Chinese govt killed CIA spies, after hacking into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server

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As Hillary Clinton continues to be unaccountable for using a private and illegal email server while she was Obama’s secretary of state, the latest news is that not just the Russians but the Chinese had also hacked into her server. For that matter, the Chinese government has all her emails, including highly classified information, in real time.

Richard Pollock reports for The Daily Caller, Aug. 27, 2018, that, as part of the Chinese government’s intelligence operation, a Chinese-owned company operating in the Washington, D.C., area hacked Hillary’s private server throughout her term as secretary of state (January 21, 2009 to February 1, 2013).

The hacking was enabled by code that was embedded in Hillary’s server that was kept in her upstate New York home. The code generated an instant “courtesy copy” for nearly all of her emails, which was then forwarded to the Chinese company. Copies of Hillary’s emails and attached documents were generated in real time, as she was sending and receiving them. As a result, Beijing has in their possession nearly all her emails, which the American people don’t have.

Hillary’s irresponsible and ILLEGAL behavior proved to be deadly for CIA sources in China.

Reuters reports (via Business Insider) that the Chinese government killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA sources from 2010 to 2012, during the time when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. As a result, U.S. spying operations in China which had been years in the making were effectively dismantled. The numbers of CIA assets lost rivaled those in the Soviet Union and Russia who were killed after spies Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen passed information to Moscow from 1979 to 2001.

CIA sources in China who had provided invaluable, high quality information, included sources deep inside the bureaucracy, as well as Chinese upset by the Chinese Communist Party’s corruption. One CIA source in China was shot and killed in front of a government building as a message to others.


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29 responses to “Chinese govt killed CIA spies, after hacking into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server

  1. Death always surrounds the Clintons…

  2. It came out back when Clinton was in Europe that at least five countries hacked her and nothing was done. I wonder how much she was paid to turn her head? People died, surely no one thinks she cares, collateral damage from her greed means nothing to her.
    She still needs to pay for all her sins and sins they were.

  3. Of course they “hacked” into her email server. That was the whole goal. To make it seem so inadvertent and unintentional. She sold her soul to the devil. This is espionage in plain sight and I cannot stress enough this is very obvious. She is protected by dark evil forces. The ruse is on stupid Americans who don’t see the obvious.

  4. A vapor trail of death surrounds the Clintons.

    (Off-topic: whatfinger needs a non-google tip line. Maybe even a submission box like drudge has)

  5. What difference at this time does it make?

  6. Yep, just like the Benghasi incident. She ran the State Department as an investment center for the Clinton Foundation. Pay to play is her whole purpose. She was unethical before she even became a lawyer.

    Look at how this works. They just plug their fellow thieves into these slots. Ambassadorships are the same way. She now thinks we “owe” her for having hung around so long stealing anything that wasn’t tied down.

    I don’t have any doubt at all that these agents ended up dead because Hillary couldn’t care less. She is totally soulless.

  7. Her hanging will not come soon enough.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. Russia this and Russia that. It was known early on that China was reading HRC’s email in real time. Communist Brennan didn’t give a rat’s asp. These people were being paid by the chicks in big bucks to sell out our country. When HRC emailed DONNA Braziell “If that f”xng bastxxd wins we’re all going to swing from nooses”, she knew what was at stake.

    • Sadly, nothing seems to have been at stake. The Democrats and the FBI are able to flout their crimes with impunity.

    • Yeah, the Russians were “fine” with the lefties when they were communist. Now China is still communist and Russia isn’t. Now they HATE Russia.

      A two-year-old could see what this is about. They have been trying to take over since their inception. Nothing new there. In the USA it looks like they are closer than ever. Just throw enough filth and depravity at it and the lowest denominators snatch the bait from their fingers.


  10. But Mueller threatens Cohen’s family with jail (just like Flynn) to get him to plead to criminal (felony) things that’re usually handled as civil matters.

  11. Sooo…now Hillary is REALLY in trouble! Pfffft!
    There used to be Justice in America.

  12. The depravity of Hillary Clinton’s depraved indifference to human life knows no bounds, apparently.

    We are in a pickle for which there could be no way out—a jam that even Donald Trump won’t be able to fix.

    In the meantime, we must also recognize the EVEN GREATER DANGER—the State of Israel: All the high tech made in Israel is hackable, from over there. Why do many think America is Israel’s bitch? Could it be they have us BLACKMAILED? Watch what happens to the first candidate who challenges Israel’s supremacy. Cynthia McKinney got off easy for merely not signing “the Pledge.”

    • Steven: the first ‘candidate’ who challenged Is ra el was President John F. Kennedy. He challenged Ben Gurion about Is ra el getting its hands on nuclear weapons/technology.

  13. I note that billary is involved in the board for “radio free asia” (likely for propaganda) so, are we sure “hacked” is the right word here, and that she wasn’t the “chinese hackers” herself? Lest we forget china is a bolshevik monstrosity because of stalin, and other vile agents, same goes for north korea, japan was also instrumental in the downfall of these countries given the war making that they undertook which depleted the native militaries of those nations, making them “easy pickings” for the invaders, consider the freemason, and other secret societies, presence in the u.s. & japan, the same u.s. which was used to stem japan, (and hamper Christian presence in japan, it would seem.) which was used to stem china, which was one of bolshevik russia’s targets.

    All this demonstrating the “set against each other” dialectic tactic used to push the devil worshiper’s agendas through two, seemingly opposed, movements, while the legitimate movements tend to get buried by the noise generated, which is the other purpose for the dialectic. Keep your eyes out folks.

  14. Fear not the decaying Russia, that bear is loosing grounds, beware of the tiger, hides and pounces and then it is too late,

  15. “What difference, at this point, does it make” it sure doesn’t make any difference, Killary Rotten Clinton IS HERE and the ambassador IS NOT.

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  18. Can we all be present when Hillary Clinton is beheaded in Washington, D.C. as the first executed traitor to this country since only God knows when?

  19. Myself and a bunch of people want tickets to Hillary Clintion’s Execution, even if it is just a sniper shot, instead of the beheading she and her husband deserve.

  20. Can we get tickets to The Beheading of Hillary Clinton for Treason?

  21. Kevin J Lankford

    Does it really matter, since it seems our intelligence agencies have long been pawns of the one world government, backers of hillary, and leftist enemies of a free United States, any how. Just like the rest of the swamp, they all so are in need of a purging.

    • You “ain’t just whistlin’ dixie” as the saying goes Kevin, between MKULTRA, MKDELTA, project bluebird, project artichoke, paperclip, and the making of the muhjahideen (predecessor for most of the so-called “islamic terrorists” today, whether al kwaeda or talibahn… I say most because theres probably still some groups who might trace their origins back to the assasains, etc. after all muhammed was a scuzzbag himself, being a pedophile, polygamist, and huckster, so the religion was not good from the get-go.) operation mockingbird, and operation chaos, the phoenix program (which involved raping people, I should emphasize.) not to mention all the other things that have not seen the public light, its probably safe to say that the CIA (and associated so-called “intelligence” agencies) are enemies of mankind in general, and may never have been benign.

      I would venture a guess if these spies were “whacked”, its because they were possibly doing something against the clintons, and bolshevik china.

  22. …. we expect justice for all of those (and i mean starting in arkansas) who have found themselves victims of the psychopathic couple who were smart enough to claw their way through all that exemplifies the american dream… only they are w/o a soul, greedy and willing to do ANYTHING to reach the pinnacle of power in this country…. we deserve to see justice served…. INDICT AND CONVICT HILLARY CLINTON!

  23. If Hillary’s illegal private server is responsible for the deaths of these CIA operatives, couldn’t she be tried as an ACCESSORY to murder? Oh, I know she didn’t pull the trigger, but she surely enabled those who did! Furthermore, murder has NO statute of limitation…

    • You mean like with Ghadafi or the Benghazi deaths? I know that she prefers to laugh outright over deaths that she’s responsible for. She’s probably disappointed that they couldn’t find a way to spin this to allow her to take “credit” for it somehow.

  24. If the Chinese have HRC’s emails it’s because Is ra el has all the back doors (Talpiot Program and Unit 8200) into every computer system, (they are, after all, THE ‘technology juggernaut’) and has stolen more high tech from the U.S. than anyone can track and then sold it to the Chinese.
    Just do a search on is ra el and china
    Why do you think Kissinger was doing his ‘shuttle diplomacy’ during the Nixon administration on behalf of the Rockefeller family? Heinz was setting up the new hegemon for the 21 century. (Read “Kissinger” by Gary Allen.)


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