Chinese warship crosses Suez canal, to Syria

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Jason Ditz reports for, July 29, 2012:
Adding to the international forces in the area, Egypt is reporting that a Chinese warship has crossed through the Suez Canal today into the Mediterranean, presumably en route to war-torn Syria.

Syria is colored pink-beige

The report adds additional credence to last month’s reports that a massive multi-country naval drill was going to be held amongst Syria’s allies off their coast, with Russian, Chinese and Iranian ships expected to take part.

The move comes as Syria’s ongoing civil war continues to worsen, and as Western nations continue to push for a UN-backed military intervention to install the rebels as the new regime. China and Russia, which are both close allies of Syria, have blocked such resolutions at the UN.
China has been vocal about this opposition to imposing regime change on Syria, saying they believe that the international community should stay out of the internal turmoil and let Syrians work it out for themselves.
H/t my friend Sol.
Meanwhile, on January 23, 2012, it was reported that the United States, Britain, and France have deployed six warships to the Persian Gulf, led by the 100,000-ton nuclear-powered USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier.  Iran has sent warships not just to the Suez Canal but to near U.S. territorial waters in the Atlantic Ocean.

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0 responses to “Chinese warship crosses Suez canal, to Syria

  1. This must be part of what defines the “interesting times” we now live in!

  2. We are competitors, not enemies, of China and Russia, but we are enemies of the current rulers of Iran (but not the majority of Iranian citizens).
    As with the so called “Arab Spring”, America is on the wrong side here. The dictators were not a good thing, but the new rulers will be far more harmful. I may be misreading the intensions of Russia and China, but I think they are trying to prevent the further destabilization of the region. Now that Obama is in control of our country, our military could be misused to carry out his pro-islamist agenda. Is he a secret islamist? He may as well be.

  3. Dennis H. Bennett

    What happened to the US 5th Fleet’s presence? Are they in a stand off or in concert with Russia-China-Iran? This would put the 5th Fleet in an Allied position with the latter.

  4. Just an opinion: I think the three countries will ask that question all the way thru their maneuvers, and if things turn in certain ways they will shift to invasion plans for Syria (…not Israel yet; they know Israel will not hesitate to use their nukes if they are under a death threat from Iran plus 2 super powers). For instance, they all know their window of opportunity is closing when Obama is defeated by a landslide vote in November.

  5. Dave McMullen

    I just do not trust Obama’s foreign policy..Every thing he has done has made the situation worse in the middle east..Is this Incompetence or by design?…

  6. I agree, we should not interfere. Here’s why. Those trying to depose the dictator, have something worse in mind. ISLAMIC LAW

  7. Dennis we’re pretty busy in the Straigh of Hormuz right now.

  8. Brother Nathanial has some pretty interesting things to say on his latest report on the man feared most by the Zionists. How can we sit by while Russia and China get together with Iran to drill their warships together and have our warships drilling with NATO allies who are financing and aiding and abetting the Syrian Opposition army which is filled with Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood people who are supposedly against all we are meant to believe in as Christians. Go figure.

  9. Its all a big game to see who can rattle who first, and then spend months fixing the rattle..
    ..and there are British, Spanish and Nazi ships on the bottom of the Atlantic, there might as well be a Iranian one too

    • Thanks Grouchy Fogie, for the insight. That is very troubling. If we suffer a Pearl Harbor in the Persian Gulf, it would set up a chain reaction that couldn’t be reigned in until many people are dead. We must pray for our friends and family in the military.

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      Thanks, Grouchy. It is scary indeed the way our CIC has compromised our integrity, sovereignty and security with his naivete. I do find comfort in the experience and expertise of our military commanders who will not want to expose our men and women to dangerous/high KIA numbers because of the pandering idiot in the WH.

  10. I have two great nephews in the Navy serving there now. One is an airplane mechanic and one is a corpsman. Pray for our armed forces!


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