Chinese J-20 stealth fighter incorporates F-35 secrets stolen from U.S.

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And what is Obama doing about this?

Instead of tightening the controls on technology transfers to China, he’s loosening the controls!

This man truly is an enemy of America.

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0 responses to “Chinese J-20 stealth fighter incorporates F-35 secrets stolen from U.S.

  1. Who brought Obama over here, hid his identity, character, and religion? He was raised as a Muslim in an Islamic military dictatorship and did not have the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America anywhere in his life, and it seems he lacks such allegiance to this day. But the question remains, who presented him to us? Henry Kissinger, I hear, was aware of this and was in favor of him, but HK works for others also. Dr. Eowyn, you challenge us with problems even greater than Sandy Hook, but I believe they are connected.

  2. staticdriver33

    I think it wasn’t stolen. it was given as a gift to china.

  3. Stat-the Chinese always get the best for their $$$! First with Anklepants and now with zippy the jug-eared traitor…

  4. traildustfotm

    We have been sold out for the enrichment of these sleaze bag democrats.


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