Church fire leaves Bibles and cross untouched

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Shortly after midnight around 1 a.m. on Sunday, March 3, 2019, fire fighters responded to a fire at the Freedom Ministries Church on Grandview Rd. in Daniels, West Virginia.

When fire fighters from the Beaver, Ghent, Mabscott, and Coal City fire departments arrived on scene, they found the wooden church fully engulfed in flames.

WVNS TV reports that while searching in the rubble of the church fire, firefighters made “an incredible discovery”.

The firefighters — professionals who are experienced with fires — made note of a remarkable phenomenon. They said that as they were going through the wreckage, they noticed not a single Bible was burned and the church’s cross was untouched.

No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Note that the ignition temperature of paper is 451°F (233°C), whereas that of wood is between 536°F to 896°F (280°C to 480°C). That means paper burns much more readily than wood. But the church building was engulfed in flames, its roof completely burnt away, whereas not a single Bible, made of paper, was burned.

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8 responses to “Church fire leaves Bibles and cross untouched

  1. Doctor Moebius

    Well, it looks like a few Bibles got SOME heat damage. Reminds me of a volcano swath that destroyed all these homes on the Big Island of Hawaii, but went around (and I mean, just barely) an ancient sacrificial site of Pele’ worshippers (or Kilauea worshippers – I forgot, as this was 1991). Curiously, an internet search shows nothing of this site, yet I distinctly recall seeing it on a tour there.

  2. Physics Professor

    Cross is burned, look at it. Bibles are thick and solid with many thin pages making it almost like a rock. Also apparent is they were put there, they were somewhere else when the fire happened. What looks like hymn music is on porous paper that has air space in between pages burns easy. Cross also does not burn easily as it’s solid wood, likely a hard wood, not pine. Other items made of pine. This is no miracle. Simple physics. People see what they want to see many times in life regarding many subjects. That should be the lesson here.

    • Since you call yourself a “Physics Professor,” surely you would know that the ignition/combustible temperature of paper is 451°F (233°C), whereas that of wood (which the church building is made of) is between 536°F to 896°F (280°C to 480°C) — which means paper burns much more readily than wood. And yet the roof of the church building is burnt away, but the paper Bibles are not. That really should be the lesson.

      As for “Also apparent is they were put there, they were somewhere else when the fire happened,” I don’t know what your point is. No where in my post did I even intimate that the pic is of the Bibles as they were found. Clearly, the firemen found the intact Bibles and aggregated them on the floor to take the pic.

  3. For us that believe in the divine mystery, no matter how intense the fire can be, the Bible cannot be destroyed.

  4. This is but an Earthly manifestation of Heavenly intervention in our lives.

    Great Article!!!

  5. An example of Divine intervention… 🙂

  6. I’m all in favor of calling this Divine intervention or a miracle, even if the result were merely of natural means: After all, God CAN and sometimes DOES work the natural to accomplish the supernatural. What is wrong with that?

  7. I love these kind of stories- thanks 🙂


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