Chinese Workers Rising Up?

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Make them take the UN /Agenda 21 “Happiness Survey”  immediately!


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5 responses to “Chinese Workers Rising Up?

  1. Chinese workers rising up will not be effective for the simple reason of a lack of ORGANIZATION. It is illegal for workers to form independent labor unions. These uprisings are and will remain sporadic and localized because it takes cross-country ORGANIZATION for any uprising to be effective.

    The Communist Party regime is determined to suppress all dissent and is now orchestrating a Maoist revival. So long as the Party continue to have the allegiance of the military, no “uprising” by workers or any other citizen group will be successful. Remember the terrible precedent of the Tiananmen Square student “democracy” movement that was brutally crushed by tanks and soldiers armed with AK47s on June 4, 1989.

    See also “Police crack down on two strikes in China,”

  2. Remember Tinamen Square, Chinese Rulers don’t like people who think! Then again isn’t that a common thread among all lefties, particularly the looney kind. Amen

  3. lowtechgrannie

    I was watching the PBS Evening News last night and they closed with this story. I immediately went on Youtube and found it had just been posted but had 0 viewers. I thought I’d better snag it and post it here before it “political correctness” demanded it removed.

    The BBC has a story of how wonderful the Chinese Communist Party is and how it’s reforming itself to better serve the people.

  4. The BBC is totally anti-Christian and pro left. It runs a left agenda and like all commies they idolise Red China. Good nite, God bless and talk to you all tomorrow.

  5. wait a minute didn’t the hit tv show “monty pythons flying circus” once air on bbc tv? also “dr. who” so its not all bad. i remember dr. livinstone a missionary in the congo region around 1860 he also tried to bring christianity to the locals and they devoured not only his message but his body.


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