Christine Blasey Ford and the Hillary Clinton Connection

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During the 2016 presidential campaign on August 21, rabid anti-Trumper Cher hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at the Pilgrim Monument & Museum in Provincetown, Cape Cod.

The fundraiser, attended by a cheering crowd of about 1,000 useful idiots, netted $1.5 million for Hillary’s campaign coffers. (Cape Cod Times)

Below is a pic of Hillary, dressed in a hospital-gownlike smock, leaving the event.

Note the dark-haired woman behind Hillary.

In 2016, we’d assumed the woman was just some anonymous Hillary flunky.

But wait!

She’s no flunky.

That woman is none other than Debra Katz, Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s attorney. (H/t Neon Revolt)

Wikipedia describes Debra Katz as follows:

Debra S. Katz is a civil rights and employment lawyer and a founding partner of Katz, Marshall & Banks in Washington, DC. Katz was raised in a Jewish family on Long Island…. Katz represents Christine Blasey Ford, professor at Palo Alto University, who in September 2018 alleged that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the early 1980s, when they were both teenagers.

According to Slate, Debra Katz “is known for her work representing sexual harassment and abuse victims”. Both Katz and Ford’s other attorney, Michael Bromwich (whom Wikipedia describes as also “raised in a Jewish family”) are representing the Kavanaugh accuser pro bono, despite the fact that Christine Blasey Ford has received more than half a million ($528,315) in GoFundMe donations.

What both Slate and Wikipedia neglected to tell us is that Debra Katz is also a Hillary Clinton operative.

One of Wikileaks‘ Podesta emails shows that Debra Katz was an early fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The email, intended for Clinton, stated that as of November 2015 Katz had raised over $29,000.

In Katz, we see the hidden hand of Hillary in the ongoing machinations to take down Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Hillary Clinton had done this before. In 2016, her pal, Esprit Clothing founder Susie Tompkins Buell, paid $500,000 in an unsuccessful effort to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct. (Fox News)

On Hillary’s animus against Trump, see:

On Christine Ford, see:

UPDATE (Sept. 30):

Snopes claims that the woman with Hillary was Barbara Kinney.

Not true: Kinney has a bulbous nose; Debra Katz and the woman in the pic with Hillary has a thin, pointy nose.

Barbara Kinney (l) is not the woman with Hillary (r)

H/t Flanders


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49 responses to “Christine Blasey Ford and the Hillary Clinton Connection

  1. It was hard to find as Kellyanne Conway said the “media buried the story” but here it is.

    Hillary Clinton backer paid $500G to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct before Election Day, report says

    • Thank you! I’ll add that link to the post.

    • The Lawyer Katz IS a friend of George Soros. Her client, Prof. Ford was in a photo WITH George Soros at a party. It is NO Surprise, as Hillary WAS to be Soros’ Next Puppet in the Whitehouse, Obama being His First.

      Just hope the FBI CAN look into the Soros-Funding-and Sedition charges against this Evil SOB, as he is ‘Continuing to Try to Undermine a Sitting POTUS-Trump AND his Administration.’

      I for one, do NOT believe Prof. Ford, as ‘her memory is Way TOO selective and IF she had been assaulted in this home(she can’t recall where or HOW she got there, then WHY would she claim “I ran out of that house, when I know that Kavanaugh/Judge were already down the stairs….so did she STOP
      to let her “lifelong Friend know what happened and to ALSO “Get OUT of this house?” NOPE….Nor, did she tell under questioning, WHO picked her up to drive her 7 miles to Her home….perhaps because the PERSON does NOT even exist….OR, she got into a car(a supposed assault victim) and looked ‘Totally Calm and Said Nothing…even as she was in Panic Mode??’

      If Such a driver exists, she does NOT want that person to be questioned as it would BLOW HER WHOLE STORY.

      This woman, btw. is a “Democrat Operative, who has appeared at Rallies to protest Trump in her puccy hat”…..I think she is NO VICTIM, but a Liar, as her ‘selective stories(undoubtedly promoted by Katz, etc.) and that TWO question polygraph test that No One is investigating???? ALL SOROS TYPE
      and the Liberal Media…in his quest to weaken America, and make us answerable to the Corrupt U.N. & International Law.)

      Obama did Soros’ Bidding for 8 long years and NEARLY did take America down the tubes, and Hillary was to “FINISH OFF AMERICA, WITH THE FIX IN, AND NO CHARGES BY OBAMA, ETAL.”



    • It’s even more outrageous when you consider who she’s married to.

  2. Shocker, not.

    We all know this is a coordinated attack.

  3. I suspect blasey ford’s lawyers will be back tracking on that “pro bono” thing when they see her ‘go fund me’ account.

    • You can be sure that “pro bono” doesn’t actually mean Katz & Bromwich don’t get paid. They are, just not by Ford.

      • I think its sort of like that haul on “Go Fund Me”. Does anyone actually believe that the nation was so heart broken over Dr. Bambi’s squeaky performance that they spent their kids college money on her?

        I wonder if it was one big check or hundreds of small ones?

    • I don’t think so. The lawyers are funded by George Soros.

  4. I really wish this mattered. There are a dozen connections to Clinton and Comey ….. and NOTHING.

  5. Dr. Eowyn … I hope your identification as to the fact that Katz and Michael Bromwich were both raised in ‘Jewish families’ has some significance beyond an intent to inflame bigotry and religious prejudice!

    After all, how is their heritage relevant when the power behind the Senate Democrats abuse of Judge Kavenaugh are Bill and Hillary Clinton – neither of whom was raised in a ‘Jewish family’!

    • @Sam The key is the following:
      “(with a mainly Jewish hierarchy)”

      The Bolsheviks (Russian: Большеви́к IPA: [bəlʲʂɨˈvʲik], derived from bolshinstvo, “majority”) were a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP) which split from the Menshevik faction at the Second Party Congress in 1903. The Bolshevik Party Political Programme was published in August of that year.[1] Its local organisations across the country were called Soviets, and it later became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
      Bolsheviks (or “the Majority”) were an organization of professional revolutionaries (with a mainly Jewish hierarchy) who were strictly governed internally by their principle of quasi-democratic centralism and a quasi-military discipline, and externally by terror and murder. They considered themselves as the vanguard of the revolutionary proletariat of the world, not just Russia. Their beliefs and practices are referred to as Bolshevism.
      The party was founded by Vladimir Lenin, who also led it in the October Revolution when the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia and went on to found the Soviet Union.

  6. off-topic- Dr. Eowyn- Looks like James Fetzer’s blog has been taken down.

  7. Debra Katz is really a man, right?

    As for the disgusting skank Cher, I saw a couple of articles last night that her house was raided by authorities this week. I think it had something to do with a person staying there. Fentanyl was mentioned in the article.

    • Yeah, Katz looks almost as “feminine” as Big Mike. As to Cher, I read a piece that said one of her house guests (a drug dealer) was arrested for selling tainted goods that resulted in a death.

      As to the “connections”. I found tons of them. They all worship at the same altar.

      • That would be her house on Jupiter, right? I believe she moved there after Trump was elected.

        “In a June 2015 Twitter exchange with another user, Cher tweeted: “IF HE WERE TO BE ELECTED, IM MOVING TO JUPITER”

    • “The son of one of Cher’s employees was arrested on suspicion of possession for sale of a controlled substance on Thursday, the same day the award-winning actress and singer’s Malibu home was searched by law enforcement.

      Authorities took Donovan Ruiz, 23, into custody in connection with a two-week narcotics investigation that began when someone died after overdosing on fentanyl in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County sheriff’s Capt. Garo Kuredjian said.”

  8. Just as a little background. The “triggered victims” who screamed at Flake in the elevator and later resulted in Flake demanding an investigation are Soros-paid agents:

    They’re all in it together or too stupid for the offices they hold.

  9. For those who want to dazzle their friends with their precognitive powers I suggest that you take a few minutes and read the attached. Give it a while to sink in. This is precisely what this is all about. Flake and his little buddies are the spoilers hired to do the dirty deed:

    They will drag this on, and on, and on until they give up in disgust. All on an unsubstantiated allegation. Think about it. Not one of these spineless swine stood up and said “let’s vote”.

    • Below is a google translation from over the dam where Obongo just visited to collect a few more shekels for his favorite causes. Sounds like Flake is replacing Bongo as their hero.

      “Republican Senator is celebrated after the Kavanaugh rebel. Now he sails as a possible challenger to Trump in the 2020 election. Jeff Flake played a crucial role in the drama around Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court on Friday. Now it is speculated whether he will be a presidential candidate against Trump.”

      • Unfortunately yes. They all work for the same boss. It was very helpful that Trump said that she was “credible”. Really? Where would she be credible? Maybe on Uranus.

      • Jeff Flake is a “NeoCon”.
        “What neoconservatives really dislike about their “allies” among traditional conservatives is simply the fact that the conservatives are conservatives at all—that they support “this notion of a Christian civilization,” as Midge Decter put it, that they oppose mass immigration, that they criticize Martin Luther King and reject the racial dispossession of white Western culture, that they support or approve of Joe McCarthy, that they entertain doubts or strong disagreement over American foreign policy in the Middle East, that they oppose reckless involvement in foreign wars and foreign entanglements, and that, in company with the Founding Fathers of the United States, they reject the concept of a pure democracy and the belief that the United States is or should evolve toward it. ”
        —Samuel T. Francis.

  10. I wonder where Hillary found that “Zippy the Pinhead” outfit? Katz looks like Adam Lanza with a doo.

  11. Trump was supposed to JAIL Hillaryous. But he didn’t! Even called her a “good person”.

    Now an article written by Pat Buchanan says this is a rehearsal on how they will impeach Trump. And guess who might be behind it???

    If this comes true, Trump might learn a hard lesson of what happens when you do not put evil away from you. It comes to bite you back in the ass.

    • Trump was supposed to JAIL Hillaryous. But he didn’t!

      There could be several reasons behind this — we don’t have access to anywhere near the information that DJT does! But lets go for just one easy possibility — suppose Mr. Trump won the election and discovered that the rumors are true, and that the zero had issued blanket pardons for all the deep state sharks. What would you have him do??

      Trump might learn a hard lesson of what happens when you do not put evil away from you. It comes to bite you back in the ass.

      Donald J. Trump is a HUGE believer in payback when someone screws you over, and he does not see the payback as an option, he thinks of it as MANDATORY. There are few men alive today who would be worse to have as an enemy than Donald John Trump — he has a keen mind, he is a black belt disciple of Sun Tzu, and he is utterly pitiless when it comes to dealing with enemies. Trust me, the last words on this have NOT been written, and if we don’t see the maneuvers, neither do his enemies, who are also OUR enemies.

      “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” — Sun Tzu —

  12. Is katz related to rachel madcow? Cousin, Sister?

  13. Jews fund the Democrat Party. Conservatives are not friends of Jews and the feeling should be mutual.

    • Wealthy “Jews” — Khazarians – fund the GOP as well, e.g., Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.
      Many so-called Neo-Conservatives are Khazarians.

    • Conservatives are not friends of Jews and the feeling should be mutual.

      Identity politics is a leftist tool and we should not stoop to use it. Conservatives should judge each individual by content of character, not ancestry.

  14. Sorry folks, the photo has already been debunked in several places, and completely dismissed and forgotten in the chans several news cycles ago.

    The woman in the photo has been identified as Barbara Kinney, who does look enough like Debra Katz to be her sister:

    Barbara Kinney was the hag’s campaign photographer, and you can see that she apparently has a camera in her hand as she walks behind.

    I see that Snopes claims to have contacted Ms. Kinney by email and received a reply confirming that she is indeed the person in the photo. [Yes, I *know* how biased Snopes is, but I’m thinking they probably wouldn’t lie about something so basic as an email contact.]

    It appears that Debra Katz was indeed a fundraiser for the hag, and there may be other connections, but if there is evidence that they were close enough to hang out together, that hasn’t been found yet that I’ve seen.

    • You’re wrong.
      Kinney has a bulbous nose; Katz, like the woman with Hillary, has a sharp pointy nose.
      Please scroll up to “Update” at the end of this post for Kinney’s pic.

  15. That seems like a very good find, Dr. E. There are some more details inside the report below, which I found during a search.

    “(Gateway Pundit) – A document from the Podesta files at Wikileaks shows that Debra Katz, the attorney for Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, was an early fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The campaign memo intended for Clinton stated that as of November 2015 Katz had raised over $29,000 for Clinton.”

    A commenter at another site had said that the party they are seen leaving from in the photo is a private party held at a house belonging to “Marcia Riklis, daughter of Meshulam Riklis, Israeli businessman.”. I have not had time to confirm or look further on that.

    This is indicated to be an archive of the photo’s source.

    • Thank you, Flanders! I’ve added this important information to this post.

      That Katz was a fundraiser for Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign makes it even more likely that the dark-haired woman with Hillary-in-the-hospital-gown-smock in that pic was indeed Debra Katz.

  16. “Juanita Broaddrick Torches Debra Katz & Co. for Supporting Hillary, Prepping Inauguration Outfits Before Even Voting”

    “In 2016, attorneys Debra Katz and Lisa Banks were preparing to buy white pantsuits as “a sign of solidarity” with Hillary Clinton on her potential presidential inauguration day. Katz believed that Clinton spoke for all women, from the early suffragists to modern-day feminists. But, one woman she most definitely does not speak for is Juanita Broaddrick. Broaddrick has long claimed that President Bill Clinton raped her and has routinely questioned why Hillary Clinton continues to support her husband. Given that Katz and Banks have been in the news all week defending their client Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Broaddrick is calling out what she says is a “double standard” and the “most flagrant and glaring form of hypocrisy.”

    *One earlier comment is in moderation.

  17. “Identified only as a protester, Katz told the broadcaster: “We are going to fight back. We are going to resist. We will not be silenced,” reported the Daily Caller.

    Footage of Debra Katz, the attorney representing Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, protesting President Trump at a Resistance rally.”

  18. Thanks Lophatt, you confirmed my suspicion concerning these two elevator nutters who just happened to appear at the precise time. Anyone who delays or detains by public disorder Congress from being about government business is subject to arrest. When they weren’t arrested, then one was invited to yack her garbage on TV, a big red flag went up proving Flake was in on it.

    The women who were screaming at Senator Jeff Flake in the elevator are Soros-funded astroturfed activists.

    Also, this link is a hoot with the picture of rats in a circle. Great find!

    Another link you posted, Investment Watchdog Blog confirms what George Green was told after an explosive ruckus Ted Kennedy caused in Nevada when he said he was going to have that young girl in bed – unaware the young teenage girl was George’s daughter. Around 25 years ago, Paul Volcker became embroiled in the shouting and told George, who raised billions for the Democrats, that both political parties are owned and controlled by the same BOSS.

    • Yes, yes, EXACTLY! Same boss always. Next time you’re in D.C. you try that. Just try to stick your face in the Senate elevator and start hollering. They’d be all over you like flies on poop.

      You don’t for a minute think that Flake didn’t know anything about this do you? This was supposed to give him some “plausibility” for his “decision”.

  19. No one has yet to come forward to corroborate Fraud Ford’s allegation against Kavanaugh. Not one single person. She has lied through her lawyers’ teeth. Claimed she could not come to DC to testify because she was afraid of flying. Lie. The boyfriend she lived with for six years said they flew all the time. She flew to her mother’s funeral. She flew to Hawaii and many other places. She flew to Chicago, French Polynesia, etc. She said she was afraid of a room that only had one door to escape from. Lie, according to her six-year boyfriend their apartment only had one door and she never said anything about it. She told the Senate, under oath, that she had never advised anyone on how to take a lie detector test. Another lie, she was an advisor to an FBI agent on the subject.

    Doesn’t know how she got to the party (read, already drunk as a skunk), doesn’t know where the party was when it was, or exactly who was there (changed her story) and doesn’t remember how she got home. She admitted to having intercourse with over 163 men in high school and college and admitted in her high school year she loved to teach younger boys about sex. Witnesses she claimed that were there all say they never were at such party.

    Has his calendar for that mouth accounting in detail for where and when he was for the entire month.
    And we are supposed to believe the little 15-year-old drunk as a skunk’s story instead of Kavanaugh.
    There is no corroborating evidence to support her allegation, not a smidgen, only her word. Not one person has come forward and said, “I was at that party”.


    A bit off topic, but this chick nails it! I couldn’t listen to Ford mainly because of her pitiful acting but I could listen to this one all day long.
    Of course she got scorched by twitter and the rest.


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