the Obama fascist regime! If they are, there will be no help for them here.

  13. Here in Oklahoma the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City is seeking volunteers to assist with (and the only thing they are doing) conducting “Know Your Rights” legal presentations and holding consultations with the nearly 1,200 undocumented children and teens at the Fort Sill shelter.

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  16. Here in Hammond La. i see their about to reopen a Ramada inn that has been closed for years. An i,ve seen Hispanics around there lately. An this just pop up out the blue
    wasn’t in the news papers or nothing

  17. Their flooding N. Miami and all parts of Florida… Our sunny state that should belong
    To Americans!!!
    Banks Giving away credit cards to them
    three min approval.
    Obama Bribing employers of some three or four thousand cut where insurance isn’t required…cut is per employee hired.
    Took over Costco overnight it seems…both employees and shoppers, immigrants flooded.
    Doesn’t feel like home anymore with all these
    Spanish speaking people.
    Taking jobs away from americans, a lot of them not speaking English to Understand.
    We can’t even help the millions of homeless
    Who are Americans here
    Cubans already took over south Miami years ago. I remember back in late 60s at a party hearing a bunch of cubans sing on a guitar mouthing how they came to the land of freedom and americans are so stupid to let us take there land… on and on.. I was like nine, and it left an impression on me of how ungreatful and disrespectful to our country Cubans were, in being allowed here. Most white Americans were pushed north when it became overpopulated.
    Most blacks stayed…now I’m not sure how happy the black people are going to feel upon their takeover and taking their jobs.
    Its so overpopulated here!!!


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