Chris Rock: Studios Are Too Worried About White People "Getting" My Jokes

chris rock
THR: During his promotional tour for his film Top Five, Chris Rock has been speaking out about race relations in America, as well as the impact it has on the Hollywood film industry. When chatting with Howard Stern, Rock explained why he initially went to Scott Rudin after penning the Top Five script, rather than going straight to a big-name studio.
“The studios a lot of time are just scared: ‘Are white people going to get this? Are white people going to get that?’ ” said Rock, adding a caveat that he’s not including Paramount chief Brad Grey in this judgment. (Paramount bought the rights to the film following its Toronto Film Festival premiere.)
“They’re so scared of what white people are going to get, they take all the ingredients out,” said Rock, adding that by doing this they remove “all the soul food” until all that’s left is “bland chicken.”
In the Stern interview, Rock talked about everything from how he’d once been asked to do stand-up at the Super Bowl to why he thinks women always sleep with Leonardo DiCaprio. He said Dave Chapelle was his favorite comedian and mentioned he’d visited Tracy Morgan, speaking a little about his health. He also had an interesting take on the Oscars, which he hosted in 2005. “The Oscars is a religious ceremony,” said the comedian. “And people worship the statue. It is a big deal. It’s kind of not to be made fun of.”
Chris Rock’s jokes that YOU white people don’t get?
July 4th is ‘White People’s Independence Day‘: “Happy white peoples Independence Day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.

Chris Rock uses Boston Marathon bombing, 9-11 as basis for jokes in SNL monologue.

Silly white people…you apparently don’t get the “soul food”, especially you racist, insane TEA partiers.


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Sorry Mr Rock but there is nothing sophisticated about black humor or culture, and why do your people rely so heavily on foul language; every other world is FM this MFM that Bitch ass this and that etc etc.
My dear old Dad used to say “foul language is a strong way of expressing a weak mind.”


Mr. Rock is funniest when he’s speaking intelligently,like when he says……………(crickets)………..Yeah-THAT’S it! His FUNNIEST line is-silence.


He’s a retard