Christmas Day funnies!

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17 responses to “Christmas Day funnies!

  1. I’m about to watch A Christmas Story for the second time today.

    If you remember your childhood, it’s the best Christmas movie ever made. 🙂


    • We watched that last night and will probably watch again tonight since it’s on all day.

      Merry Christmas everybody!

      • I’ll keep it on all day.

        It’s my favorite Christmas movie.

        LOL – My mom alway hated it because she couldn’t get that it was from a kid’s perspective, and is exactly the way we viewed things at Christmas.

  2. A Christmas Story was my son’s favorite movie of all time. I watch it at least once a Christmas season in his memory.

  3. Here’s a funny Christmas story told by “Confederate Cat”. A feline that talks without repeating FAKE NEWS.
    6 minute video that’s a hoot.

  4. At first I thought I loved the first one most, but the Trump snowflake meme is my favorite!

  5. Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!

  6. This Christmas, as last Christmas, I am most grateful that Donald Trump is President and that Hillary Clinton is not! Thank You, God, for sparing us this practicing witch! And I pray, that if it is possible, to confront her in such a way that she, of her own free will, repents and turns to You. Humanly, nothing is possible, but with You, Lord, all things are possible. And May You Lead Donald Trump to the One True Faith.

    • Well, good on you Steven, for your best wishes, and I join in with you except for Broom-Hilda, because I will never forget or forgive her and Billy Jo Bob for what they did to my friend, Dr Tom OBrien. Scrooge both of them! You’re a better man than I, Stephen Dinn! My apologies to Rudyard Kipling….

      • I get it. I really doubt either of the Clintons will ever repent, but stranger things have happened. Best Wishes for the New Year, Joe.

  7. There is no longer such a thing as a “good” movie, but if you insist upon the waste of your time on anti-Christ messages you had better enjoy them. My recommendation:

    The Dairy of Anne Frank – the movie

  8. The last meme is so true!
    Anyone who has cats knows. 😀

  9. We first saw “A Christmas Story” at a run-down, old, theatre in Roosevelt, Utah, when the movie was first released. We were, that night, one of the only families (4 of us) in the audience. I don’t know why we chose to go to the movies that night, and as family…b/c it ws not our “modus operendi.” We RARELY went to the movies, and if so….even more rarely as an entire family unit in this little half-horse town. But, I guess, this title sounded interesting and “family-worthy” for the holiday season. Little Ralphie, as it turned out, looked like/seemed like our oldest boy who was bout Ralphie’s age at the time, and whom had ACTUALLY frozen his tongue to the school recess-ground equipment at one time!!!!!…-and all these years later, we still identify with this film on many levels!!!! After we saw it, we raved about it to anyone who would listen to us. Years went by and we still talked about it….finally, some years later, upon our move to CA….it finally was shown on TV….one night. My dad was cooincidentally visiting from Maryland for Thanksgiving. He’d never seen it. We watched it together generationally for the first time on TV…..IMO…this is the way the allure of this family movie spread…as it did in my own family…to the entire populace of the USA….from one to another…from generation to generation. One of my kids years later bought me a LEG LAMP for Christmas that I light in my front window every season….and we’ve OFTEN heard passing walkers remark on it….the most satisfying to us, are the young children who, walking by with parents, exclaim, “LOOK…they have a LEG LAMP!!!” This lets us know that these young kids have seen this movie, probably with their parents, and they share this with them……they’ve actually seen and shared this film together. 🙂


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