Christine Ford’s letter has varying font styles and sizes

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“What am I supposed to do? Go ahead and ruin this guy’s life based on an accusation? I don’t know when it happened, I don’t know where it happened. And everybody named in regard to being there said it didn’t happen. I’m just being honest. Unless there’s something more, no I’m not going to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s life over this.” –Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

When you type a letter, do you keep switching font styles and font sizes?

While I sometimes italicize or bold, I’ve never switched to a different font style or font size in the course of typing a letter. Who does that?

Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of SCOTUS nominee U.S. Circuit Judge Brett Kavanaugh, does!

Recall that on Sept. 12, the day when the Senate Judiciary Committee had been scheduled to vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), the top Democrat on the committee whose personal driver of 20 years is a Chinese spy, blocked the vote by forwarding Ford’s “confidential” letter to the Justice Department.

In the letter, dated July 30, 2018, Ford accuses Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting then-Christine Blasey 36 years ago in 1982 (date unknown), at a high school party in some home in Montgomery County, Maryland (address unknown). According to Ford, Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her, and attempted to remove her clothes against her will.

Ford does not remember the address of the house. That is odd since, according to TruthFinder, her father, Ralph G. Blasey, had owned a home in Potomac, Montgomery County, Maryland. In 1982, Christine was 15 years old, a high school student, and would be living at home in Potomac — in the same Montgomery County where the house party was.

Since Ford’s letter became public knowledge, all four alleged eye-witnesses of the alleged sexual assault have denied any knowledge. Two of the alleged witnesses are friends of Ford: Christina King Miranda was a schoolmate; Leland Ingram Keyser, a longtime friend of Ford, denies even having been at the party. Another alleged witness, Patrick J. Smyth, also denies any knowledge of the party.

See “Christine Ford, the woman who accuses Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault 36 years ago” and “Audio evidence of Christine Ford’s political adviser plotting in July against SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh“.

Last Sunday, Sept. 23, Feinstein finally released Ford’s letter to Senate Majority leader and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who released the letter to the public.

Below is the letter (click image to enlarge). I painted the red arrows pointing to a change in font style and/or font size.

Some comments from readers of TruthFeed and Gateway Pundit:

  • “This shit is even more edited than Barry Soetoro’s birth certificate. Look closely. Multiple fonds EVERYWHERE.”
  • “It appears like a fill in the blanks letter. Kavanaugh’s name was added AFTER the original draft”
  • “Might have been created by the Obama BC forger.”
  • “the name Kavanaugh is different too. In one of them the ‘a’ is right up against the ‘K’. In another, the line of the ‘u’ is taller than the others. In another, the letters are uneven. Maybe it’s just the copy but it seems like a computer or typewriter would always be the same spacing, etc. It’s been my experience that those ‘discrepancies’ occur when someone tries to change a document.”
  • “Who sends a sloppy letter like that to a U.S. Senator? And she didn’t even sign it with her full legal name, just her maiden name.” (Note: Christine Ford, 51, is married to Russell Biddel Ford, 56, a senior director at Zosano Pharma(ceuticals), Fremont, CA. Her maiden name is Christine Margaret Blasey.)
  • “She vacationed in mid Atlantic until August 7th. It would be interesting to note if she had airplane phobia back then and drove cross country with her family.” (Note: Politico reported that Ford had refused to testify before the Senate, claiming she didn’t want to fly to Washington because she’s uncomfortable in “confined spaces”.)

Here’s a timeline, according to Christine Blasey Ford:

Some day on 1982 – Sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh, 17, at a party with 4 other teenagers in a house (address unknown) somewhere in Montgomery County, MD, on an unknown date in 1982. Cannot remember who threw the party or how she got home. Claimed to have received unspecified “medical treatment regarding the assault” (date and facility unknown). Did not go to the police or told anyone about the alleged assault, not even to her parents or siblings (according to Ford’s “close friend” Kirsten Leimroth in an NPR interview).
1983: Said nothing.
1984: Said nothing.
1985: Said nothing.
1986: Said nothing.
1987: Said nothing.
1988: Said nothing.
1989: Said nothing.
1990: Said nothing.
1991: Said nothing.
1992: Said nothing.
1993: Said nothing.
1994: Said nothing.
1995: Said nothing.
1996: Said nothing.
1997: Said nothing.
1998: Said nothing.
1999: Said nothing.
2000: Said nothing.
2001: Said nothing.
2002: Said nothing.
2003: Said nothing when President George W. Bush, on July 25, nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit.
2004: Said nothing, as the Senate stalled Kavanaugh’s nomination for nearly 3 years.
2005: Said nothing.
2006: Said nothing when the Senate Judiciary Committee recommended confirmation of Kavanaugh, when the Senate confirmed his nomination, and when he was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.
2007: Said nothing.
2008: Said nothing.
2009: Said nothing.
2010: Said nothing.
2011: Said nothing.
2012: Talked about the alleged sexual assault in couples’ therapy, but according to the therapist’s notes, did not name Kavanaugh. Ford’s husband, Russell B. Ford, claims that his wife mentioned Kavanaugh’s last name and voiced concern that Kavanaugh might one day be nominated to the Supreme Court. (Washington Post)
2013: Described a “rape attempt” when she was in her late teens, in an individual therapy session.
2014: Said nothing.
2015: Said nothing.
2016: Said nothing.
November 8, 2016: Donald Trump was elected US President. Ford becomes an anti-Trump activist.

July 6, 2018: Notified her “local government representative to ask them how to proceed with sharing” her information of having been sexually assaulted 36 years ago.
July 9, 2018: President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.
July 30, 2018: Christine Blasey Ford wrote confidential letter, with changing font styles and font sizes, accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault 36 years ago.

H/t FOTM readers EddieBG & Big Lug


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70 responses to “Christine Ford’s letter has varying font styles and sizes

  1. I would love to reblog this on my website, but I don’t see a reblog button

    • WordPress is no longer our server. I purchased the WP software Jetpack, but it doesn’t include all previous WP functions, such as a reblog button. I suggest you copy-and-paste?

  2. If she left the Atlantic on August 7th and was in California on the 10th, she could not have driven.
    If she can’t fly to DC to testify on Thursday, she would have to drive day and night, averaging 65 mph to make it on time. Sitting in a car for 48 hours seems a bit more confining than sitting on a plane for 6 hours.
    Democrat secret to success: Lie, lie, lie.

  3. Odd that she recalls very specific details of the attack yet doesn’t recall the most basic of details: date, location and time.

    And the font issue is odd. Very odd. This paper would get a “fail” in any basic English class due to a lack of structure. As someone with a PhD, I would expect a better outline.

    Maybe her testimony will be more compelling and complete. Not holding my breath…

    • How about in her testimony when asked about the date she said to Mitchell I don’t remember, I don’t know…IF YOU COULD FIND OUT WHEN Mark J worked at Potomac Safeway it COULD HELP ME TO NAIL IT DOWN.

      Then when asked about her visit with Mommy to this Safeway 2 WEEKS AFTER HER STORY WHICH SHE SAID HERSELF: Well Mommy & I went, being young I didn’t want to be seen with Mommy you know how it is, and Mommy went in one door and I went in the other door WHERE Mark J was, it was a nice talk…BUT HE LOOKED NERVOUS.

      Two weeks afterwards and you WALK TOWARDS and exchange pleasantries with someone who was part of it. VERY VIVID memory 2 weeks after the alleged attack, ATTEMPTED RAPE AND KILLING HER

  4. I’m sure writing and grammar didn’t come up much when she was getting her ‘education’ in liberal learning centers. After all what is important is inclusion and diversity. (Aren’t they a little like opposites?)

  5. I fully support any woman who truly is abused like this woman claims to have been. There is no excuse for it, no matter how old the young man may be. At the age of 17, I knew enough to know that you simply didn’t rape teenage girls at a drunken party. And if Kavanaugh did do this, to me, that would actually be a reason for disqualification from the SCOTUS.
    However, there is not much doubt in my mind that he did not do what he is accused of doing. It is simply all too convenient for the Democrats and their agenda, for it to be truthful. Not only did this tormented woman not remember details of what seems to be a defining moment of her life, but then D. Feinstein holds the letter until the last minute, to try and make it pretty much impossible for the Justice to be seated before October 1, the start of the next session of the court. And not to mention the November election, and the fact that the Democrats have a slim hope of retaking the Senate.
    I don’t have a photographic memory, but I remember most things from age 17, at least events such as this. Heck, I remember conversations with fellow students, entire baseball games, and entire football games, except for those where I got concussions. To say that a woman who was so effected by the incident that she actually was concerned that she might be killed during it, cannot now remember the details, is in a word, bullshit.
    Now they have another woman accusing him of dangling his member in her face and touching her with it, without her consent. The Democrats have reached new lows, and that is saying one heck of a lot, for them.
    I am actually getting pretty sick and tired of this. Now it doesn’t matter if a man does something or not. All that matters is that a woman accuses the man of rape, and suddenly he is guilty.

    • “All that matters is that a woman accuses the man of rape, and suddenly he is guilty.”

      All that matters is that a Democrat makes the accusation. Bill Clinton was accused of rape and sexual assault by many women, incl. Juanita Broaddrick (rape) and Paula Jones (Bill wanted a blowjob), but he is still not held accountable by fellow Democrats.

      • Juanita B. tweeted a few days ago:

        “I’m not afraid to fly.”

        LOL! The woman has kept a great sense of humor, considering!

        • TPR good point with regard to flying. Someone should do research into her flying history. We know this is all insane diversionary tactics anyway, however.

        • The Precedent being set here doesn’t look good for Billy Blue Dress or Hillary who were disgustingly rude to ALL Billy’s assaults. Juanita hire a Lawyer and start the process!

      • And they are completely IGNORING Monahan’s claims against Ellison…and she has a police report and a doctor’s report. They are HYPOCRITES.

    • Christine Ford never claimed that BK raped her. Please get your facts straight.

    • Author Spider Robinson tells a story like that, where a character flashed to a woman, saying “What do you think of this, then?”. To which the woman replied “Oh, its just like a man’s penis, only smaller”. Years ago, a neighbour of mine, when flashed while walking home to her college, said “Do you mind waiting here while I go home and get my scissors? I collect those!” Now, I would not expect either of those women, fictional or real, to run crying ‘assault’ 30 years later. They acted as one would expect a 20th century woman TO act!

  6. Great write-up & even better with all her years-of-silence stacked up for visual emphasis!

    As for fonts, I’ve been a Verdana-only fan for a long time. The ONLY time I would switch would be if I included a scripture which I would put in Georgia-Italics. I liked that “look” for Bible verses. Otherwise, Verdana it is.

    As for Ford, it appears from the “years list” that she has been SAVING UP this little ditty of a “story” for decades, for the “Great Day of the Grand Jackpot,” ie, whenever Kavanaugh would be nominated for SCOTUS. If she’s always been a die-hard Libtard, it may have always been her own “plan,” or she may have been persuaded to save the “dirt full of holes” for an “appropriate time” by fellow Commie Comrades.

    Either way, her idea or that of others, you’d think she would have, over the many years, kept better notes (if story was really even remotely true) or planned a more believable “story” (if false) for her “Great Day of Exposure.”

    As it stands now, Feinstein, Ford, & attorneys (including her newest porn-attorney Avenatti), are playing an obvious demented & disgusting “cat & mouse” game with Congress & the SCOTUS-appointment process, which has & will continue to garner Ford ZERO EMPATHY. NADDA. ZILCH.

    PS: Congrats for getting back online! What a stressor that must have been! I’m glad you kept the same older “lighter” WP theme vs. their newer ones which are so bloated/slow.

    • I agree with your sentiments but Avenatti does not represent Ford. Avenatti claims to represent another BK accuser. Ford is represented by other politically motivated attorneys though. Facts matter.

  7. From six days ago… the tweet links to a Robert David Steele article re Ford:

    • I thought the full tweet would show up, or I would have described it.

      Going on my week-old memory: Per Steele, Ford’s family or her husband’s father & grandfather were CIA, & she allegedly runs the CIA Internship program at the Uni; & her or her husband’s brother was part of the group that founded FusionGPS (which is one of the entities in the FBI/DOJ/FISA vs Trump mess).

      Learned later today:

      1_New atty on Ford’s team, Bromowich (sp?) sent letter to Grassley almost backtracking on agreement for Ford to testify Thursday due to the Grassley appointed sex-crimes prosecutor/interrogator. CTH has that letter & no one seems surprised as “twitter bets” are mostly that Ford won’t even show up due to having to perjure herself “officially.”

      2_Michael Avenatti, known on twitter as the #CreepyPornStarLawyer & #Haventgatti (atty for the porn star who accused POTUS), claimed (yesterday?) that he had a new, very credible, thoroughly vetted accuser vs. Kavanaugh, who was associated with the State Dept. & the U.S. Mint; & that she would go public within 48-hours. Then earlier today, he locked down his twitter account out of the blue, making it private, & of course everyone wondered why! I think it was Breitbart who had that headline.

      3_Then 4chan allegedly claimed that they had trolled & totally punked the guy, making him think he had a very credible anti-Kavanaugh accuser on the string, lol! No evidence the 4chan rumor is true but it was a hilarious thought just the same. 😀 (Posobiec has a string of tweets about that from earlier today.)

      4_On a more somber note, @BuzzPatterson (& I read someone else say Dan Bongino as well) are both saying Beware as the Libs may go batshyte insane even moreso/worse depending on what happens from here on in. I hope not! I’m not ready for “Rome to Burn.”

  8. This is the biggest load of bullsh*t.
    Another odd thing is that people have found in the pictures of her that her sunglasses have been photoshopped on. Strange.

    • Zigggy, thanks for saying that! I could tell the very first time I saw that picture there was something off. It’s not a clear picture…it’s hazy. I won’t be surprised if it’s another complete Photoshop jobber.

  9. Another oddity in the format- the letter starts out with blocked margins-where your computer auto spaces your words to line up equal distance on each side. The 2nd half is not blocked margins. Very Odd. the whole thing stinks to high Heaven. Lord help us stand against this evil.

  10. Last night, I saw another letter written by this woman directly to Senator Grassley. It also has the same types of problems the above letter has, i.e., various fonts and areas that appear to have been altered to fit. I have seen several people comment that they believe the writer of the letter uses phrases that would be used by someone whose first language isn’t English. Perhaps Feinstein’s Chinese spy driver wrote it!😀

    I don’t believe a single word of this. I think it’s a concocted story from beginning to end. I don’t believe that some teenage boy did this to her in the 1980s, and she’s just blaming Judge Kavanaugh. It’s a whole lie cooked up by Feinstein, some other Demoncrats, and a few detestable activist lawyers. Which brings up something else: why has this Ford woman hired Andy McCabe’s obscenely expensive attorney? Why would a victim need all of these high-priced lawyers to defend her? What’s really going on here?

    • Maryaha . . . I do believe that you have asked the $64,000 dollar question. Why indeed would she need a high flyin’ defense attorney? Personally, I feel that those who have with malicious and deliberate intent brought claims to the fore, in a deliberate intent to ruin another person–should have charges brought against themselves.

      Since it is indicated that she has received at least two rounds of counseling–both couples and individual during her lifetime; it is entirely believable that we are dealing with a “troubled individual.” I have a real problem when one person’s “mental illness” impinges on the good name and reputation of another individual.

      May the full force of the Heavens be brought to bear on her for this contrived web of lies and deceit.

  11. Which is it: 15 years old or late teens?

  12. Uh, well, yeah, she needs to be heard…….of course, and who’s going to believe her? NO-BO-DY!

  13. The 2nd last paragraph she writes: On July 6, I contacted my local government representative to ask THEM how to proceed….
    Question: Would you write nonsense like that referring to your local congresswoman? Why is someone protecting their identity according to msm early reports? Of course – control the narrative with Dianne the Lesbian Gatekeeper who didn’t want to talk when she met with Brett K. in person because her stooges had not finished re-writing the Ford lying letter. Anyway, it’s one of these 2 democrats? Both districts claim to represent The Dingbats in Palo Alto

  14. I don’t think Blasey Ford would have typed that letter, she’s got a doctorate whereby she has to type quality reports. Who’s to say she didn’t write it? who changed it? Dr. Blasey Ford is done and she will go in obscurity surrounded by shame. JUDGE KAVANAUGH WILL BE CONFIRMED.

  15. Let’s see, Prof. Fraud has the following problems:
    1) Can’t remember basic details of where, when, what, etc.
    2) Waited 36 YEARS to spring this on us! Why didn’t Prof Fraud go to the police when this allegedly happened?
    4) Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, Judge Martha Kavanaugh, ruled AGAINST Prof. Fraud’s parents in a foreclosure case in 1996. Might she have a grudge?
    5) Prof. Fraud wrote a letter to her senator rather than going to the police.’
    6) Prof. Fraud contacted the Washington Post rather than contacting the police.

    I could go on, but you get my point. These are just off the top of my head…

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      2) Waited 36 YEARS to spring this on us! Why didn’t Prof Fraud go to the police when this allegedly happened?

      Yeah, I find it bizarre that the Left and MSM continue to jump on Trump for stating the OBVIOUS in trying to formulate a path to a solution: *If* a woman were so assaulted, she “should” (= any reasonable woman *would*) have gone to the police, right? So go THERE, obtain that report, and find the facts!

      They somehow find that TERRIBLY offensive (as does, apparently, (R) Sen. Susan Collins of Maine)… they’re making it out as if he’s accusing her of having NOT been assaulted, or even more oddly, HOW can a man expect a woman so assaulted to have then gone to the police to report it? WHAT???

      I suppose that would be copping to the fact she’d gone to a party with boys from another school to get drunk and party… or which would otherwise scar her for life… for having been a VICTIM of assault??? How queer their beliefs.

      Because *If* she truly had been assaulted, NOT reporting it would then put other lives at risk from the same assaults by the same or similar individuals! Right? And it would allow the assailant to go scot-free! How is that right?

  16. I still cannot quite grasp the idea that she signed this goofball letter using only her maiden name. This gal seems to be all over the place.

    Excellent article!!!!! God Bless you for keeping us informed.

  17. Ford has supposedly gone to Hawaii on several speaking occasions. Did she swim there? Or surf? Or does she have time lapses in her paranoia?

  18. I d0n”t Kn0w… P30pl3 chang3 f0nts A11 th3 tim3. I flnd hur l3tter V3RY b31i3vab13.

  19. I don’t believe her, but I’m not sure where the font changes are supposed to lead us. I have seen this type of font irregularity when I convert back and forth from lets say PDF to a Word document and then back (or using some sort of text recognition converter).

  20. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Didn’t she initially send the letter to her local (Cali state) congresswoman, who then forwarded the complaint to Feinstein? Maybe that congresswoman did the re-format. Which would implicate HER in trying to unduly influence any subsequent investigation…

    Which, by the way, the FBI almost *never* does for misdemeanor sex assaults, which are NOT the same as felony sex assaults — in which there is penetration, etc., or serial assaults, or assaults by employers etc. — as claimed by Anita Hill, or those considered in-house (the boss permits or encourages it), church- or (especially) government-related, etc., regardless of what the radical feminists are trying to paint it as, *distinct* from Ford’s allegation.

    BTW, for such misdemeanor sex assaults there is a 1y statute of limitations in MD, as opposed to that for felony sex crimes (no SoL), again regardless of what the progressive nuts are trying to drum it up as.

    It’s madness. And the MSM is just drumming it up among the masses… like calling the natives to a war-like trance in prep for battle… a bonfire.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      BTW, I meant “institutional” when I said “in-house” above; I couldn’t think of the correct term when I wrote that, sorry.

      Also, today’s “prosecutor” (independent investigator/counsel) said there IS no SoL on sex assault in MD; that differs from what I found previously:

      I just looked on FindLaw and find it’s listed as 3 years, unless a minor was assaulted, in which case it goes to 7 years after they reach the age of majority… and that’s just for a civil suit. So I will just defer to the experts there, sorry.

  21. The first time the word Kavanaugh is mentioned in this letter there is a double spacing after the fullstop. This suggests that this name was added later as nowhere else does the writer leave two spaces after the fullstop. No one leaves two spaces after a fullstop, but she does, and only where the sentence begins with Kavanaugh.

  22. Christine Ford does not remember the address of the house where the party & assault took place, other than that it was in Montgomery County, Maryland.

    That is odd since, according to TruthFinder, her father, Ralph G. Blasey, had owned a home in Potomac, Montgomery County, Maryland, since 1973. In 1982, Christine was a 15-year-old high school student, and would be living at home in Potomac — in the same Montgomery County where the house party was.

    • The party could have been at a friend’s or a classmate’s house nearby; I’ll give her that. HOWEVER, if this incident occurred, then she would have remembered all the key details. How could she forget WHERE this happened?

      I know that when my mom died a few years ago, I can pretty much recall EVERYTHING from that day-everything! I can tell you what time I left work. I can tell you where I recharged my cell phone as I was heading down to the old house. I can recall everything I did that day. If something momentous or traumatic happens, I think most people remember pretty much everything about the event.

      When I was in the Navy, I went on leave from Pearl Harbor. I was stationed there from 1981-1983. We were in the barracks at the time because our ship was in the yards. Anyway, when I got back, the lock on my locker was obviously tampered with. I opened the door to find my 35 mm camera, walkman, and motorcycle helmet gone. I can promise you I did NOT wait long to report that; I reported the theft a day or so later. I remember feeling so angry and violated! How dare they rip me off like that! The worthless base police didn’t do anything when I reported the theft, but I did my part.

      Anyone who’s been LEGITIMATELY VIOLATED will want to make things right; they won’t wait long to at least tell someone. My first reaction when I heard about Prof. Fraud’s accusations was: WTF did you wait so long?! Why did you wait 36 years to bring this up? Why now? Those are rhetorical questions, of course. We all know the real answers to those questions!

      In closing, I don’t necessarily think that the party had to take place at her house; it could have, but it’s not necessary to have taken place there. That said, if it took place at a nearby friend’s or classmate’s house, she would have REMEMBERED where; she would have remembered when, who, how, everything. Furthermore, she would have come forward decades ago too.

      • My point about Christine’s family home being in Montgomery County in 1982 — the same county as the alleged house party — is that she would have remembered the address of the house party, not that the party necessarily was held in her home.

        I agree with you about a person remembering every detail of a traumatic event. Even if she had been drunk (inebriated) that night, the next morning surely she would have remembered the address, or at least found out what the address was.

        Love your moniker for her: Prof. Fraud. LOL

  23. was a poorly executed copy and paste job. rushing to get the job done.

    • The people who did this copy-and-paste job must be idiots. How long would retyping a letter take? It wasn’t even on a letterhead.

      • You don’t even have to retype the letter; all you need do is change the font. Choose the ‘edit’ menu, then select all; or you can use Ctrl+A on the keyboard. Once all the text is highlighted, then you choose font type, size, etc.. If you have different font sizes, then you can select those portions of the letter separately before changing the font size and other attributes. Either way, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

        Oh, BTW, I didn’t come up with the Prof. Fraud moniker. I saw it in a comment somewhere online discussing this travesty. I liked it, so I started using it; it’s totally apropos! However, I can’t claim it as my own idea.

      • My guess is that someone wrote a letter about somebody else. In their desire to smear Kavanaugh they inserted his name into the second paragraph. Being idiots (and they are!) they “guessed” and the font size and type and simply typed his in place of the original.

        I think that’s WHY Feinstein didn’t want to share it. Even she can tell its fake. Of course, none of these Frankists care if its true or not. The end always justifies the means.

        So, given that this shouldn’t even be under consideration, they have once again rewarded bad behavior and agreed to consider this. Of course, since they are looking at it they are now attempting to spin this as normative process. Since when did the FBI get into the business of investigating 36 year-old harassment allegations in non-federal jurisdictions?

        Oh, I forgot, if they don’t do that the Marxists will call them bad names. Perfectly understandable.

        • And as someone just noted on Twitchy: If the FBI has already done six investigations and some how missed all the sexual allegations, then why do the demoRATs want the FBI to investigate AGAIN or have Kavanaugh withdrawal? Do they trust the FBI to get it right THIS time?

          It’s ALL A PLOY.

          • Absolutely. It is pure bunkum. I saw somewhere today where she had recently been in Florida for a vacation and was telling everyone that she’d be back in a day or two. She either flew or she’s a race car driver.

            The more attention they give them the more encouraged they become. “Hypocrisy” isn’t strong enough. We need another word.

  24. Sorry about your wordpress site being taken down, but glad to see you have your own site and that you are continuing to get the truth out! Great work as always! Thanks so much

    • Thank you, Amanda.

      It was a tough 8 days, at a cost of at least $1,200, but we’re back up on a new server. “Trust in the Lord…. Fret not thyself because of evildoers…for they shall soon be cut down like the grass” -Psalm 37.

  25. I don’t see Sandy Hook at the top of your site. I hope you didn’t lose all of your work on Sandy Hook.

    • Amanda,

      Sandy Hook links are now in our “Conspiracy/False Flag” page. Most of the SH posts, as our other posts, have yet to be restored, one by one, because I simply don’t have the extra time or energy.

  26. The left is losing and this is a hail mary to try and stop what the fear of the left is the over turn of Roe vs Wade and abortion and anything that might benefit Christians.

    • The second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, won’t even give a written statement to the committee. Her attorney says, “see the New Yorker” article. HAHAHAHAHAHA

      Guess she’s afraid to tell her “truth” for fear of committing perjury.

  27. BOMBSHELL: Christine Blasey Ford’s letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein revealed to be a total FAKE… contains 14 glaring errors that could only be committed by a poorly educated writer.

    No Ph.D. could have authored a letter like this, riddled with grammatical errors, sentence construction problems, capitalization errors and apostrophe errors.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that this letter was written by a poorly educated individual with very little command of the English language.

  28. I spent an entire career in government service. In upper management, following a meeting, documents are sometimes sourced out to a committee of department managers. Those managers then hastily craft different versions and send them into the boss for editing and to add his/her style. So if the accusations are true, the document might be the work of an impromptu government committee. Small font changes and sizes can also be a result of the same person working on different computers at home and at work. But multiple font sizes and changes sloppily put together without the boss “selecting all” and unifying the document, usually mean that it is the work of a committee in a time crunch.

    That said, it is very difficult to take the accusations about this document seriously when we can’t see the actual document or blow it up on our computers. However, this is different from taking the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh seriously. To me, the man is obviously being burned at the stake for daring to be a conservative man of integrity that wishes to uphold the Constitution. And for that the Democrats are extremely fearful and they are willing to destroy him and his family. The stench from the swamp dwelling Democrats is now truly repulsive.

  29. How Democrats Are Using Saul Alinsky’s Smear Tactics Against Brett Kavanaugh
    Chicago radical leftist Saul Alinsky’s 13 rules for destroying conservatives are effective.

  30. As a PHD and professor she must have had papers published!
    Run this letter through one of the computer programs which helps identify authorship and compare it to her published works.

  31. Worse than liars are those who believe them

  32. I do a lot of writing of documents that once filed will be held in perpetuity as have documents submitted in the previous 300 plus year history of this organization. Many people search these documents when researching their family tree or when doing scholastic research. That being said, I go over the pieces I submit thoroughly as many times as it takes to get it right. I’m no English grammar scholar, but I know enough to write something and then re-read it to see if it sounds right. I spell check it, I grammar check it. I have someone else read it.
    And I pay attention to the formatting.
    Official stuff on letterhead.
    Bold, italic, underline, different fonts and sizes etc. reserved for special use or because of emphases needed.
    And the guys doing this a hundred or more years ago using quill pen and inkwell, no adding machines or typewriters or computers, or spell check or electric lights at night. And they did it on the fly. No taking notes and cleaning it up later. All in magnificent calligraphy.
    I want people that read my documents now and in the future to marvel at my work just a fraction of that of my predecessors.

    What a bunch of Maroons!

  33. I’m attaching a second analysis of the letter by another individual claiming expertise. While I’m happy to see this, and I agree that its all a hoax designed to scuttle the appointment, I’m disappointed at the articles supporting the fraud case.

    Both the lady claiming to be a PhD, and the second analyst claiming years of experience with technical writing don’t do themselves justice based on their own skills displayed in their separate pieces.

    I would be embarrassed to have criticized someone’s work (although it needs criticism), and showed such sloppiness in my own work. Anyway, the attached speaks for itself. I would add that my guess as to why the font sizes differ is that the letter itself was probably originally written about someone else and the counterfeiter simply inserted Judge Kavanaugh’s name.

    In less than a year the entire “Me Too Movement”, has shown itself to be a set up for a deeper effort at undermining due process. The very reason this has proven so successful is that Congress is totally cowed by these Marxists. Anyone seeing the similarity between how Israel controls narrative and this gets extra points for observation skills.

    When this is all over Kavanaugh should sue the pants off of these people. Of course, Soros and his bosses will reimburse any losses. We are a laughing stock country that elects lunatics to office. They are insurrectionists. They should be rounded up and charged with sedition.


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