Chris Matthews' Hatchet Job On Patriots

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Wooooooooo!!!! We're coming for you, Matthews! Wooooooo!!!

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews lumps together TEA Partiers, “birthers,” and those terrifying outlaws called militias into what he calls the racist, violent “New Far Right.”
Matthews — who got all gooey about how Obama gave him a “tingle” up his leg –says the New Right opposes the “honestly elected” government of Obama.
Really? What’s “honest” about ACORN voter fraud, New Black Panthers’ intimidation of voters at voting booths, and a man who, 17 months after becoming President, still has all his records sealed — from his Punahou kindergarten records to his health records to his passports to his original long-form birth certificate?
We’re not the New Right, Matthews. We’re the Old Patriots of peaceful ordinary middle-class Americans — of moms and dads, grandmas and granddads — who are taking America back from liberal socialist scum like you.

H/t beloved Fellow May!

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0 responses to “Chris Matthews' Hatchet Job On Patriots

  1. Of course, the opposing viewpoint he forgot to mention…

    • Only one previewed at a time, I guess.

      • Chris Matthew’s bit about a race/class bias has more to do with the Demo-rats’ policies drawing of their supporters than anything else. (How come, even though left/lib fan Matthews edits the video, TEA Partiers still manage appear race/class integrated despite what he says?) If Demo-rats’ supporters are poor, minority and in need of Civics class, obviously conservatives are racist fascists… why won’t he just use footage of Peggy Joseph and folk going on about “Obama money” then? (Chris Matthews’ reportage bites.)

        • Okay, Tarzan no write clear again, I got it.
          Chris Matthews’ hit piece is one-sided because, otherwise, he’d show Demo-rats can only get support for their cause by pandering to “welfarites” as stereotypically selected as if klansmen had done it and skewer his rhetoric about race/class evil on the right. (There’s a reason my buddies called it “liberal racism” growing up.)

  2. I didn’t watch this hard-hitting piece of journalism – all I had to do was see the promo for it on AMessNBC to know what is was all about. This is not “The New Right.” This is America, waking up to the New Left.
    Normal, hard-working, bill-paying, family-raising, God-believing, patriotic people appear extremist to the likes of Chris Mouthspews because it is he who is of the extreme.

  3. There was no ACORN voter fraud. You got your facts wrong. Look it up.
    “New Black Panthers” intimidating voters: it happened in one location. It did not affect the outcome of the election. Look it up.
    Obama’s records are sealed. Are you naive enough to think that the President wasn’t born in Hawaii? You think it’s more likely that there’s some vast cover-up that starts before Obama ran for *congress*? Seriously? You’re clinging to hope that based on lies.

    • Insanity,
      “There was no ACORN fraud.” Do you think we’re stupid?
      ACORN affiliates (most notably Project Vote, ACORN’s voter-mobilization arm) have engaged in massive campaigns of voter-registration fraud. Untold numbers of the registration forms that ACORN has submitted to election boards across the United States were fraudulent. The organization’s get-out-the-vote activists have been implicated in schemes involving the falsification and destruction of registration forms, the forging of signatures, the registration of dead or non-existent people, the registration of the same individuals multiple times, and the registration of convicted felons even in states where felons are ineligible to vote. In 2008, election officials in several states said that fully half of ACORN voter registrations were fraudulent. As of October 2008, ACORN was under investigation for voter-registration fraud in 13 states — Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.
      For a stunning list of specific instances of ACORN’s voter registration fraud, CLICK HERE, or see my post, “ACORN the Undead”

    • Sure was ACORN voter fraud, a lot of it. Read/see the news any?

  4. bwahahaha…sniff, sniff, sounds like desparation coming from Tingles. Get ready for more propaganda of this type as we get closer to November. Dems are running scared and now pulling out the full-on Alinsky rules for radicals.

  5. Sanity,
    You think this man in the White house is the messiah but I say he’s a fraud and a disgrace to our country.
    He is incapable of making a decision without a teleprompter. He has more czars than old Russia had.
    He has yet to make a decision except those decisions designed to remove the freedom and rights of the American people.
    His economy is a disaster because he’s a babbling brook with no understanding of economics. His bailouts have been a complete failure. His take over of the banks, automobile industry, and Chicago politics with Wall Street are unconstitutional and criminal.
    His welfare bill pretending to give healthcare to millions is a lie designed to take over one sixth of the economy at a cost of over 11 trillion dollars which I might add this country does not have. The best it will do is destroy more free enterprise by destroying the insurance industry,eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs.
    His unemployment rate is at 10% and he hires 450,000 temporary workers and tells the American people that things are looking good in the jobs industry. The man is a complete fool and an egregious liar.
    In fact, since that idiot you call the messiah took office we have gone from 60 trillion dollars in unfunded debt to over 100 trillion dollars in unfunded debt.
    His handling of the BP mess is the epitome of stupidity, a display of total ignorance on the part of his administration and grossly unconstitutional. I guarantee it will backfire on him.
    His future plans to take away the guns from the American people is unconstitutional and will most likely stir up anarchy, which I might add will most likely get imbeciles like you killed by patriotic conservatives with guns.
    As far as ACORN is concerned, I watched the fraud on television and have watched the arrest and indictments all around the country. This is Obama’s organization–fraud-fraud- and more fraud. As for unions–I say shut them down and get rid of them they are a disgrace to our country and nothing more than a blemish for the workers–they do more harm than good and for the most part they are corrupt – The leaders should be jailed the same as Hoffa but then he did get his.
    If you persist with your ignorance and come back to this blog –just remember–I am one person with the facts and you are one person with S@@@t for brains.
    Have a nice day DS.

  6. Very nice Ron Baby,good job,made me feel good just to read it!


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