Christian daycare workers fired for refusing to call a little girl a boy

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Reality doesn’t exist in proggieland.
Children’s Lighthouse/Facebook Photo
Breitbart: HOUSTON, Texas — Two daycare workers have been fired for refusing to go along with the center’s transgender agenda. Madeline Kirksey, one of the workers who is an author of a Christian book, says her religious liberty rights have been violated. The two were fired after refusing to call a little girl a boy.
The two male parents of a six-year-old little girl told employees at the school to refer to their daughter as a boy, and to call her by a new masculine name. The little girl’s hair had also been cut like a boy’s.
Kirksey told Breitbart Texas in an interview, that the problem was not so much with the transgender issue as it was with telling young children that the little girl was a boy when she was not, and with calling her “John” (not the name given) when that was not her name.
She, and another worker who does not want to be identified, were fired from the Childrens’ Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy, Texas, a city just west of Houston.
The school distributed guidelines to the teachers called “How to Handle Transgender Students.” The printed guidelines were obtained from the internet and can be read at this link.
The guidelines and the instructions given the teachers included six rules, one of which was “Help defend their dignity.” Another, was to “Educate yourself and your students.” The Christian worker said she did not believe it “was our job,” to thrust the issue on the small children of other parents. She said the school should not force their beliefs on the children, or on her, or upon other parents.
The author of the Christian book, “In Pursuit of the Promise,” said the other children should not be exposed at such an early age to the issue of transgender or “gender identity,” and felt that the two male parents were imposing the issue on their little girl.
“I don’t think we should be talking to other people’s children who are under the age of 18 about being transgender,” Kirksey said in an interview with Fox26 in Houston. Both of the fired workers agreed on this point.
Kirksey said that prior to this happening, she had been commended for the good work that she was doing at the school. After she refused to call the little girl by her new masculine name, and to tell the other children to do so, and to say that the little girl was a little boy, the daycare worker was written-up for alleged infractions that she did not believe were based in reality. She has worked at the school for over a year.
The fired worker notified Child Protective Services that the little girl was being told that she is now a little boy. She believes that it is up to professionals to determine if the little girl is just confused, or if the new gender is being forced upon the little girl.
Kirksey says sometimes the little girl refers to herself as a little boy, and sometimes she tells the other children to not call her a boy or to refer to her by her masculine name.
The Childrens’ Lighthouse in Katy is just one of the school franchise’s that are all over the country. The company is based in Fort Worth and according to its website, there are 37 learning centers in seven states. The school cares for children ages six weeks to twelve years old.
The City of Houston just received national attention for an election that submitted a city ordinance to the voters. The measure, defeated by a margin of 61-39 percent, would have allowed transgendered men, or men who “identify” with being a woman, to use women’s bathrooms, locker room, and shower facilities. Houston’s openly gay mayor said that passing the ordinance is something that is very “personal” to her. As reported by Breitbart Texas, pastors who worked to defeat the ordinance say the measure is part of a leftist national agenda.

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0 responses to “Christian daycare workers fired for refusing to call a little girl a boy

  1. Katy, Texas appears to be a haven for leftist ideology.

  2. well, the “two male parents” might be a clue that the little girl is being made to live in Upside Down World

  3. Refusing to go along with parents’ gender delusions about their child is thought crime, apparently. (Did anyone apply this wrath actually ask the kid? Does the kid care or even know about any of this yet? Is it the parents claiming she “really” wants to be a boy instead?)

    • “Refusing to go along with parents’ gender delusions about their child is thought crime”
      Well said, Anon. Amerika has gone beyond PC to thought crimes. 🙁

  4. Good for the care fivers for standing up for the child. Sounds like the fathers want her to be a boy. Were they wishing for gender selection in her birth?
    Six years old is way too young for a child to even know what the heck is going on, let alone know the facts of a different sex.
    Many little girls are tom boys and act as such for several years. They act, dress and play like little boys and with little boys. because frankly, little boys have more fun, especially outside.
    I do not think her fathers are acting with the best intention for their child. Is seems to me, they are trying to justify their twisted beliefs by denigrating a female. She should be removed.
    More than likely by the time she hits her teens and the hormones kick in, she will be just fine.

  5. I have a parallel situation going on in my middle school classroom….I have a genetically, birth-identified girl (now growing visible breasts) whose parents refer to “her’ as a “boy” and whom they dress as a boy……and “her” classmates refer to “her’ and think of “her” as a “boy.” A few if the bonified girls (by birth and by any means) have a “crush” on “her/him” as their “boyfriend.” Additionally, this androgenous child’s name is decidedly a “soft” and “feminine” name….and yet, her/his classmates don’t get “the clue.”
    I asked the campus security to follow “her’ to see which bathroom ‘she uses’ when I give her a restroom pass….because I want to know what “she” identifies with when “she” uses the restroom where “like’ sexually-endowed users use…….One reported back to me that “she” uses the girl’s restroom.
    SO…I’m sayin’ here—I am at a total LOSS at what to refer to this child as…and I am likewise, afraid I could be an object of lawsuit if I use ANY gender specific pronoun for this child……I dont’ know how to call him/her….and so….I just end up being SO vague or just ignoring him/her….

    • So if she’s a girl and uses the girl’s bathroom, why is the boy option in place? Are the parents forcing it? Society? The girl? Sounds like some counseling is in order for this family. And a shame you can’t communicate with her as a teacher should be able to.

      • Exactly DCG—and….is it any wonder that this child is failing EVERY class in her/his middle school course? He/she has SO MUCH MORE to deal with in his/her life than our piddling education system…esp the lowly middle school grades (where, BTW, the ‘hormone fairy” raises her wand unceasingly–no MATTER what some parents wish or hope upon….)
        Her/his guidance couselor sent me an email message that I should explain her/his assignments to her/him more distinctly b/c she/he said she/he did not understand my instructions. At that point in the early year, the homework was as simple as ” Do the vocabulary from chapter 2: use the vocabulary words boxed in the margins…..(and then I gave a list of the words and the page numbers) write the word, the given definition (copied from the boxed word and definition) and then write the sentence where it is used on the SAME page in a sentence (which is highlighted in BLUE) so as to understand context. We do this for EVERY chapter. It is “due” at the end of the chapter….some only a week….some a little more….and assigned the first day we do the overview of the chapter, the “introduction.” Pretty routine “stuff” and pretty much an assignment from me to ensure that they at least LOOK at portions of the printed word in each chapter instead of waiting for me to pre-digest it and spoon it into their mouths…and wait then for them to “regurgitate” information back to me……Probably not too distant, if at all, than anything they have been doing for 6 or more years for “social studies” for their entire academic lives to this point……But…how can a teacher (employer, neighbor, associate….etc) overcome/compete with this sort of “gender confusion” at this tender and pivotal stage of a child’s life? How can anything at ALL be expected of this child for now, or in many years in the future, when the biggest issue is ( for now and maybe 20 more years or more—) which bathroom should I use? Who am I? WHAT am I?

  6. poor confused child! she (like many children in this society) is going to grow up to be a very emotionally troubled and angry person… mother in the home, only homosexuals to show her femininity, and no clue about her own body. her “parents” are using her as a very profitable social experiment…I believe if her environment were different and her mother and father were raising her at home she wouldn’t be in the confused state she is in….but, the adults are “happy” and that’s all that matters 🙁
    here’s a quick update on the fired coworkers:


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