Chiraq Mayor Lightfoot on people defending themselves w/firearms during riots

“Call the police.”

How’s that going to work with libtards calling for the police to be defunded or disbanded? More liberal logic for ‘ya…

Please, pick a lane…

h/t Right Scoop


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Jackie Puppet
3 months ago

My only thought when I read about this earlier, was she’s a real stupid f%(king idiot!   She hates cops, and then wants everybody to call on them when seconds count, and the police will be there in minutes, if they can get out of other places where riots are taking place!   The good people of Idaho know how to take matters into their own hands, not standing down, andinstead of listening to elected officials who don’t have the people’s best interests in mind.   “Larry” Lightfoot should ask about the “riots” that didn’t take place in Idaho because… Read more »

Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
3 months ago

In truth, our Constitution did not provide for a police force. They would have considered it no better than,or as dangerous as, a standing army.Fact is there has never been a police force, from the lowliest county, to any and all major cities (true history will bear it out) that did not function as its own back door criminal syndicate. Just one of the real purposes behind the intent of our most important second amendment and its assurance for personal justice. Mans law would be a great thing if not for its susceptibility to mans corruption, just like GODS law.

3 months ago

What’s her address. Rioters need to know.

Dr. Eowyn
3 months ago
Reply to  andre

3434 W Wrightwood Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647