Chuck Baldwin: Who killed Joan Rivers?

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Chuck Baldwin is a radio broadcaster, syndicated columnist, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded.
The following is from his column of Sept. 11, 2014, “Who Killed Joan Rivers?.” I added the video of Rivers and the embedded links.

Chuck Baldwin

Chuck Baldwin

That most of Joan’s peers did NOT crucify her for her statement that Michelle Obama is a transvestite makes me tend to believe that they all know Joan told the truth and just didn’t have the courage to say it. Plus, she was JOAN RIVERS: the quintessential icon of the entertainment left.
(See Joan Rivers: ‘We all know’ Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny“)
My question is, what if Joan Rivers actually told the TRUTH about the Obamas? What if it’s true that Barack and Michelle (Or is the name Michael?) really are homosexuals, that Michelle really is a man, and that they have pulled off the greatest political hoax in the history of the United States? The timing of Rivers’ death is an incredible coincidence, if it’s not true. That is for sure.
Rivers went in for what would be regarded as simple out-patient surgery. How many millions of Americans have gone through this, and similar surgeries, without a hitch? Granted, she was 81. But she was a healthy 81. Granted, fluke deaths do sometimes happen during “simple” surgeries. But what a coincidence! The most iconic female comedian in the entire country accuses Michelle Obama of being a transvestite, and less than two months later, she is dead. 

I realize that my good Christian brethren don’t like to think about this, much less discuss it, but there is absolutely no doubt that our federal government assassinates untold numbers of people all of the time. And I’m not talking about ISIS terrorists. I’m talking about American citizens. Can I prove it? Of course not. No one can–at least, not without risking becoming the next victim.
Think about it: if people inside our government could successfully carry out the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (and I’m sure they did), how difficult would it be to kill an entertainer, a political activist, or even a congressman? And what if the “dark” side of our government did have a hand in the events that occurred on this day back in 2001? Who inside the political and media establishments would dare to say anything about it–much less investigate it? Yes, this is another one of those politically incorrect “third rail” issues that no one wants to discuss. No one wants to believe that their own government–OUR own government–could be capable of the most despicably evil acts known to man.
But I am personally convinced that our CIA uses, not only their own agents, but highly secretive “dark” ops military personnel–even foreign assassins such as those who might be found in Israel’s Mossad and Great Britain’s SIS–to murder innumerable people whom they would consider “nuisances.” Yes, I said “dark” ops as opposed to “black” ops. “Dark” ops are highly-trained military troops or government agents who are either totally void of morals and scruples–or who are completely drugged out of their morals and scruples–and who are used by the “dark” side of government for the worst kind of murderous conduct.
For example, only the most gullible truly believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, and then the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby (and how many others surrounding the Kennedy assassination), died in a sequence of spectacular “coincidences.” And I will always suspect that Congressman Sonny Bono’s skiing accident was no accident.
Does anyone not suspect that Marilyn Monroe was the victim of foul play? And if she was, the only people who had a motive to kill her were politicians in the highest places. And is there anyone who really doubts that Princess Diana was murdered by the “dark” side of the British Crown? I don’t.
Furthermore, I am thoroughly convinced that Gordon Kahl was the target of government assassins. And I suspect that the recent death of Edgar Steele may have been orchestrated and engineered.
Then there is Mary Jo Kopechne and Vince Foster. Anyone who believes the “official” reports on the deaths of these two people is intellectually challenged, to say the least.
The list of people who may have been killed by government assassins-or even by politicians themselves–is a very, very long one.
Then there are the deaths of people whose murders were so cleverly concealed they would not even make the “suspicious deaths” list. Truthfully, only God knows just how many American citizens have been assassinated by their own government.
But even worse than the probable killings of untold Americans by our own government is the fact that the vast majority of the American people (including Christian people) have no interest in knowing the truth. The vast majority of us are willfully ignorant. What was that that Edmund Burke said?
So many Americans (including Christians) have the Caesarean philosophy “might makes right.” As long as America is the world’s mightiest empire (we haven’t been a constitutional republic for a long time), we can do no wrong. The end justifies the means. Yeah, I know: Pastors preach against that philosophy in every other area of life–just not in politics. Most of them seem to believe that when it comes to government killings, there is no such thing as unjustifiable homicide. Plus, pastors and Christians haven’t given a second thought to “Just War” since World War II.
The only part of Wisconsin Senator Carl Schurz’s historic statement most Americans–including most pastors and Christians–seem to remember is, “My country, right or wrong.” They seem to have totally forgotten the rest of the statement: “If right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.”
There is no doubt in my mind that our government is getting away with murder–well, at least until the monsters meet God, that is. Was Joan Rivers the latest victim? We will never know. If you think the so-called investigation into her death will get to the truth, there is this bridge for sale you should know about.
[Referring to John Nolte’s column in Breitbart, RIP Joan Rivers: No One Will Ever Call Michelle Obama A ‘Tranny’ Again] Yes, Mr. Nolte, you are probably right: no one may ever call Michelle Obama a “tranny” again. But I wonder if there is more to it than the fear of being politically incorrect. I wonder if it’s the fear of being politically assassinated. If so, we have lost more than an iconic comedian; we have lost our country.
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0 responses to “Chuck Baldwin: Who killed Joan Rivers?

  1. There was another beheading, and conservatives are worried about who killed 81-year-old Joan rivers?

  2. The problem, I think, is that we are run by a group of lawyers playing their lawyering game, and it goes like this: If you can’t prove it in open court, therefore it didn’t happen. Or if it did happen, we won’t recognize it because you haven’t proved it in court.
    To quote the late, great George Carlin: “The game is rigged, Folks. The game is rigged… And nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care…”

  3. I’m no Obama fan, but to say Michelle is a man is quite a ludicrous stretch when there are plenty of childhood photos of her with her family as a girl. What gives?

    • Why that’s simply GRAND, that you have found “plenty of childhood photos of her with her family as a girl.” Can you please further enlighten us by sharing the url for these sites? Thanks!

      • Oh, come on, your sarcasm is palpable – the photos are all over the internet. These claims of her as a man are ridiculous. I was 5 10 in the 8th grade and was the fashion of the day, wore flannel shirts with blue jeans, shoulder length hair and no make up, and got called a boy all the time by cashiers who barely looked up. Not all women are petite little violets. This is so preposterous, it makes me angry and I don’t even like either one of them.

        • “….the photos are all over the internet.”
          I just have to ask one thing…. equally “all over the internet” is analysis showing the anomalies in the existing photos, anomalies which give very strong indication that the photos are faked — have you bothered to read any of that analysis? Or have you avoided doing that because your mind is already made up?
          I don’t know whether Michelle is a man or a woman, and that’s troubling. But what I *do* know is that it’s just part of the larger problem, which is that there is a very good case to be made showing that the marriage is a construct, a total fraud, just like all the others lies and deceits that swirl around this imposter and traitor who defiles the White House with his maleficent presence.

          • To clarify a little bit, and to agree with Joseph’s comments above, if there are clearly undoctored photos showing a young Michelle, we’d all love to see those; after all, conservative positions are supposed to be based in facts, not feelings.
            I permitted myself to be distracted just a bit because the only photos that I know of that purport to show them as a younger couple are questionable at best, perhaps demonstrably faked, and I’m a little bit medicated at the present time.

  4. Nothing would surprise me with this administration. And let’s face it, Mooch moves and looks like a man. Joan may have spilled an insider secret.

    • As one who has raised 200 Khaki Campbells at a time, plus another few dozen Pekin[g] ducks, I say “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks the duck walk, it’s highly probable that it’s some species of duck, albeit in this case a very odd one….

  5. You know Chuck, when they first reported that she was sick, I thought the same thing. I wouldn’t put it past either Maobama or the Homama or one of their Muslim friends.

  6. Okay, this is a bit “out there,” but there are reasons to entertain the notion anyway, not the least of which is that it’s really entertaining.
    What comes to mind at this juncture is the flap, during the 2008 presidential campaign and afterward, largely propelled by noted sodomite Andrew Sullivan, over Trig Palin’s parentage. Sullivan kept demanding proof that Trig was really Sarah Palin’s child, insisting that there were sound reasons to believe Trig was really Bristol’s progeny. Why? Because like any unrepentant sodomite, he hated this devout Christian woman who’d achieved what he could not: a genuinely masculine and loving husband, five beautiful children, and serenity in God’s arms. So he kept up his insane ranting until it was clear even to his virally-addled brain that he’d ceased to make sense.
    Has no one speculated about Malia and Sasha’s parentage? Where they were born? Who the attending physician was? Whether there was documentary substantiation that they’d emerged from Michelle Obama’s womb? Given the inseparability of Barack Hussein Obama and “body man” Reggie Love, and the Wookie-like appearance of Michelle. how could anyone fail to ask?
    On which note I retire from the field and leave further exploration of the question to the rest of you!

  7. Reblogged this on Tangleweb and commented:
    Hmmmm I did wonder about this. Timing and circumstances were a bit off. But what a ridiculous thing to be murdered for. What have we come to?

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. The facts you set forth are most noteworthy.

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