Christine Blasey Ford’s body language

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According to Mandy O’Brien, a body language analyst who calls herself “Dr. Bombard,” during Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, her body language indicates she was using her emotional demeanor to influence and manipulate.

As you watch the video below, just remember that, contrary to her little-girl voice and demeanor, Christine Blasey Ford:

  • Is a 52-year-old (she’ll be 53 in November), middle-aged professional woman.
  • Has not one, but three, degrees in psychology, which means she is knowledgeable about polygraph tests and emotional manipulation:
    • B.A., Psychology, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1988.
    • M.A., Clinical Psychology, Pepperdine University, 1991.
    • Ph.D., Educational Psychology & Research Design, U. of Southern California, 1996.
  • Is a professor of both teaching and research, which means she is experienced in public speaking and public appearances.

But we are to believe that this highly-educated, 52-year-old professor did not know:

  • How to contact the Senate or the President!
  • What the word “exculpatory” means.

Here are some specific points made about Ford’s body language:

(1) Hard swallow and beady eyes darting and scanning the room while holding her head high in one position suggests the nervous look is contrived.

(2) Repeatedly opening her mouth like a fish gulping for air indicates “something is neurologically wrong with her…because that’s not normal behavior”.

(3) Defiance (5:38 mark):

When committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said that the individuals whom Ford alleges to be eyewitnesses of the alleged assault all denied any knowledge of the assault or even of the party, Ford instantly switched from her nervous, vulnerable little-girl demeanor to arrogantly tilting her head high, looking down on the committee members. Who does that at a U.S. Senate hearing? That is her true face.

(4) Ford described the alleged assault in a choked voice for several minutes, during and after which there was no mucus and no tears.

The analysis of Ford’s body language is consistent with certified graphologist Leeann Springer’s analysis of Ford’s handwriting:

Christine Ford’s writing…is a combination of “writer/printer” which some use in the math field. However, those writers/printers have clear, well-formed and easy to read writing, which Ford severely lacks in her writing. She clearly wants no connection to the past, which is evidenced in her “right hand column writing”. She strays from being on task, and has forgetfulness. There’s a lot of “scratching over” strokes, which is what some of us term as “litter box scratching”. There’s obvious signs of addiction, sometimes, it’s drugs, alcohol, sexual or something totally out of control in a person’s life. There is a clear disconnect in what she is thinking vs. what she is writing. Although, I don’t have the original writing, I’d safely venture to say “she has misplaced pressure throughout the writing, which borders on severe mood swings. She is trying to stay in control by writing in an AB slant (controlled writing) but in some areas there is a “severe abnormal left slant” as though she is falling over backwards. The body of her writing which is frozen in the AB slant does not match with her signature, which means she wants to appear one way to the world, but not in reality. She wants to appear friendly and warm to others, but isn’t. She is a middle zone writer, which means she’s only concerned with the here and now and lives for the moment. Overall impression is that her writing is poorly integrated, choppy, not free flowing, scratched over, she has some rebellion in her strokes and is stubborn. She also lacks high self-esteem and for a person who is in education, she certainly has low goals, as witnessed with the very low “t” crossings, poorly formed thinking letters “m’s and n’s”. It’s not just one trait that is measured in HA, it’s collectively analyzed. She is someone though, that probably wants her own way, seen in many threaded strokes in her writing. She is careful not to divulge too much about herself on a personal level. Her writing lacks logic, most of all, and does show addictive behavior that is not beneficial. We analysts have also seen this in those who’ve beaten addiction, but still live with the residual damages, which is recorded in the brain. Handwriting is indeed brain-writing.

Referring to Ford’s number zero (0) in “2018”, which contains a small oval, her not dotting i’s, and her low-cross t’s, Springer explains:

Loops inside ovals or hanging jabbed marks on ovals, indicates lying. If seen throughout the writing, it is pathological lying, also seen in self-absorbed narcissists. When ovals are inside ovals and there’s a lot of threading (imagine a long thread) the person is not truthful. Scratching throughout a writing, if there’s no brain damage, is deception. We call it the litter box scratch and we all know why cats scratch litter. If an oval is looped on both sides (imagine hair parted in the middle with bangs hanging on each side) indicates big liars. Those who forget to dot i’s, cross t’s and have cover strokes in small “m’s and n’s” are secretive and they can play people.

Recall that little-girl Ford had deleted all her social media BEFORE she went public that she’s the author of the accusatory letter Sen. Dianne “my personal driver of 20 years is a Chinese spy” Feinstein forwarded to the Justice Department. The deletion of her social media is another indication of her “careful not to divulge too much of herself”, “secretive”, and “deception”. What was contained in her social media we’ll never know.

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119 responses to “Christine Blasey Ford’s body language

  1. I had her figured out too. I’ve a similar background, so her demeanor was ridiculous and laughable.
    Not the childish handwriting though, but now that I see it, it is meant to show innocence, but failed miserably.
    Good blog on Ford’s deceptiveness.

  2. I saw this earlier today and you are quite correct on all points. I off-handedly commented that maybe she’s an “alter” is only somewhat tongue in cheek. If she isn’t she is VERY manipulative.

    The problem I see is that her personality traits judged by the handwriting analysis, would not lend itself to her expending that much effort. I really do think that her father’s ties to the CIA and her ties to Stanford have much to do with this.

    In the world of dirty tricks the social circle is not as large as one may think. I have some things that relate our young Master Hogg to this as well. There are also mutual ties to the attorney, Katz.

    In SHES I commented many times about the proliferation of various seemingly disparate groups all working toward the same goals. This is how it works. They keep tabs on all of their creations and they call on them as needed.

    Having her in the same locale as Kavanaugh at the same time led them right to her. I think the loony lawyer for “Stormy” was a wild card. He is just another ambulance chaser.

    I believe the writing analysis. Somehow, she is all those things. Not every accomplished person got there through their own efforts. I have a sister who is a psychologist with a PhD and believe me, you wouldn’t want her analyzing you. She’s as unstable as they come, but she’s still in practice.

    We just don’t know. Maybe she’s a druggie. Maybe she drinks. Maybe she’s crazy. Having degrees doesn’t mean you’re immune. Clearly, she lies. Clearly she should know what the word “exculpatory” means. Clearly most PhD’s would not hand write notes to a senator and misspell their own name.

    • I didn’t see your previous comment about her being an “alter,” but that is actually what I think, too. I believe what we witnessed was an “alter” personality of that of a 15-year old girl. The high, childish voice; the hair hanging in front of eye for quite some time before she finally moved it away. I just can’t believe that a middle-aged professional (at Stanford, no less) could “present” that way all of the time and be perceived as at all credible. Now that I see her handwriting, THAT looks very childish to me, too. They probably triggered that “alter” personality before they had her write that.

      • Yeah, could be. That’s how it struck me. Given all the rest that we know about her background and associations. Hard to “prove” but maybe not hard to notice.

    • The thing is Ford isn’t a licensed psychologist. I was sent to: today that breaks that thought. I took it upon myself to go to California’s Board of Psychology website and did a “verify” license search. I put in Christine Ford, Christine Blasey Ford, C Ford, C Blasey Ford and NOTHING was found. This woman is not a licensed psychologist and her Stanford bio has been changed to eliminate the “research psychologist” description. I’m beginning to believe this Ford is a pathological liar, where last night I only thought she was a liar.

      • I think that they find places for their operatives. I think that not having a license prohibits a psychologist from seeing patients. I don’t know how it works in the research realm.

        The whole thing is VERY suspicious.

        • She doesn’t need a license in the research area. But the problem comes with using “research psychologist” designation in her Stanford profile and in front of a Congressional committee. She can say she does research in psychology she cannot state that she is a “psychologist”. I am a healthcare worker that needs to be licensed in my state. Someone who is not licensed in my field is not allowed to use the designation. It is the same for her. I have been under the impression over the last week-via MSM and Ford-that Ford was a licensed psychologist. I would bet my house that doing that is against the law in CA. And I would bet that the Judiciary Committee was also under the impression that she was a licensed psychologist. Stanford knew that having “research psychologist” was a big no, no and that is why her profile has been changed to “Affiliate; Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences”. It just confirms to what I have thought all along. She is a liar and possibly pathological.

          • Thanks, that’s helpful. Her bonafides were misleading. I have a sister with a PhD in psychology and a license. I have held licenses (but not in this field) and usually there are continuing education requirements, etc., that go with them.

            She must have lied to the university. I guess it doesn’t matter much when your getting several years worth of pay from “Go Fund Me”.

            • It’s the same for me. I work in healthcare and my state is fanatical that we have a license. There have been several clinics opened over the years by people who are not licensed in my field. They’ve gotten caught and, if I remember correctly, in the 1990’s early 2000’s were arrested for it.

  3. She’s certifiable if you ask me, either that or she is a very well trained operative.
    Why does she say she was going to the “restroom” yet then afterward goes into the “bathroom”? Who does that – 2 different words for the same thing?
    IMO the amount of detail & description to irrelevant details is trying to make up for the lack of any substantive material. Smoke & mirrors.
    I watched the whole thing and didn’t believe a single word out of this lunatics mouth. Who the heck says I need caffeine? My brain is tired? not to mention the bs clinical terms she used, indelibly imprinted on the hippocampus is the laughter, laughing at her expense?
    WTH why are they laughing at her expense -explain that one Dr. Fraud? Plus if this was such a serious sexual attack with you screaming I doubt they would be laughing. She is full of it.
    Totally agree with the body language and handwriting analysis.

    • If the voice was feigned, she did an AWFUL job. I can’t stand listening to it. It does not illicit sympathy, only annoyance.

      If I met someone who was that tightly strung after 36 years I’d consider them a candidate for therapy or worse. The story doesn’t even make sense.

      The very idea of taking a respected judge and making a sex maniac out of him on national TV is pretty ballsy. Whether I agreed with his politics or not I wouldn’t think him the sort to engage in this.

      Somebody REALLY needs to be sued over this.

    • Going to the ‘restroom’ implies you need to use the restroom. As an object, it is a bathroom. Just a guess.

    • She HAD to “not remember” the exact house address & specific names of people who gave her rides to/from the party because the homeowner & driver(s) could be found/interrogated which could have killed the scam before it got off the ground.

      Hence, concrete & verifiable memories had to be “forgotten” & ambiguous mumbo jumbo ramblings of her opinions, feelings, & UNverifiable “memories” had to be offered up to the “audiences” instead.

  4. A bad actress…Like the article, she jumps on showing her intelligence with how the brain encodes memories, but cannot figure out if she was recorded and goes all coy with any other question of substance.

    Good article, any person who has lived amongst humans could tell she was acting.

  5. She can’t remember how she got to the party, can’t remember exactly who was at the party (changed her story about that), can’t remember how she got home from the party, which all spells she was skunk drunk even before getting there and even more drunk after she got there, yet after not remembering all of that, she was 100% sure it was Kavanaugh that assaulted her. She claimed that she went upstairs to the bathroom. Why? upstairs, was there no bathroom on the first floor? And as she got up there, Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge grabbed her and shoved her into a bed room, which she described in great detail, yet she could not remember anything else about the party. So why was Kavanaugh and Judge upstairs instead of downstairs with the rest of the party goers? Were they up there just waiting for her or someone to come up to jump on them? Give me a break, the woman is lying through her lawyers teeth. Her entire story stinks to high heaven.

    • She only “remembers” what her lawyer told her to say. Today the MSM is full of pictures of an angry Kavanaugh and they’re trying to spin that as if he has anger issues. They are truly disgusting.

    • You’re right. So why didn’t somebody say “so then what did you do?”. Did you shimmy down the drainpipe? Did you use your super powers to blow the door off its frame? What did you say to the other people downstairs when you escaped?

      Oh that’s right. All you can remember is frat boy holding you down on the imaginary bed while his evil friend laughed at you. Come to think of it, there’s room for multiple law suits here.

  6. I don’t know why everyone missed this but…there was music playing in the upstairs bedroom but not downstairs where the gathering was happening. Huh?

  7. I just noticed this. How did she get out of the locked bedroom?

    • That’s a very good question. Funny nobody asked her.

    • Kathy, it was locked from the inside to keep others out, I believe.

    • I think it was locked from the inside. Most bedrooms in modern houses are not lockable from the outside, are they? Presumably it was locked so nobody else could get in. But that’s most likely irrelevant, because probably none of it happened anyway.

  8. That picture where she is looking down her nose at you almost makes me think of satan as soon as I saw it, that was my first thought and usually your first thought is the right one.
    But it just hit me that way. The sad thing is everybody in this country knows what is going on and what just happened; if not they are blinder than bats.

  9. Wow! The video about her body language was very interesting. I googled around to find out more about Dr. Ford, and it seemed like the search results were so filled with mainstream media that research material couldn’t be found.

  10. Who says sedition doesn’t pay?

    She can buy a lot more of whatever she was on in that hearing with this.

  11. Am I the only one around here that thinks perfesser Ford is going to wind up committing Arkancide at some point?

    • I hadn’t considered that. It looks like she hit the jackpot on “Go Fund Me”. She’s the darling of the communists. She may feel so empowered she’ll want to be fitted for a dick.

    • What makes you think Blasey Ford will be Arkancided?
      People get Arkancided only if they whistleblow or pose a threat to the corrupt PTB.
      What threat does Blasey Ford pose? Her CIA dad is part of the Deep State.
      She already made $750,000 from GoFundMe.

      • You are completely correct about that Dr. E. She is having a ball. It’s probably the first time she’s been asked by her owners to take the lead on something.

        For those who may not know, these spooks are usually completely insane. She looks to me like the product of the company she keeps. Did you read Lana’s information. My Gawd! She’s more connected than Obongo.

      • At some point, her idiocy might no-longer be useful to the establishment commies, and if her REAL past is delved into deeply enough, she could very well become a liability to them.

        Either that, or she could wind up in a cheap motel room next to a drained bottle of vodka and an empty pill bottle – without any help from others.

        I’m not saying either will happen, but I would not be at all surprised if at some point, she is found at room temperature.

        • Ha, ha, another auto-erotic doorknob hanging? That would be ironic, wouldn’t it?

          • I am pretty sure there is no shortage of commie-libs that would love to see her become a “martyr for the cause.”

            They would be out screaming “TRUMP KILLED HER!!!” or something to that effect, and their brain-dead disciples would fall for it in a second.

            The lefty baby killers don’t give a damn about her.

            To them, it’s all about power.


            • They’d be out gnashing their teeth and rending their garments. “She held it in for (sniff!), ….THIRTY-SIX YEARS (sob!).

  12. Her skin is very bad for her age. I would not be surprised if she is a heavy drinker. She also spends a lot of time in the sun…all the vacations she flies to.
    Great article. She totally was playing a dumb blonde.

    • She didn’t look good in her yearbooks either. All the more reason to think this is bunk. I’m not sure anybody could get that drunk.

    • She’ll be able to afford nice skin/spa treatments with her gofundme money…

      • Oh yes. Lying is a highly paid industry. I’m sure she’ll be a lot less “stressed” with a fat bank account. That’s reminiscent of SHES too. What was that about dad being in the laundry business?

        I’m sure its all on the up and up. What upstanding citizen wouldn’t want to send gobs of money to somebody recovering from a 36 year-old grope?

  13. Well, here you have it. The new Mc Stain, Jeff Flake asked for another week. Bend over everybody. Who’s your buddy. Republicans should deluge this RINO jerk with mail.

  14. Folks (and I am NOT repeating this because I have read it several times posted today) I am 68 years old…and when I put on make-up…I do not look that old/that battered.
    The lines in her face are worse than mine!!!

  15. Dr. E thank you for all you do exposing the truth.
    These interviews are so important I posted 2 separate links where you can watch them as I’m not sure if you need to be a subscriber to Dark Journalist to view them.
    Click that link first and be sure you listen to the beginning of Part 2 so you never use any product with Aspartame again and you’ll realize why it’s in all chewing gum and candy.

    After you watch both videos, you’ll know what the Circus in the Senate Hearings with Professor Fraud destroying Judge Kavanagh and his family was all about; especially those guilty outspoken criminal Senators. Her father was the paymaster for CIA Dark Projects and brother also works for the CIA. Dr. Ford displayed all the markers of MKULTRA early childhood trauma PROGRAMING with “alters” and dissociative personality disorder. Her abuse occurred long before High School and Judge Kavanaugh had NOTHING to do with it.

    I think the plot was conjured up when someone got a copy of the book written by Mark Judge and that’s why he was the patsy selected to be in the bedroom with Brett Kavanaugh. Don’t doubt for a minute that more than 50% of the Senators and others in the Hearing knew Ford was damaged as a child and WHO DID IT. That’s why Ford was selected to participate in their theater of crime against Judge Kavanaugh.

    Part 1 (54 Minutes)

    Part 2 (40 Minutes)
    The above interviews are extremely worthwhile Cathy gave to Daniel Liszt of Dark Journalist February 2017. Knowledge is your only defense against Mind Control.

    MK Ultra Mind Control and Project Monarch were exposed at the 1974 Senator Church Hearings with CIA Director, Bill Colby. Do a search for the video on YT.

    Cathy O’Brien – Her website and 3 Books I encourage you to buy so you recognize the MKULTRA markers in bankers, politicians, attorneys, judicial, law enforcement, clergy etc. The books are available on her site through Ebay. Tranceformation of America Book released in 1995. Access Denied for Reasons of National Security and PTSD – Time To Heal Work Book.

    Cathy’s husband, Mark died September 2017.

  16. I thought baby Chrissy was really classy when she chugged her drink from the bottle instead of pouring it into a glass.

  17. That look you give when lying at a congressional hearing!

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  19. The following from zero hedge talks about Christine Fords father. Ex CIA Chief, John Brennan, who hates President Trump and will do anything to destroy the USA, including pulling in favors.

    CIA black money operative Ralph G. Blasey Jr. remains secure, too—and who, today, is the Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.—whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security for “Deep State” elites in Washington D.C.—that is overseen by Red Coats, Inc. co-founder and Vice Chairman William F. Peel III—and whose Datawatch Systems, Peel IIIalso controls, has USgovernment contracts extending till 23 June 2023 under the category of 246.42.1 to provide US defense and intelligence agencies with facility management systems to include accessories and repair parts, computerized systems for surveillance, monitoring, controlling, signaling and reporting multiple functions

  20. My first question would have been “where are your parents and sibs” They know she is lying.And they should be questioned.
    Note also that she omitted the Ford from her signature
    Anyone not an MD who emphasizes the doctor title is usually a fraud

  21. christopher garbacz

    Ford’s students and friends should know a lot. Addiction should be easy to determine. FBI should be able to recreate social media deletions. Students from high school should be able to provide background. Friends at the beach blowouts? Male contact cut-off? Greeting Mark Judge at the Safeway is a major flaw in testimony – assuming it happened. Why would she have any contact? A bridge too far! Cross exam should have been all over that. Was the father not in banking? Dr title gets tossed around a lot in academia, but usually not at high level schools. Often profs will have students address them by first names. Not exactly the old German model of Herr Doctor Professor. If she is involved in providing therepy, the Dr title would be part of establishing her authority and expertise and billing. The hair over glasses is a way of showing her disarray and trauma.

  22. As a molestation survivor myself at first I was feeling badly for Blasey Ford but as testimony went on I became more and more convinced she deserved an Oscar. They didn’t need more time because she couldn’t fly they needed more time to perfect her acting. Maybe something did happen to her but it wasn’t Kavanaugh. No way would he put his entire life on the line by lying under oath. Those dumb Dems asked her nothing. Where were her yearbooks? I also felt she read Judges book or her lawyers did when she mentioned the store but couldn’t name it. His calendar documentation was A+. Where is her detailed background check. Since there is a delay we have plenty of time to do a full report on her. The Repbs were trying to treat her nicely because the Dems screamed they were all white men. They got played. Mitchell got some good info but couldn’t stream it together because of the format. Why didn’t she go, he go, she go, he go? The results would have been a total confirmation of Kavanaugh.I hope he dosn’t give up.

    • Well Mary, one of the advantages they had was all of the solemnity of a “trial” without any rules. Observers were “expected” to believe as the default position. No one attempted to make her prove her allegations even though they were hers to prove.

      This might be excusable if this wasn’t a room full of lawyers. Everyone acted like the most important aspect was that women didn’t get angry. Even if I believed her, which I don’t, thirty-six years is a LONG time to mull something like this over.

      I doubt VERY MUCH that in a civil court she could prevail. This thing was pure theater. It is a public embarrassment.

  23. Is the FBI also tasked with investigating Judge Kavanaugh’s accusers, their lawyers with the strange coincidence of sharing clients (Avenatti’s accuser was once one of Katz’s clients), their associates, and why all the accusers scrubbed their social media accounts? They can do that and it might expose the motive behind all this (though I suspect everyone already knows what that is, including our friends on the Left). I know this is a ridiculous question to ask in light of how some government officials have unfairly meted out justice in the most recent past, but shouldn’t the FBI be looking at all the people involved in this political fiasco? And shouldn’t that be exposed to clear this good and decent man’s name? As Americans who care about justice and the equal application of law, shouldn’t we be asking that of our representatives, the President, and the FBI? Why hasn’t anyone in the media, from either side of the political spectrum, put this question to the FBI?

    • Well Ana, they SHOULD be looking at them. It is a crime to lie to Congress. Of course they won’t, which is why they continue to do what they do.

      Just like the Soros-paid apparatchik that confronted Flake in the elevator. He subsequently demanded another investigation. She claimed to be a “victim”. She isn’t. It’s a lie. So…….?

      Swinestein has been caught in so many lies in this its pathetic. They are all utterly shameless. Somebody needs to start heating the tar.

    • Good questions. Just WHAT is it they are trying to establish? Is it whether or not he groped a girl thirty-six years ago? That’s not “illegal”.

      I don’t believe it. If it happened she would have told someone. Unless of course, it wasn’t really as traumatic as she claims now.

  24. LMAO at the handwriting analysis bit. Seriously. XD

    • Then you have a very strange sense of humor. Seriously. XD

      • leeann Springer

        Sometimes, I offer a free personal handwriting analysis for those with doubts. The ones who do accept my offers, are very surprised that so much can be analyzed from handwriting. So, if JS wants a complimentary analysis, the offer is made to him. Leeann

    • Many cases have been solved with hand writing and linguistic analysis. Crimes committed by the Unabomber, Robert Durst, and the BTK killer.

      Maybe instead of insulting Leann’s professional analysis you could offer your own expertise critique of Ford’s hand writing. But that would require some extended thought rather than using Alinsky 101…

      • leeann Springer

        DCG: I’ve made JS a free offer for a personal HA. Sometimes, I make complimentary offers for those with doubts. : ) Leeann

  25. Was Christine inebriated the day of the alleged assault? I would think she would know how she got home since it was 6.2 miles to her home. Did she need therapy because of the assault or because of her sexual conquests and drinking parties? Maybe she had drinking problem. I hope she isn’t a shrinking violet when she teaching at Stanford like she was at the hearing.
    What is the true Christine Blasey Ford like. Her students should be able to tell you after seeing her at the hearing.

  26. Looks like Slapsy Maxie is beyond sedition. Maybe she should start a “Go Fund Me” page too.

  27. Does anyone have a recording of Christine Blasey Ford’s voice prior to the testimony? I just can’t believe a professor would talk in that voice!

    • I couldn’t find any.
      She probably got rid of any recordings, along with all her social media — hardly the behavior of someone with nothing to hide. But we are to believe in her honesty. /sarc

    • The “uptalking” inflection pattern heard at the ending of C. B. Ford’s statements [as heard in TV excerpts of her testimony] was artificial/unnatural and manipulative–not at all the inflection pattern that would be expected in an honest witness making truthful statements.
      Ford may also have been practicing self-hypnosis in the course of giving testimony and may have coached others on how to take/manipulate polygraphs [according to reports/analyses I have read online].

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  29. christopher garbacz

    Ritual Defamation by Laird Wilcox. Ritual D by Stella Morabito at the Federalist. Step by step explanation of the process.

  30. Thank you so much for your keen analysis
    I could not believe until I read your blog nobody was picking up on what seemed to me so obvious, the blatant pretense and manipulation.
    But I also feel that her demeanor suits the present climate perfectly
    If she had exhibited any womanly or adult behavior she could have been discredited more easily.
    This whole little girl powerless syndrome is such a classic and unfortunately still fully embraced by women

    • Yep. Pretty Orwellian. “Weakness is power”. We must be weak for our superior, The State. They will take care of us.

  31. James Nicholson

    Its also very hard to believe this professor has such bad handwriting. Would love to see samples of her handwriting say from early this year or in prior years.

  32. Sandra Z Roller

    I am a retired elementary teacher of thirty-seven years.
    I have known that children scribble a word to disguise the fact they do not know the answer to try to pass it by their teacher.
    Without knowing that Christine Ford wrote that letter I would guess it was written by a fifth grader.

  33. Hey Guys, you want to hear something really scary? A blogger who had posted Dr. Frauds high school yearbook, which had been scrubbed before he found a copy of it to put on his blog, has disappeared off the site. It was Boy, the Left is working overtime.

    • Et tu? So Blogger has joined WordPress in arbitrarily taking down blogs.

      • I don’t know how or why but it does seem suspicious. Fortunately, Laura Ingraham had gotten a copy of it and plastered it all over TV last night. Shows the girls at Holten Arms were far from angels.
        It’s been reported that Dr. Ford and Senator Corey Booker have known one another for decades, having met through a mutual connection with a university peer counseling center. Maybe he’s the man who groped her. He did admit in his book that he groped drunk women.
        Amazing how these ‘coincidences’ keep adding up.

      • Well, I have PDF’s of a couple of them:

        Erasing history, how Marxian.

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  35. Now she took a privately arranged polygraph. If she had failed it it would never had been made public right? Talk about no pressure.
    How does that work if you arrange a private polygraph. Are the results made public?
    If you fail can you arrange for another?

  36. Another lie of Ford’s is revealed:

    “Ford testified last week that she had never revealed the details of the alleged attack until 2012, when she was in couples therapy with her husband. She said the memories percolated up as they revisited a disagreement they’d had over her insistence on installing a “second front door” when they had remodeled their Palo Alto, Calif., home.

    But documents reveal the door was installed years before as part of an addition, and has been used by renters and even a marriage counseling business.

    “The door was not an escape route but an entrance route,” said an attorney familiar with the ongoing congressional investigation. “It appears the real plan for the second front door was to rent out a separate room.”

  37. She should be prosecuted. So should her husband and her lawyer.

  38. People who have lied should be prosecuted.

  39. She is confused about the year it happenned (she previously stated it was the mid 80s and she may have been in her late teens) But at the hearing says she knew she did not drive there and at 16 she usually drove to parties. She knows she was born in 1967, how could she not know it had to be 1982 or earlier and she had to be under 16 years old? The music was turned up louder than her screams but all she hears is boys laughing. She was on a bed with a person’s full weight on top of her with his hand over her mouth – but several times she was able to make eye contact with the boy across the room? She said she was pushed into the bedroom at the top of the stairs before she got to the bathroom. When she had the chance to escape, she unlocked the bedroom door, rushed across to the bathroom, where she had to shut that door and lock it to wait for the boys to leave the area. Why didn’t she just run down the stairs to where her friends were and the exit? She came to this gathering from the pool, wearing her clothes over her wet suit. Did she carry a bag? With a towel or at least money for a pay phone? If she rushed out without seeing the others, did she retrieve her bag? She left her friend with a potential rapist and nurderer. Did she worry about that at all? What kind of friends are these people who didn’t wonder why she suddenly left without speaking to anyone?

  40. I have two questions: Why is it in this day and age would someone write a letter instead of using your computer and then printing it?
    2- Did anyone ask Dr. Ford (or did I miss something?) whether the party was afternoon or night. Was there a light on in the bedroom?

  41. Bobs your uncle

    The fake voice (fry) would avoid voice analysis, the large reading glasses would help avoid eye contact, looking through them, she would have seen a blur. What I saw was a criminal fraud with among other things, a million reasons.

  42. I took graphology courses from Dan and Florence Anthony in NYC 50 years ago in college. They taught me all about deception in handwriting. I have retained probably 80% of what I was taught plus I still have my original class notes and handouts. The note she wrote to the polygraph guy was truly revealing. When I stumbled upon the note in the Daily Mail UK and analyzed it myself…I could see all her deception literally jump off the page!!!! The HA professional and I were both spot on in our analysis of this liar.

    I saw her testimony live and thought she was a complete FRAUD as well. Her body language screamed deception as well. I believe the MK Ultra alter came out during her performance as well. Someone must have triggered her right before she testified.

    I do hope that she is brought up on perjury charges and spend some time in a prison cell for this absurd performance….but sadly she probably won’t be.

    The left is now using typical Communist tactics on America and most people are not even aware of this sham…. They want to destroy this wonderful country any way they can…. If this was just a media sheet show to block something else…..then this is more pathetic than I even thought it was.

    • What I would like to know is when are the women who made charges against Justice Kavanaugh going to be criminally investigated? Investigating these women’s claims is really the only way to clear Kavanaugh’s good name and reputation and stop slander for political gain in the future. It will also stop the Democrats from delegitimizing any future verdict Kavanaugh makes. Otherwise, they’ll just ignore any verdict he makes in the future claiming that as it was a criminal who made the verdict, the verdict isn’t valid. As an American who believes in justice and fairness, I cannot believe that the Republicans will just drop this and allow the cloud of false accusations to swirl around Justice Kavanaugh to be used against him and the Republican party as a political weapon in the future. I also cannot believe that the Republican party would not want to justify Kavanaugh’s seat on the bench and the only way to do that is by exposing the conspiracy waged by the Democrats to prevent Kavanaugh from obtaining a seat on the bench. That is why the Republicans cannot drop this and just let it go.
      Any electoral advantage to the Republicans in the midterms, like the threat the Democrats are making of impeaching Justice Kavanaugh, will not be worth the damage that will continue to be done to Kavanaugh and the SCOTUS.
      Exposing the conspiracy waged by the Democrats to stop Kavanaugh will do more to bolster the electorate to vote against the Democrats than any minor advantage Democrats threats of impeachment will provide. Americans, for the most part, are fair. When what the Democrats tried to do are fully exposed, the electorate will punish the Democrats and send that party into political oblivion. Of that I am certain.
      We must all contact Sen. Grasley and Sen. Graham, and demand that they investigate the Democrat Party, the women they put up to lie and their lawyers, and any co-conspirators, like Dr. Fraud’s FBI friend. She tried to get Leland Keyser, (the woman Dr. Fraud claimed could verify her story but who denied being at the party or ever having met Judge Kavanaugh), to change her story (or as Keyser told the FBI – pressured her to change her story), and charge them with a crime if the investigation finds that crimes were committed, which is clear there was – the very least of which is perjury. They disrupted this whole country over a lie, destroyed a fine and honorable man’s life, destroyed his family’s lives, and deligitimized the highest court in the land with this conspiracy. They must be be made to pay for their crime against this country. Exposing them to the people will be the best punishment. Sending them to jail will be the pinnacle of justice.

    • Thank you, Linda, with your graphology training, for corrobating Leeann Springer’s analysis.

  43. It’s the Bromwich PR firm too. They were there throughout this debacle.
    Ms Schwartz short essay on use of social media in their PR campaigns

    The members of the Tribe.

  44. Bobs your uncle

    When you think of the millions of dollars in research in human sexual behavior, millions in federal grants, thousands of books. I read Krakuars book Missoula, and was amazed at the federal governments involvement in these issues under Obama. The best they could come up with is, you should get a long prison sentence and you should be raped by your cellmate big Bubba. It really is too bad CBF and her handlers will likely never face any consequences for what can only be described as criminal fraud.

  45. Just a bit more to help understand this whole scam. They all have “connections” ripe for use in situations like these:

  46. Just a little about polygraphs. This man was indicted for exposing them. It is easy to defeat them if you know what you’re doing. It sounds like Blasey-Ford knew what she was doing:

  47. Bobs your uncle

    Whats the motivation? go fund me million dollars, hundreds of thousands in speaking fees, book deals, hero of the revolution status. If law enforcement starts closing in, a diagnosis of mental illness and not responsible and would need to retire with full pension and disability. People on or around most college campuses are already aware of these tactics. Ladies its not to late to start laying the groundwork for your claim, start by pretending to be fearful of men without naming anyone, you are to fearful,remember? you can insert some poor suckers name later, ask to be escorted on campus or have someone present when ever a…….. you get the picture


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