Chuck Missler on Obama

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This is an insightful comment about Obama and America…

Food for thought.

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  2. My Takeaway From Chuck: “Why Are We Surprised About Obama?
    He Represents Everything That Is Anti-American!”

  3. I agree with Rev. Missler insofar as he goes. (I realize this is a portion of a whole program I haven’t seen).
    First, what I know: Foreign Policy is a Rothschild-backed publication. We have to remember FDR’s observation that if anything happens in politics, you can be sure it was planned that way. In statements and print, everything is spoken in code. So for FP to compare Carter to Obama is unfair to Carter—I agree with Rev. Missler. What FP is saying is that it is announcing that the time will come when Obama will be OBSOLETE; The Rothschilds are announcing, through FP’s editors, is that they regret having sponsored or chosen him. Without having read the FP article, that is what my gut is telling me.
    Now let’s delve a little farther, even though I have to go beyond what Rev. Missler said. Let’s look at some Presidents inbetween Carter and Obama. Specifically, as long as sexual morality is being discussed, let us focus on the Clintons. News of Mr. Clinton’s previous sexcapades first hit before the news about (once alleged then-Mossad agent) Monica Lewinsky hit the news. But during and after the impeachment proceedings, the former President’s self-identified victims began to gain some public traction.
    Here’s my point: The public debate devolved to one point: The man’s personal behavior had nothing to do with his performance as Chief Executive. I then noticed something: The more people began to identify with him as VICTIM of a smear campaign by Kenneth Starr, the more Mr. Clinton became a BAROMETER of the public’s morality quotient as a whole. Mr. Clinton did not CAUSE the tidal wave of public sexual immorality in the nation that has been with us since the 1960s; He merely PERSONIFIED it, and he personified some of the behaviors a very large segment of the public likes to engage in (minus the rapes alleged of him).
    Mrs. Clinton served as her husband’s enabler and protector for her own Lady Macbeth ambitions. (The metaphor is apt: They both engaged in the personal destruction of people).
    And they were seen exiting a storybook Church with enormous Bible in hand. It’s all about image, don’t you know.
    So the disintegration of the American moral quotient has devolved degree by degree, until Obama was selected. Whatever one President can do and get away with, the precedent is set and the public is conditioned.
    But Rev. Missler would go farther than I, I am certain: He clearly and correctly identifies Obama as a Muslim, and he goes on to clearly and correctly identify Islam as America’s Mortal Enemy. Correctly so: The Prophet himself urged death to the unconverting infidel without exception.
    But WHICH President said, “We are not fighting Islam,” and “We are not at war with Islam”? It was George W. Bush. The precedent was set and the public was conditioned.
    God Judges nations in real historical time, and Rev. Missler is correct that “the Judgment has already started.” And he seems to be saying that, Obama, being what he is, is on one side of the equation, while his hand-maiden enabling media is on the other. I agree. But Obama by himself would not be possible: Some barometer of sorts has to be employed for us to make the Judgment. (I believe God would, historically, act in the same or a similar manner). It’s not that America is being judged for merely having voted this man into office (if such was honestly the case). But we have to admit that, causally, although the passengers on the Titanic did not steer the ship into the iceberg, the ship sank, regardless.
    Every President since George H.W. Bush has been, politically, more reckless than his predecessors. Now we are stuck with a Muslim Enemy-in-Chief who bears strong parallels to the Emperor Nero, and a news site and another organization wants to steer the vote away from one man with a Promethean hairdo toward a soft-spoken squinting man with fine hands who weaves yarns about Army scholarships. The conditioning continues. And regardless of who is selected as the 45th President next year, they will know nothing about barometers, or what the damage really is, or how to fix it, or anything else.
    And that is because journals e.g., Foreign Policy are the sirens of the real rulers, where everything is spoken in code.
    Rev. Missler is right, and I will raise him one: Neither the Bushes, nor the Clintons, nor Obama is America’s President. They are on board with the globalist agenda, and their allegiance lay elsewhere.

  4. Similarly the comparisons of 0bama to Hitler are unfair too. Hitler loved his country and was passionate in his defense of Deutschland against their takeover by the Communist Party.
    People raised on news from the boob tube have such a naive, distorted view of history. Commie controlled schools don’t help either.
    It’s a big reason why the Tea Party has been so unsuccessful in dealing with the communist takeover of this country.

    • The Tea Party was formed in the United States in an attempt to prevent runaway inflation and an economic depression resulting from a crumbling currency and devalued debt. The absolute and universal vilification of its members by both Democrats and Republicans indicates that U.S. voters are not yet ready to undergo the pain associated with fixing the country. It also shows how far the U.S. has moved to the left. -economist Michael Pento


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