Christian videographer facing legal action after refusing to film lesbian couple's wedding

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Outraged homosexual couple

Outraged homosexual couple

DailyMail: A same-sex homosexual couple in Ohio were left flabbergasted when a local videographer refused to film their wedding citing religious reasons. Jenn Moffitt and her partner Jerra Kincely had sent an email to video production business Next Door Stories in Bexley, about filming their upcoming wedding. ‘Unfortunately at this time I do not offer services for same-sex homosexual weddings,’ replied owner Courtney Schmackers.
‘I couldn’t believe it,’ Moffitt told CNN. ‘It is a small business, and I thought this was a tight knit community. We wanted to support local commerce and to get that kind of response was astounding.’
Schmackers has refused to comment publicly on the issue but posted her version of events on Facebook.
Courtney: Sticking to her religious beliefs

Courtney: Sticking to her religious beliefs

‘I made a business decision based on my spiritual beliefs and the biblical definition of a marriage because I thought I had a right to that. Unfortunately I gave the wrong answer to the wrong person, who decided to make a private issue into a public platform,’ she wrote.
Angered by their treatment, the couple filed a complaint against the business with the Bexley Area Chamber of Commerce.
In a statement, Bexley Mayor Ben Kessler said: ‘Understandably, the community is concerned about a recent internet post regarding a query to a Bexley based business, in which the private business in question has reportedly denied a service based on sexual orientation. The City is concerned as well. We are proud of our community’s welcoming environment and encourage mutual respect and inclusivity.’
‘Bexley, Ohio is a community that embraces diversity and welcomes businesses, families and individuals of ALL sexual orientation, race, religion, age, nationality, ethnicity, disabilities, socio-economic levels, etc. As an employer and a provider of services to our residents, we extend that same openness and inclusivity.’
The city is currently one of the municipalities in Ohio that doesn’t prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Moffitt hopes the attention from officials will lead to legislation that protects Ohio’s LGBT community. ‘The outpouring from strangers has been absolutely amazing,’ she said.
Ohio is one of 13 states that currently does not allow same-sex homosexual marriage. 
The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to make a decision on whether the state’s same-sex marriage ban is constitutional come spring.
I wonder when some homosexual couple is going to sue a Muslim photographer?Not holding my breath.
gays killed by musllim

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0 responses to “Christian videographer facing legal action after refusing to film lesbian couple's wedding

  1. kristen dunbar

    It’s Jerra Knicely.

  2. I expect to see more of this. The couple knew exactly who they were asking and knew the outcome. Same for the couple that held weddings in their beautiful barn and the baker and now this videographer. This is an easy money making scheme in high gear. I am not sure what happened having the right to refuse service. So sad for society.

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    No doubt this is an intentional and planned attack on morality and moral businesses. absurd that their chamber of commerce, or any court, will address complaints or suits against businesses that refuse to cater to immoral, illegal, non-events that accomplish nothing but to stain their own morality and religious standing.

  4. Glenn, you are so right. So I had the same feeling and decided to do a little digging.
    Search term “Bexley area Ohio Videographer’s” on Google. And lo and behold.,%20OH/list
    Just so happens there are 16 other videographers on list. Now why didn’t They try them. Or if first one said now say OK, and let your fingers do the dialing.
    Folks I know this is about taking a stand for your beliefs. We keep losing in court. It amounts to “slavery”if forced to do something against your will.
    Soooo, I think God would under stand if we come up with a plan. How about you make your abjection known, advice your heart will not be in it, and someone would probably do a better job.
    With that said you force me to do it….well I will make you a cake right from “duncan hines box, maybe forget a few eggs. So sue me. I made a cake.
    You want pics, one out of three will be a tree and out of focus.
    Give them what they demand. Just not very good.
    Eff em.

  5. I’m so sick of Christians being forced to close their businesses because they don’t want to cave to sodomites. This has been going on for a long time now and there is no one, not a group or organization who is fighting this as freedom of religion. Everything is okay for Muslims’ religion, and we’re to kowtow to them, but Christians, nope they can’t say no because of their faith. Bet me the sodomites wouldn’t sue a Muslim owned company, ahem, they might lose their heads.

  6. Here in the People’s Sovit Republik of Taxachusetts you can pick up a copy of the New England GLBTQRSTUV services guide, which is a yellow pages for everything homophile. Most convenience stores, T stops, medical waiting rooms, etc have a stack of them for free along with LGBTQ news and entertainment rags. When I have been sitting on a doctor’s waiting room sometimes I’ll thumb through one out of boredom. Now LGBTQ have lists of caterers, photographers, limo services, yadda yadda etc owned and operated by gays, so why do they insist on chimping out at a non gay run business?
    Like radical leftist negroes who are just looking for and excuse to confront and cause trouble, the political radical lezbigays just want to stir up hatred, makes them feel empowered

  7. Like I’ve said,I know several people who are homosexuals,some are guys,some are women,a couple are in-betweeners,all are nice people. The big difference is that they prefer to do what they do IN PRIVATE and the only way you’d know for sure is if they trust you enough to TELL you. HUGE difference from these neon-wearing,extreme-lisping swish-walking homosexual flares who “just want to be considered equal”,but want to be MORE equal than the straight folk who believe sodomy IS an abomination before GOD. Here,AGAIN,is the Progressives ruling by “feelings” rather than by the natural order of the Rule of Law or by God’s Word.

  8. A total set up by the militant queer agenda. I feel terrible for the photographer and she should have just declined the work and left it at that.
    This will become more and more common place.
    There are now plenty of queer to queer businesses and this type of behavior is disgusting but not unexpected at all.
    It is an attack against Christianity and those who truly walk their talk by standing with their beliefs, morals and convictions.

  9. Will the homosexual community be as accepting and forgiving as they DEMAND that WE should be,when a Man and Woman go to THEM and insist-nay,DEMAND that a homosexual Baker,Priest,Flower arranger,etc. etc. do their jobs for US or be boycotted,threatened,vandalized,sued and taken to COURT for discrimination when they refuse?? They won’t like it much when the Hetero community throws THEIR methodology back in THEIR faces. As far as I’M concerned,anything they think is fair play for them should be okay for US to use on THEM.


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