Christmas tree for atheists

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secular christmas tree
It must be really dull to be an atheist.
No sense of wonder. No spirit. Nothing transcendental.
It’s just all materialism, all the time.
H/t FOTM’s Joseph

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0 responses to “Christmas tree for atheists

  1. Exactly.

  2. the ego is an ugly place to live

  3. Yuck indeed…

  4. hmmm…”Politically Correct?”

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn and Joseph for this post. I’d say very dismal indeed! If all we have is here and now, how depressing! And yes, no sense of transcendence or hope!

  6. So, let me understand this better. It seems the contention here is that atheism is devoid of reverence for evergreen trees or what, exactly?

    • hap, it’s not about evergreen trees. It’s about CHRISTmas tree. How can an atheist celebrate CHRISTmas or have a CHRISTmas tree?

      • Ah. yes. I agree. Perhaps they call it a “Holiday Tree.” Hmm. No… that doesn’t really work, either as “holiday” is derived from the notion of “Holy Day,” although, atheism may well include the concept of holiness.
        Antitheism likely does not.

  7. Pabst Blue Ribbon?
    LOL – No wonder this guy is miserable.
    Get some real beer. 😉


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