Christians Regret Voting for Obama

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Among the millions of Americans with buyer’s remorse are Christians.
Frankly, I don’t even understand why so many Christians had voted for him in 2008. I’m one of many Christians who were not fooled. How did I know? I looked into these eyes:

H/t my friend Sol.
Excerpts from Michael Gerson, “Believers’ Remorse,” Jewish World Review, Oct. 5, 2010:
As a candidate, it was a measure of Barack Obama’s political innovation and ambition that he set out to win religious voters, including evangelical Christians. As president, his failure in this effort is equally revealing.
During the campaign, Obama’s brand of progressivism was refreshingly free of secularism. He combined a conciliatory message — that believers do not need to “leave their religion at the door before entering into the public square” — with persistent outreach to religious leaders. He affirmed the importance of faith-based organizations in the provision of social services, pledging they would “be central to our White House mission.” And he made his convictions clear: “I am a Christian, and I am a devout Christian,” he told Christianity Today in 2008. “I believe in the redemptive death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”
The ground was fertile for political sowing. Many evangelicals were weary of being associated with the harsh tone of the religious right; they were increasingly concerned with ideologically unpredictable issues such as global AIDS; and their ties to the Republican Party were somewhat strained.
On Election Day, Obama’s gains among religious voters were modest but measurable. He improved on John Kerry’s 2004 performance among Protestant, Catholic and Jewish voters. John McCain’s support among white evangelicals remained high — 73% — but still six points below George W. Bush’s results in the previous election.
It was a beginning — that quickly ended. Growing percentages of Americans have described the Democratic Party as “unfriendly” toward religion. Obama has lost ground with religious Americans across the board, with Mormons and Protestants the most disillusioned. A recent Pew Research poll found that 42% of white evangelicals say they don’t know what religion Obama practices. Evangelicals were a heavy presence at the Glenn Beck rally on the National Mall, and a new study by the Public Religion Research Institute has found a large conservative Christian presence in the Tea Party ranks.
There are a number of reasons for the believers’ remorse. Social issues blurred during a campaign naturally become more vivid and divisive in the process of governing. Obama’s campaign appeal to reconciliation — which impressed many religious voters — has dissolved into prickly partisanship.
But the failure of Obama’s religious appeal is also ideological. It is true that evangelicals are generally not libertarian. They admit a place for government in encouraging values and caring for the needy. Yet they do not believe that governmental elites share their values or have their best interests at heart. Among conservative Christians, government is often viewed as a force of secularization — a source of both bureaucratic regulation and moral deregulation. By identifying with expanded government, Obama fed long-standing evangelical fears of the aggressive, secular state…. 
But many religious conservatives and libertarians are now bound in their resistance to Obama’s ideological overreach. Instead of breaking off a piece of the religious vote for his party, Obama has sent a portion into the Tea Party’s embrace.

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0 responses to “Christians Regret Voting for Obama

  1. Yep…that is exactly what I said…the eyes…but prayer first. I never voted for him either.

  2. Throughout the campaign, I kept noticing the eyes. Something there is not right!!! Is it evil or simply putting on a charade?

  3. As I have said before, I have no sympathy for those who are now suffering from OBR.
    They all had access to the same info I did, and if they failed to do their homework on a mysterious former community pisser-offer running for the most powerful political office on planet Earth, then I guess it sucks to be them.
    After all, stupid is stupid, regardless of what it comes wrapped in.

    • Concour Dave yet there are others who only had the media to listen to. My mom & her husband don’t get on a computer. Many seniors don’t as well. That said, many didn’t care about doing their homework. They voted like it was AI. Stoopid sheeple…(and my mom now is anti-Obama).

  4. Obama is the USA’s King Saul. Lots of similarities. History always teaches a lesson. Pray for King Hussein Obama he’s on a self- destructive path.

  5. Yes,E.Rodriguez,I pray he is arrested YESTERDAY!

  6. But how could americans be so stupid..even a quick look at obama’s record tells a sinister side to him. How could american’s not blanch at his anti-american friends..his snake oil ‘charm’? How could they not recoil over his statement of fundamentally changing this country AND how can there still be 43% who still approve of him? I can’t understand this. God said that in the last days He would send a delusion to those who turned their back on Him..could we be seeing this today?

  7. Kenneth Jones

    I did not vote for Obama and was criticized by both family and friends because I am black. But I felt no obligation to vote for someone to the highest office in the land simply because the color of his skin was the same as mine. If his position on important issues did not reflect mine as a follower of Christ, then I sincerely felt that I would displease the God that I serve. And unfortunately many Christians within the Afro-American community chose their “color” over their “Christianity”.

    • Bravo, Kenneth! I admire you for your independent spirit and your ability to go against Group Think. As I’ve said to Will, one of this blog’s dearest and oldest friends, we Conservatives are “your” people, not blacks. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, we should judge each other not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character — our convictions, ideals, and moral integrity.
      A very warm and enthusiastic WELCOME to our Fellowship, Kenneth! May God pour His grace and blessings on you and yours.
      Founder and Owner of Fellowship of the Minds


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