Chris Kyle, Best Navy Seal Sniper/ Retired, Killed helping others with PTSD

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Chris Kyle
I had seen this guy on “Sons Of Guns” TV show. What a gentle giant. Credited with 150 enemy kills. Godspeed Chris.  Here’s a blurb from show:

Man charged in fatal shooting of ex-SEAL/author

Associated Press – 31 mins ago

GLEN ROSE, Texas (AP) — A 25-year-old man was charged with murder in connection with a shooting at a central Texas gun range that killed former Navy SEAL and “American Sniper” author Chris Kyle and his friend, the Texas Department of Public Safety said Sunday.

Sgt. Lonny Haschel said in a news release that 25-year-old Eddie Ray Routh of Lancaster was arraigned Saturday evening on two counts of capital murder. Officer Kyle Roberts at the Erath County Jail said Routh arrived there Sunday morning and is being held on a combined $3 million bond. Roberts did not have information on whether Routh had a lawyer.

Haschel said Erath County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about a shooting at the Rough Creek Lodge, west of Glen Rose, at about 5:30 p.m. Saturday. Police found the bodies of Kyle, 38, and Chad Littlefield, 35, at the shooting range about 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth. Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant said he did not know where Kyle and Littlefield were hit because he had not yet received the medical examiner’s report.

Kyle and Littlefield had taken Routh to the range, said Travis Cox, the director of a nonprofit Kyle helped found. Littlefield was Kyle’s neighbor and “workout buddy,” Cox told The Associated Press on Sunday morning.

“What I know is Chris and a gentleman — great guy, I knew him well, Chad Littlefield — took a veteran out shooting who was struggling with PTSD to try to assist him, try to help him, try to, you know, give him a helping hand and he turned the gun on both of them, killing them,” Cox said.

Police said Routh opened fire on Kyle and Littlefield around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, and then fled in a Ford pickup truck, which Bryant said was Kyle’s truck. At about 8 p.m., Routh arrived at his home in Lancaster, about 17 miles southeast of Dallas. Police arrested him after a brief pursuit and took him to the Lancaster Police Department.

The motive for the shooting was unclear. A knock on the door at Routh’s last known address went unanswered Sunday. A for-sale sign was in front of the cream-colored wood-framed home.
Kyle, a decorated veteran, wrote the best-selling book, “American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History,” detailing his 150-plus kills of insurgents from 1999 to 2009. Kyle said in his book that Iraqi insurgents had put a bounty on his head. According to promotional information from book publisher William Morrow, Kyle deployed to Iraq four times.
Kyle’s nonprofit, FITCO Cares, provides at-home fitness equipment for emotionally and physically wounded veterans.
“Chris was literally the type of guy if you were a veteran and needed help he’d help you,” Cox said. “And from my understanding that’s what happened here. I don’t know how he came in contact with this gentleman, but I do know that it was not through the foundation.”

Cox described Littlefield as a gentle, kind-hearted man who often called or emailed him with ideas for events or fundraisers to help veterans.

“It was just two great guys with Chad and Chris trying to help out a veteran in need and making time out of their day to help him. And to give him a hand. And unfortunately this thing happened,” Cox said.

Craft International, Kyle’s security training company, had scheduled a $2,950-per-person civilian training event at Rough Creek Lodge called the “Rough Creek Shoot Out!” for March 1-3. The price included lodging, meals and shooting instruction. Kyle was scheduled to teach the first class, called “precision rifle.”

Kyle is survived by his wife, Taya, and their two children, Cox said.


Associated Press Writers Jamie Stengle in Dallas, Christopher Sherman in McAllen, Texas, and Andale Gross and Erica Hunzinger in Chicago contributed to this report.

~Steve~                                             H/T   Igor

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0 responses to “Chris Kyle, Best Navy Seal Sniper/ Retired, Killed helping others with PTSD

  1. I don’t know why, and maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve had a funny feeling about this story since I first heard about it. With all this gun confiscation stuff going on, is it maybe a little too convienent? So sorry for his wife and family.

    • Left/libtards are going to be going on about disarming those dangerous “rightwing extremist” veterans, for the children!! etc.

  2. Hats off to Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, who were only helping a brother in need.
    What a career! A hundred-fifty confirmed kills! And since he was a sniper, you can bet a lot of those were “high value” targets, too.

  3. A very, very, sad day in America. May God bless the families.

  4. So sad 🙁 Prayers for his family.

  5. Considering that the 1st Gulf War was ‘angled for’ (see April Glaspie – Saddam ‘enticed’ into Kuwait by false signals from US Ambassador) and the 2nd Gulf War was illegal, based on lies, and a Nuremberg ‘Crime Against Peace’, followed by ‘War Crimes’ & ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, I have no sympathy for this ‘master sniper’.
    As we should all know by now, virtually all ‘kills’ are claimed to be ‘insurgents’ (‘Freedom Fighters’ depending on where you stand against an alien invading/occupying army).
    If the guy was decent, he wouldn’t have basked in his ‘kills’, but would have spoken out against the barbarity of the illegal war.

    • Paul, you can take your views and stick em where the sun don’t shine.
      This was an Honorable Man following orders.
      You got a problem then see the brass, This man was a hero.
      You are a COWARD. I would love to meet ya. So would his Seal buddy’s
      Now get off this board you little prig.
      BTW, he did not bask in his kills, He spent his retirement helping those
      coming home with PTSD.
      PS You sure it isn’t Barbara Paul?
      Your a puke

    • Freedom Fighters my arse. Those pukes are nothing more than murdering cowards, killing their own in the name of their “freedom”. You’re such a brave man to make these allegations from the safety of US soil. Get back to me on those “Freedom Fighers” once you’ve been to the sandbox and have dealt with them in person.

      • DCG, you would throw that little puke such a beatin.. LOL
        Hey guess what, Our little twit is over in England, looks like he’s mobile now.Most come from which is City of London.
        Rd called Cheapside..LOL
        Watch your ass puke. i CAN ZOOM RT TO YOUR ADDRESS.
        sHALL i

    • notice, notice, notice
      Little Prig Paulie Is From ENGLAND, and Lectures US

      • That’s rich…

      • Steve,
        I wonder if he knows how close his native language was to becoming German.
        And does he realize how close it is to becoming Arabic in the not too distant future?
        Sometimes I have wondered why we even bothered.

    • Pardon me, but I cannot help but notice you are posting on this thread in English.
      Not only that, but that you are able to post on this thread at all.
      Ever stopped to consider why?
      I doubt you have even the foggiest clue.

  6. America lost a rare man’s man: masculine yet compassionate. Rest in Peace, Chris Kyle.

  7. I may come from England, but Major General Smedley Butler didn’t.
    He not only foiled a Fascist Coup in the States in 1934 (but the perps were too important, so got away with it), he wrote a book called ‘War is a Racket’.
    Read it; nothing has changed, except the Fascist Coup is coming by stealth from the top; get set to hand over your guns!

    • Outta my cold, dead hands!

      • Good man! By the way, Piers Morgan is prattling on about twelve people dying from gun murders in Britain, with Italy, France, Germany and Spain similar.
        I checked, and figures are UK 2010: 155; France 2009: 1,864: Spain 2010: 288; Germany 2010: 903.
        So he hasn’t got a clue, but gambles on Americans not knowing the truth.

    • Paul, it is a racket. We know that and seem to be in the midst of a battle ourselves. Do not insult the grunts/hero’s who do the dirty work.
      Karma is a bitch.

  8. If you have not read his book and understood his rational for saving the lives of his fellow patriots, and I will add the lives of innocent civilians being targeted by these terrorists, then you have no ability to effectively comment on the integrity and principals of this honorable man. He stood against evil and tyranny. Paul’s problem is his version of good is truly evil and misguided. I pray that God will open his eyes and ears to the truth.

  9. This is the third high-profile person, associated with those evil “guns”, that was murdered under strange circumstances. I wonder if Eddie Ray Routh has a copy of “Catcher in the Rye”…
    Rest in peace, American hero Chris Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield. May the peace that passes all understanding be bestowed on your family and friends…


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